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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zicklein07

Teemo g-g-god like

Zicklein07 Last updated on September 11, 2010
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Teemo is G-G-GodLIKE

Hello, and welcome to my first build on Mobafire. I want to tell you a little about my build to start off with. The items I have selected work really well with most ranged AD dps. Feel free to try this build with melee characters as well but keep in mind that your survivabilty will not be as high mainly because the build is meant for ranged dps.

Rune Page

The runes I have selected are simply a boost on critical strikes. I favor critcal strikes simply because of the HUGE impact it can make in harrassing in early game. A crit one a level 1-5 character followed by a blinding dart and poison gives you a kill opportunity early. Even if your opponent manages to get away, it will give you an undisputed lane and giving you the level advantage later in the game.

Item Sequence

1)The first item I always buy is the boots of speed.(If you prefer the vampiric sceptre thats fine as well). I favor the boots simply because they give me the speed to be able to harass and get away quickly.

2)Potions- Simple enough, take what you think you would need. Keep in mind teemo only has one real attack ability so I like to carry 2 health potions against 1 mana.

3)Turn those boots into berserker greave's. I prefer these boots over any other in the game. I do not believe Teemo needs such a huge speed boost when hes already carrying ghost and an ability that speeds him up as well. Besides, this is a dps guide and the greaves give attack speed that will be very helpful in farming and dropping your opponents.

4)With any dps, lifesteal is a nescessity. I prefer to bloodthirstier over all other items simply because it comes in a combo with lifesteal and AD.

5)Pick up madred's bloodrazor next! DPS cant do their job right without the ability to drop a tank, and since madred's bloodrazor drops 4% of your opponents life with each shot, I'd consider it insanity to not include it somewhere in the build.

6) Now for the real dps, get the infinity's edge. It carries massive attack damage boost and will not only give you more chance of crit, but increases the power of it by 50%. *REMEMBER CRIT IS A BIG PART OF YOUR GAME CONSIDERING YOUR RUNE BOOK IS FULL OF CRIT BOOSTS*.

7)Black Cleaver also adds to your attack damage but reduces your targets armor. Once you get this you dont even have to throw many shots to make a big impact in a team fight. Drop the armor on the tank and watch him fall.

8)Lastly, the fancy looking sword. I like this sword because it gives a lot of bonuses on what we have been building but my favorite (even though its not a lot) is the AP boost. This will also add to your overall dps considering your poison shot is powered by ap. With an attack damage boost already on this item, the ap boost will simply help your mushrooms and poison shot.


If you actually manage to complete the whole build without the other team surrendering, you will find yourself dropping players with just a few shots. Since madreds bloodrazor and poison shot are both at your use, numbers will be flying off your opponents as you shoot them (BEWARE THOSE OF YOU WITH ****PY COMPUTERS).


Your survivability lies completely in your attack. Since you carry alot of AD, you will be receiving a lot of life steal. Pay attention to Teemo's status, and make sure if you get blinded or exhausted that you use CLEANSE immediately. At this point you should know if the fight is in your favor or not. IF NOT GHOST OUT IMMEDIATELY WITH THE ASSIST OF YOUR ABILITIES SPEED BOOST.If it is in your favor use ghost to chase anyone that tries to escape.

So let me know what you think guys. This build works very well for me in level 30 games, and I thought maybe it'd work for someone else. I look forward to your comments and please have positive feedback! We're all here looking for better ideas for our builds so please share =).

** Note/Tip: I'm not here to coach people on how to play Teemo.. but if you do want that type of guide.. try luring your opponents into shrooms before you initiate a lane fight.