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Brand Build Guide by apocolyptic

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author apocolyptic

Brand Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire!

apocolyptic Last updated on August 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys this is my second build for one of my favorite champions. I bought brand the day he came out cause i've always been kind of a pyro, and annie was a weird little girl so she didn't work for me. Anyway i have used him for a large majority of games and have tried numerous builds and rune setups. This build makes him a full on nuker which is what i like. He is easily abused with this build so caution is required and at first this build can be frustrating but once you get it down i have a feeling u will love it just like i do.

UPDATED 6/30/2011
Fixed all runes because i was already at the 40% CDR cap with items and mastery setup
UPDATED 8/2/2011
Switched some items around in build, removed and replaced with this added a decent amount of survivability in this build which was something it was lacking the heals from the 25% spell vamp are actually quite nice.

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Ok so first things first, I build flat AP quints to give my early game more beefy hits, AP per lvl glyphs, and i get Mrgn/5 seals for more mana control and Mpen marks. so thats
I go for the per lvl becuase once u get past about lvl 7 they give you more and we all know it doesn't take long to get there, same for the Mrgn. This also gives you a good amount of magic pen at the start and at 18 with full build and blue golem buff, your looking at a little less then 4 sec cd's for sear and conflagration about 5 to 6 for pillar of flame and your ultimate is around 50. Those are some cd's i can deal with.

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For mastery's i go with a 9/0/21 setup. I go down utility for all fo the mana and health regen, and then the cdr. Extra exp and run speed is nice also. Then with the last 9 points i go down offense and get ap cdr and finally magic pen. For a nuker CDR and Mpen are essential the faster you can bust out ability's the more dmg you will do and the more mag pen u have the harder u hit so i find this works best.

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To start off i grab a and 2 this should keep you in the lane till your able to return and get your This will eliminate any mana problems you may be having if your in a hostile lane and burning mana. If you did good enough and controlled your mana and you save up 1650 gold before recalling you can buy your after that just return when you have the gold and I buy the rest of my build in this order and last turn your into a . If you want to switch out items the others i would recommend would be either another or for a little survivability or

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Skill Sequence

Alright time for skill sequence, so to start of i get at lvl 1. This gives you good damage on multiple targets if there grouped and great farming capabilities right of the bat to lvl faster. At lvl 2 i get this is the easiest of brands ability's to land and does great damage. Third i get this gives you your stun, but keep in mind they need to be ablaze to get this stun. your targets become ablaze every time u land an ability on them. And of course we need this should be upgraded every chance you get (6 11 16). As i said before is his easiest shot to land and does the most damage so i always lvl this first and when it is unavailable i lvl and i upgrade last since it is only useful for the stun the damage isn't as good as the other 2 so it i save this for last.
Now to farm minion creeps i always wait for them to get grouped then followed by but u alwasy want to cast then so the hits everyone, this will give you very fast creep farming.
Now for champion fights i always open with becasue it does the most damage and is the easiest to land next pop to get the stun. While they are stunned bust out to get the 25% bonus damage from them being ablaze, follow with and and your almost always guaranteed a kill. You can harass with whatever ability's you want just make sure you are mana cautious enough that when its time to go in for the kill you have enough mana to pull off your combo and get the kill.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells Oh Summoner Spells... This is MY OPINION on them and there usefulness for Brand
This is useful for map control but not necessary
This can be useful if you are having mana problems and isn't helping you
This can be useful against CC heavy groups to help you stay alive
This can be useful to slow attackers or to pursue enemy's but i just use my stun
I guess you can use this to save your towers??????
This can be useful to run away or to pursue but most enemy's can still get away
This is a very beneficial spell early game but its usefulness diminishes in the mid and late game
No. Just no...
I can only ever see this being useful late game when u need to get back to a team fight asap if you died right at the start or right before it started
This is used for jungling. Brand doesnt jungle so no
this can be useful to destroy a turret or quickly get to a lane to assist it or push or gank
Now for the 2 summoner spells i use on almost all my characters
I find this to be extremely useful it can be used to jump to and from enemy's to either instantly get to them and get that last hit off or to get out of there range instantly to prevent from dieing. it can be used to get through walls to guarantee your escape or through a wall into a bush to get an unsuspecting gank kill etc. EXTREMELY useful spell
This is just guaranteed damae from lvl 1 to 18 it is great for gettin extra damage on the target and getting a kill as they flee or givinh you the edge in a toe to toe fight or speed war (these should be avoided as Brand but still) and it also deals true damage so there resistances do not affect the damage it does. This spell teamed up with Brands is a deadly combo.

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Pros / Cons


    great farming ability
    crazy nuker for single and team fight
    great aoe and single target damage
    can stun
    great harasser
    takes lots of damage
    low health
    first focused in team fights
    easily ganked if you are buy yourself
    not a great turret destroyer

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So this is my build with my fiery friend. Please try this build and comment on anything, votes are appreciated. Thank you all for your time and i hope you enjoy burning up the competition with this build. =]