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Teemo Build Guide by Baby Raichu

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Baby Raichu

Teemo AP nuke

Baby Raichu Last updated on June 13, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Before anything

This guide is temporarily incomplete, however it has lots of things already explained, and will be later edited with more content, including videos, pro's and cons, Team working and everything else that is pretty much important, and pretty little pictures. That said, enjoy my build.

Recommended Selection from the 2 choices is the first, second Teemo is meant for people who have trouble gaining AP

If there is anything you guys want me to add before I continue working on this guide, send me a pm, or give me a few tips on how I can improve the guide, thanks.


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Alright, let's get this show going. What better than to play as a cute, fluffly critter, and to have him be an AP Nuke! Not possible? Think again. Okay guys, I'll explain to you all the necessary build to create an AP Nuke Teemo. Alternatives will be explained and video's will be added so on, and so on.

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Runes runes runes..expensive thingers, right. First off, let's go to the basics. What does a magic player need when going off against a tank or people who are trying to get an advantage in magical resist? Well, you'd get magic penetration runes of course. Not only does this help a lot in the beginning of the game. But it will also help you deal out more damage in the later parts of the game when most players have at least some resist or some sort of defense against it.

Marks of Potency aren't really needed, as they only added so little, it would give you more of a disadvantage, trust me. 9 Seals, and Glyphs of potency, as well as 3 Quintessences, will give you a nice little bunch of ap summing near to 25 AP, that's a little more than the tome people get in the beginning of a game. Your pretty much getting an extra item that is none existent in your inventory.

Poison will deal 3 to 5 damage extra in the beginning of a game, and that may not seem like much, but as you level up, the soft cap of magic damage raises and shows more of an significance.

Level 2, go straight for Blinding Dart, and this is where you'll see more of a difference, very early in the game.

That sums it up for runes!

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Oh oh oh.. Masteries. Honestly, there really isn't much to the guide for this. One, offence is mainly getting the magic penetration ability that you can obtain half way through the offence branch, but the 4% extra magic also helps very much with the final mastery on the branch.

The rest you want to put on Utility, you want more experience early of the game, no matter how lame it sounds or looks like it will make a difference, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Make sure Exhaust and Ghost (Or Flash) has been checked in the mastery branches so they get their benefit.

Off to the next part of the guide!.

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My favorite part, will explain a few things and what things you can do differently if you want to get an advantage in game to be able to deal the damage you want to do as an AP nuke.

Boots of Speed is the first thing you will want, no exceptions, why? Because, unlike the normal dps build of teemo, you will lack more speed, but that's quite alright!

Potions! Health potions! Good for an early game and will help with survivability, very recommended, if your fighting against multiple enemies that are dealing damage more than you can heal, this will help in most cases.

Next item, and this is where a risk factor comes in, but it's completely avoidable if you don't want to risk any kind of well..risk.

Getting Mejai's SoulStealer, will indefinitely benefit in the game. It's decently cheap, and you are able to get ap over assists and kills. The ap will multiply it's self every time you manage to get a stack in your counter. This will help out your poison, blinding dart, and mushrooms early and late game. There is a risk at using this item, if your unsure you can keep a decent distance from your enemies to assure stacks, get rod of ages and than arch angels staff to get ap over time.

Optional(Arch Angels Staff) - If stacks are not working for your favor the best is gain your ap slowly through this item, skills will give you more mp, which later give you more ap in return.

By now you should have enough money to get an upgrade on your wincy little boots, replace them with Sorcerer's Shoes. It's not as fast as Boots of Swiftness, but it will give you magic penetration, and that is a must, enemies with magic resistance will be more easier to deal damage.

The next item up, is the Void Staff, and I love this little thing because, by this time you should have up to 70 magic penetration, and it does a big deal of difference against enemies, you also get 70 AP go with the item so it's a win-win.

Now for the big difference, Rabadons Deathcap. There is not much said, but you will be needing it. It gives you a ton of ap, and it will increase all the ap you have currently up by 30%, now I call that awesome!

Lich bane, enough said. Get this item to deal back extra damage with the ap you built up through your normal right click attack, people will hate your poison with a passion.

The last item I'd want to explain here is pretty easy to understand as it is, getting Madreds bloodrazors is a good way to go if your up against a tank, like Mordekaizer. It will deal an extra damage summing up to 4% of the enemy champions health.

Alright, done with the items!

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A mentioning before skills.

One thing that I REALLY must stress this, and I can't even stress it enough. You MUST link a blinding dart and a right click to deal the most damage at once. If anything save your skill for the weakest enemy before the strongest, knock them out of proportion before focusing on bigger targets. initiating these two things, will give a ton of a damage, and a lot of poison that will do tons of damage ranging over 130+ for 4 seconds.

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Skills and How to use them the right way

Let's get this rolling.

Blinding Dart - When using this ability against an enemy champion, ALWAYS, I mean, ALWAYS hit them with a second attack with a simple right click. It will blind the enemy and prevent them from normal attacking. It's a great way to deal damage and push them a way if threatened, not to mention Lich Bane will come in handy in the future, remember this as this might be your savior.

Move Quick Least important but as well most important, only used for trying to avoid an enemy player or trying to chase an enemy player that is running for safety. Only upgraded once til all the other skills are upped.

Toxic Shot - Very very important of a skill, this will be your player finisher if they manage to run a way after getting hit by a dose of blinding dart and toxic shot. Keep in mind to be able to nuke a player, a blinding dart must be fired to deal the majority, and the right click is to assure poison and the possibility of the enemy dying.

Noxious Trap - Your best friend ever, make sure you plant these suckers everywhere, but not stupidly. Put them in area's most people walk around in. A great way to fool a player into a trap of mushrooms is to run a way, on perpose. Yes. In most cases the average player will run at you thinking your thinking that your in danger, and he thinks that will be a time to kill. But your mushrooms will slow your enemy and causes damage. Usually causing them to run a way to prevent death.