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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pojop

Teemo for President

Pojop Last updated on December 8, 2010
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Firstly I would like to say that I am in no way shape or form a profesional at this game, I use other people's guides and adapt them to my playing style. This is the first I have written and this is what I use.

Any skilled player will use a guide as just that, a guide, and adapt it depending on how they play, and which champions are on the enemy team.

Summoner Spells

The summoner spells I have chosen, I use with almost every champion. To me, they are the ultimate combination. Both of them can be used offensively, and defensively.

'Flash' is great for jumping through walls to increase your chances of getting away from a gank alive. Closing small distances to get that last auto attack in to make your poison finish off your target. Creating an instant gap between you and your foe so they can't hit you, and there is NOTHING more annoying than flashing away so youc an flee safely, and then having somebody flash on top of you or follow you over that wall. Use it, Abuse it, love it.

'Ghost', 'Phantom Dancer', and 'Move Quick' is almost as good as having 'Teleport'. With the exception that you don't have to stand still for 5 seconds to escape, you can cross the map in seconds, or chase/escape from anybody. To me, it is invaluable.


The masteries I use for Teemo are there to maximise damage output with a little bit of increased resistance and armour. I find teemo to be extremely squishy, especially early game before he has items to help him out. It is also very similar to the masteries marked on the build Peonchop2 made, modified for my playing style, as I think that the 'Summoner: Heal' spell is rather weak, especially mid-late game, even with the mastery for it.

Skill Sequence

The Skill sequence I choose most of the time is again to maximise damage.
There is no point being able to blind your opponent if he runs away with almost no health managing to get behind a tower, if your Toxic Shot is not high enough to finish them off.

There is no point having Move Quick above level 1 until you have got everything else first, early game your boots are good enough with 'Move Quick' to out run or chase everybody. When you have your Phantom Dancer on top of that, you will out-run everybody on the battlefield that does not have Ghost active.

Like every other character you play, your ultimate is called an ultimate for a reason, get it as often as the game allows you to.
Those mushrooms are the best thing a teemo can use.
Use them to spy on enemy jungles, bushes, the Baron, Dragon, blue and red buffs.
Put them in all the places the enemy team frequently tries to gank you from, put them in escape routes, and if your ever in doubt, place them on the inside of a corner. The slow and damage, combined with the fact you can see the poisoned target and anybody near them gives your team the edge in every situation your able to exploit them with.

Also, if you find a Melee character smashing you in the face, its never too late to mushroom them, while your fighting them, place it on their head, 9 out of 10 times they won't move away, causing you to do extra damage and making it more likely you will win, it also guarantees you they are about to be slowed, so you can run away safely if the need arises.


Many people will disagree with me on the rune usage, but once again it is down to your personal preference, my brain tells me that HP is a must have. The amount of characters out there that can eat up HP with burst damage is silly.
Annie, Ryze, Xin Zhao, Blitzcrank, Evelyn, Twitch, Master Yi, just to name a few. If you don't have atleast 2k hp there is no point being on the battlefield. Every summoner and their dog will kill you in less than 3 seconds. Couple that with a stun/supress/slow and 4 more players, you might as well not exist.

The Cooldown Reduction helps not only Teemo but 100% of the champions out there, that extra second shaved off Blind could save your life, or even a team member. The extra second shaved off move quick helps you escape if somebody has hit you and dispelled it.

The Armour Penetration is self explanatory, it increases your damage against 100% of the champions out there, every champion has base armour and reducing it as low as you can (preferably 0) helps you alot. It makes the squishies squishier and the tanks weaker.

Item Build

I start with boots 2 Health potions and 1 mana potion.
The boots help you chase, run and even hit and run helping you or your laning partner (if your not in mid) get that 1 step closer (excuse the pun) to first blood, and dominating your lane. While the potions help you stay in the lane longer, you can take 3 health potions instead, but that extra mana for those extra blinding shots really do help you stay in your lane longer. With 0 mana there are 0 skills - with 0 skills at your disposal you will be under your enemies control. They will know you can't hurt them as much as they can hurt you.

If all has gone well, the first time you go back to base you should be able to finish your boots and grab a 'Zeal', making you crit and hit more, with a little run speed to help you be even more annoying than you were before.

Get your tower down as fast as you can and start ganking in other lanes, you are aiming to have enough gold to finish your 'Phantom Dancer before you need to go back to base.

The 'Madred's Razors' will help you last hit minions, grab those blue and red buffs and ofcourse make your damage higher. Follow them with a 'Stark's Fervor' to get some life steal and attack speed, making you oh so annoying. Your damage is still low but you should be attacking fast enough to make people think twice about taking you on 1v1. So grab a partner or 2 and start running around in a gank squad.

Next in line is finishing your 'Madred's BloodRazor', which increases your damage a lot, especially if your enemies tank is stacking HP. 4% total HP as damage per hit, with your damage and attack speed will be making Cho'gath quiver in his boots. He might even drop that top hat as he runs away.

The next 2 items I change as necessary depending on who is on the other team. 'Last Whisper' and 'Black Cleaver' along with your Madreds makes for an excellent combination, the enemy tank is now frightened at the sight of the little Yordle and other champions won't last long either. But you may want to swap one of them, or even both of them to grab an 'Infinity Edge', 'Blood Thirster' or even a 'Frozen Mallet'. They will all boost your damage considerably to champions that are not stacking AP, but these items are good enough to get you through most fights. Nobody likes having their armour reduced to 0.

Comments And Voting

If you find yourself dis-liking this guide, please only vote if you are willing to leave constructive criticism, just voting no, or saying "I don't like this, this and this, is rather rude. Let future readers know why you disliked it and what you would have done instead. This way everybody can benefit from it.

Thank you for reading my guide and I hope you try it.
If you have seen any guides identical or very similar to this, please let me know and I will put a link in here to it.