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League of Legends Build Guide Author apocolyptic

teemo as/ap

apocolyptic Last updated on April 25, 2011
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Hey guys im fairly new to LoL but i found teemo 2 weeks into my playtime and fell in love with him. I tried numerous builds to find what fits best for me and this is it. So i hope u enjoy and leave me feedback on what u think :).

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So for runes, i go with ability cooldown on all but speed on the marks. This gives u great cd reduction and a decent amount of starting speed.

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Once again buffing out the damage and always good to get extra mana and health regen and extra exp from the utility tree.

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Now, i always get boots first cause movement speed is useful and its a decent increase to atk speed. second i get wits end it is another good atk speed boost and gives ap and on hit deals magic dmg. third i go for malady again atk speed and ap and gives another on hit which does dmg and reduces magic resist increasing dmg from wits end and also ur toxic shot ability. fourth i get nashors tooth again atk speed and ap and more cd reduction. fifth i go for madreds bloodrazor this gives the last of the atk speed u need to cap out with which is 2.5 and gives atk dmg which makes u hit harder and also has a very nice passive which shreds health based on max health of your target, this makes him very effective at killing tanks. and last i go for inifinity edge this gives atk dmg and extra crit dmg which is always nice.

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Skill Sequence

i always get blinding shot up front it is great for opening game ganks. it does alot of dmg and blinds target making them inable to hit u for 2 secs. i then get toxic shot at lvl 2 for passive magic dmg and poison effect. then i max out blinding shot when i can toxic shot when i cant. always get your mushrooms on availability (6,11,16) then stack move quick.

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Summoner Spells

i use flash and calrity for a few reasons. reason 1, flash is epic. u can use it to get away or to chase mutli functional. clarity, because teemo uses to much magic. now i switch these up sometimes. occasionally i will get clarity and ignite and rely in move quick to get way or catch up or teleport or a mixture of all these.

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Pros / Cons

pros, well u can dish out insane amounts dmg or if a game is close u can sneak through the jungle and destroy there base single handedly with a few minions in no time.

cons, getting no health items leaves teemo rather squishy at 18 but if u master move quick and ur abilitys u can usually kill someone before u die or get away. he also becomes easily the first target in team battles because no one likes teemo

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Unique Skills

now with teemo and his mushrooms placement is always a good thing to have on your mind. i always place mine in possible gank areas and fill your lane right in the mid about 500 range apart and you can use it to farm creeps extremely well and makes it very easy for you to escape pursuers. you can also place them at the baron and dragon to know when enemy teams are attempting to kill them. and i also like to place them randomly throughout the jungle to catch junglers off guard or get a random kill off fleeing enemys.

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with the atk speed from this build you can easily farm creeps of minions and jungle for buffs pretty effectivley.

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well there it let me know what u think. comment and like or dislike hope this build helps some of you.