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Teemo Build Guide by GregarX

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GregarX

Teemo Guide: On hit Teemo, Alias Ultra Carry

GregarX Last updated on February 10, 2013
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Hi Im new to Mobafire and I really wanna share some of my tips with our teemo players. Lately I've seen a lot of Teemos going ap teemo on top, but never get to see an ADC teemo. People normally laugh at you when you say ADC as Teemo but what they dont know is the true potential of this cute little thing. Teemo can ultra carry after getting his third item and you'll regret laughing at it. This guide will show you how to build an attack speed teemo or better known as on hit teemo. This is one of my main champions and I win a lot of games with this build. Hope you enjoy it!!

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Pros and Cons


Amazing damage
Great movement
Gives map control with shrooms
Awesome damage and AoE with this build
Awesome carry
Passive can catch people out of position easily
He is extremely cute xD

Gets destroyed by Vision Ward and Oracle's Elixir
Mushrooms can be destroyed with oracles
Gets focused
Did i mention squishy?

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Starting Build

and . This are the main starting items you'll get but you can have other options such as but thats only if you have a great support.

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Core Items

Berseker greaves give you movement speed and starts with your AS carry. Only buy this if you dont have enough money to buy the Recurve Bow

Wits End is one of the essential core items, it gives you MR and the on hit damage starts getting noticed by your enemy. Also this item gives you an incredible amount of attack speed so in short this is OP.

This is your second essential core item, gives you your second on hit damage. You can start pwning with this item now. But remember to keep distance from the enemy champion thats why you are range.

This is your last core item. With this you are going to attack super fast so that means your on hit effect is deadly when you have this item. Now the real ownage starts!!Easy triples and penta kills!!

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Late Game Items

This should be your fourth item. It will help you more with the on hit damage and tanks wont mean anything to you. So go for it! Also the life steal this item gives you is essential. With the life steal you can manage to survive a lot.

I use this as the last item because it gives me more damage and applies a slow that is deadly. Also this is going to give you more sustaintability, but still be aware because you are super SQUISHY!

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Situational items

This item is good because it synergyzes with Teemo mushrooms and blind. But I would suggest this item only if you are sure you can survive on team fights. Change it for the Frozen Mallet.
This item just works if you arent killing anyone but somehow are like a support, just put shrooms all over the map with the Rabadon and Liandry.
This is one of the best sutanining items. Gives you nice amount of MR and armor + a free revive. I would suggest you to get this if you think your damage is enough.

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In early game focus on farming and harass your enemy to keep him out of the exp range. Thats all for early game. Try to get at least 80 minions before mid game.

Mid game is where you start shining as on hit teemo. Try to put shrooms up every time you can put one. Also try to kill ppl that are out of position because Teemo shines on 1 v 1. In team fights focus the ADC or APC but never tank.

Late Game is where on hit teemo really shines. Even though he is squishy as hell he is also op. You have to know when is the correct time to enter the fight. When a team fight erupts try being the last one to enter so that your AoE and on hit kils everyone. ( Easy penta)

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Always gank when you can. Keep moving and start roaming when you pushed your lane a lot.
Poke your enemy as much as you can. This is going to make them recall so you'll have the advantage of gold and level.
Put shrooms whenever you have one.
Last hittingthe minions is always important because this build wont shine unless you have enough money to buy the items.

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Thanks for reading this guide. I hope you like it and it helps you out. I know its not the best guide out there but I've owned a lot with this build so See you later!! Visit my blog at