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League of Legends Build Guide Author Clairabelle

Teemo - Hybrid Ranked Build [Extensive Guide]

Clairabelle Last updated on March 3, 2011
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Welcome to my Teemo guide, UPDATED! -


Teemo is one of those champions who can be extremely deadly in the hands of a fairly decent player and unbeatable in the hands of a pro, now i dont consider myself to be a pro because im not, but i am a good Teemo player given i have a good team to back me up.

Dont expect to pick this Champion and use this build and dominate all your matches, no player can win a match he needs backup from his team backup can consist of Pinging the Map for Awareness, to setting up ganks or just simply avoiding feeding and defending their lanes well.

1 thing i will say about Teemo is that he needs to be played by someone with alot of paitent and skill at predicting enemy movements as to better place his shrooms or to help out team-mates which his Blind.

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The Runes i've chosen are to complement Teemo's AP Build and also provide that little extra survivability early game in the form of Flat HP Seals.

- Marks = Mark of Insight - Magic Penetration +8.55
- Seals = Seal of Fortitude - Health +48.15
- Glyphs = Glyph of Focus - Cooldowns -5.85%
- Quitessences = Quintessence of Insight - Magic Penetration +5.67

Now the Cooldown Glyphs are totally optional however early game i feel they will help Teemo by giving him a faster cooldown on his blind which is how he dominates and controls a lane, this combined with your Meki Pendant should be a good mix.

Failing that you can s*** those cooldown glyphs for HP/Magic Pen.

Now, these Runes will give Teemo's poison that little bit more DMG per tick as it will Penetrate their defenses. Not only that the Flat HP will give Teemo that little bit extra health for laning because Teemo is very very squishy, when i play Lux 1 snare and 1 ulti is enough to finish him off. True 48 HP wont make much difference endgame, but early game its the difference between dead or alive Teemo.

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Deadliness x1
Archmages Savvy x3
Sorcery x2
Alacrity x4
Archaic Knowledge x1
Sunder x3
Brute Force x3
Lethality x3
Havoc x1


Spatial Accuracy x1
Perserverance x3
Expanded Mind x4
Greed x1


Replace GREED with UTILITY MASTERY for extended buff duration.

This mastery build will complement your AP Build but also give your hits that little extra UMMPH!!

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Purchase the following, in the following order.

First Visit - Start - Cost: 475g
Doran's Blade

2nd Visit - Cost: 1980g - Total: 2455g
Boots of Speed
Amplifying Tome

3rd Visit - Cost: 2615g - Total: 5070g
Ionian Boots of Lucidity
Morello's Evil Tome

4th Vist - Cost: 2440g - Total: 7510g
Phantom Dancer
Negatron Cloak

5th Visit - Cost: 1975g - Total:9485 g
Banshee's Vail

6th Visit - Cost: 3600g - Total: 13085g
Rabadbon's Deathcap

7th Visit - Cost 4080g - Total: 17165g
Infinity Edge

The reason for this order is simple, first item should always be a Dorans XXX Item, especially on low HP Champions.

Boots, as Teemo has a skill to boost his out of combat speed Regular Boots are the best choice for him early game as he can then spend the extra cash on AP Items to boost his Poison DMG you can later upgrade these to Sorcerers Boots as it will give his poison [which is his main attack] some more extra DMG, OR you can get him Ionian Boots as these will decrease his recharge time on his Shroom Ammo.

Amplyfing Tome + Zeal, are the next items you wanna buy as this gives you a some AP for your Poison and the Zeal will give Movement Speed, Atk.Spd and Crit, which for the price is awesome.

Sorcerers Boots // Ionian Boots, should be the next upgrade and its down to you which you use, Sorc Boots for more DMG, Ionian Boots for more Shrooms.

Morello's Evil Tome should be your next purchase, now i only just noticed they added this item and i have to say for the gold its quite good. +75 AP -15% cooldowns, plus it gives you 12 mana per 5.

Phantom Dancer + Negatron Cloak, is now your priority as your opponents will be building their good items and AP items which means heavy DMG to poor old Teemo the Negatron Cloak Nulifies alot of this DMG and makes you that bit more Tanky. Phantom Dancer is also a key item here as it will give you Atk.Spd to hit faster and poison more, Run.Spd and Critical.

Banshee's Vail, if you ask me Banshee's is a key item in any build for any champion, especially if your considering Ranked Games. This beautiful little item will save poor old Teemo from those nasty Initiating Skill Shots like Ashe's Arrow, Kassadins Silence/Slow, Amumu's Ulti etc. If your stunned as a Teemo in a Team fight your dead fast. It also adds MR as well so its awesome.

Rabadons Deathcap, is next and with your other items it will boost your AP quite alot and make your poison from both your passive E skill and your Ultimate hurt them.

Infinity Edge, now i know what most of you are thinking WTF are you doing with Infinity? Well as a Teemo going AD or AP means his endgame sucks because he's focused too much, this build has allowed me to get in do DMG then retreat safely. You can get in maybe 2-3 shots before your chased, so you want them to hit hard and poison them hard, this build allows this.

Dont try to 1v1 people to get kills your not about that, Teemo is a Scout Class, your Shrooms do your job, they are your job Plant them in the enemy side in every bush and walk way and i bet you 100% you get kills. Even when people play against a Teemo they always use bushes. 700+250 is alot of DMG for 1 shroom.

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Skill Sequence

Poisoning Dart

- First skill you need to learn without a doubt, this skill deals so much DMG early game to level 1-4 champions and keeps you from getting hit. Use it whenever you can to push back careless Champions.

Move Quick

- unlike most champions 2nd skill this one is actually worth learning as your 2nd level skill up because of the speed boost which basically makes you move as you were wearing regular boots.

Toxic Shot

- This is Teemo's most deadly skill other than his Shrooms because this little beauty will give him Poison DMG based on AP and Magic Pen to all his auto-attacks. This is a silent killer because people often forget Teemo Poisons with auto-attacks and will stay fighting him whilst blinded and doing no DMG until SHOCK they are almost dead.

Noxious Trap

- This skill is the stuff ragers are made of, i know from playing against Teemo's that most champions try to sneak around to gank and if you hit one of these 1/4 to 1/2 your HP is already gone and your forced back to base.

This is Teemo's strength, he can make people return to base from 1 Shroom or and most annoyingly he can kill champions who think they have escaped and then BOOM, MUSHROOM MUSHROOM.. BADGER BADGER.

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Be sure to place Shrooms in the most used areas of the map:

- 2 in either side of Mid spaced equally in the bush, this will show up people who enter the bushes even if they dont stand on them.
- 1 at each side of your Tower in Mid incase anyone tries to come from the Bushes and get behind you and your Tower.
- 1 at Dragon and Baron.
- 1 at each of your Buff Golems, and also the enemies if you can.

After those locations are all shroomed work on placing them on various area's around the map area's which are used most often as escape routes, this will get you alot of kills because even after getting killed people will still use the bush to escape instead of staying out of it. I never use the bush playing against Teemo and the only time i get poisoned is if im hit by someone else walking on one near me cos they used the bush.

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Summoner Spells

- Teleport: Gotta be a must have for any decent player, having to rely on Ignite/Flash etc is a bad player imo. Sure you get kills but you forfeit this awesome team advanage spell. It allows you to leave lane to regen or shop and return within 5 seconds, meaning your Exp Loss isnt high and the enemy is left in lane long enough to gain a gold advantage over you.

Not only that its also useful for Teemo as he can Teleport to Shrooms making Ganking all that much more quicker, but most importantly you can also port to other team-mates towers quickly to avoid losing a tower.

- Exhaust: Since they removed the blind on this and made it only reduce the DMG by 75% use this at your own Risk, you will take DMG and Teemo is a weak champion so you better gain the upper hand fast from those 3 secs this skill lasts.

- Heal: This can be the difference between being the same level or 1 level above on your enemy, having this means you can stay in Lanes longer, and thus gaining more Money/Exp. Its also useful for escaping sticky situations and helping during teamfights.

-- The reason behind these Spells is that Flash/Sprint are useless when you are using #Move Quick# because you will be pretty much the fastest Champion on the Map and have no need for those 2 Spells.

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Important Notes


, I've seen many people do this including myself where i've rushed after the fleeing enemy thinking i could just hit them 1 more time and get the kill. You wanna know what this usually entales? YOUR DEATH! I've died more times from this than i have killed the person i was chasing.


, especially to the side of the map your closest to where you can be ganked from easiest. Not everyone will ping or warn you that an Enemy is gone, tbh they shouldnt have to its your job to know whats going on around you on the map.

Example: If you are Purple Team in the Middle Lane and your more towards the Top half of the Middle Lane then you need to be watching Top like an Eagle because if you are rushed or ganked from the bottom then they have to cross the lane meaning they will be flashed once they are near your Creeps so you just run into the Bush and back around to your Tower.


, true this sounds harsh but time after time i've died cause i've tried to save a stupid team member who pushed that little bit too far, and then your team is left with 2 dead members rather than 1. Issue your team a warning at the begining of the game saying you wont rush in after them if they decide to rush. The only time you should rush with them is when all 5 or all 3 of you are pushing a Lane.


This is a valid tactic using Teemo as he has a Poison Effect from his hits, you will deal DoT [Damage over Time] meaning that the Champion then has to retreat and recover or use a pot. Hit them once and then run back out of their range, once you learn #Blinding Dart# you can usually hit them x2 or x3 before having to run back. Use #Blinding Dart# as the opening hit, and then follow up with 1-2 normal hits then retreat. You will get the extra hits in and not take damage as they cannot hit you. [Some Champions will use skills and i dont think they can miss if blinded] However once your poison and blind takes hold they will retreat and not follow up the attack so you will only take the skill dmg.

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Early Game [Top/Bottom Lane]

Pretty simple really, avoid the bush area's unless you know no one is in there, and stay away from the path towards Middle this makes it easier to avoid ganks and gives you chance to get back to your Tower. You want to be controlling the Bush area's and simply shooting from inside it, your not there to gank just to keep you as far from harm as possible and away from the Middle Lane as possible.

Pick at your enemy, the more HP you cause them to lose the better but there is no need to rush after the kills. Keeping them from laning is your goal and any kills you can make are just a bonus.

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Early Game [Middle]

Its pretty much the same as above only this time you need to pay attention to your Map especially the location of the enemy Champions on the side of Middle your stood nearest.

If your nearest the Top Lane then you need to watch for Champions leaving Top Lane and then rotate nearer to Bottom whilst paying attention that no one is missing from Bottom or Vice Versa.

Sticking to one side of Middle means easier to avoid Ganks they can then only come at you from one side of the map.

Its also important to constantly move around especially against hero's who rely on skill shots like Ezreal/Lux, hit and move hit and move but randomize your movement dont repeat the same movement tactics or they will be able to predict your next movement and catch you.

I once played against a Lux who actually congratz'd me because all the time i was in mid she never once hit me with a Skill Shot or her Ultimate. I had her pinned to her tower the whole time.

Last hit Minions for Gold and watch for missing enemies.

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Mid-Game [Top/Bottom Lane]

Same as Early Game only this time you really need to pay attention and Shroom the hell out of those bushes.

Also Shroom the area near your Tower which leads to the Jungle, Shroom the Bush at that location too and the Bush behind your Tower so no one can sneak round for a Gank.

Shroom the Middle of the Lane near the Water leading to Mid, this acts as your Eyes to prevent Ganks, and also Plant 2 Shrooms inside the little bush in the water, this will prevent or injure anyone trying to Gank you or trying to Gank your Ally in Mid.

Place Shrooms at the enterance and exits of each Bush your in, also if the Bush is big enough plant one inbetween them, this allows for maximum DMG.


Keep in mind your Shrooms and replace any that are lost, they are essential in preventing ganks.

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Mid-Game [Middle]

This is the time you should be considering leaving your lane and placing Shrooms in the Key Points of the Map both around your own Lane and your team members lanes, make sure to place them on your side of the map only.


- Red = Key Blue/Purple Team.
- Purple = Place only when playing ON Purple Team.
- Blue = Place only when playing ON Blue Team.

This will help you avoid being ganked Mid - Late Game, be sure to place the Shrooms again if they are hit by someone.

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Right End-Game as Teemo is extremely tough because you have to avoid fights as best you can but also help your team.

So how do i do this i hear you ask? well its simple.


Shrooms, Plant your Shrooms in all the common escape/chase points of the map and near each Monster Camp, all Bushes should have at least 1 shroom inside it on your side of the map and the enemies side too if you can.

Now when a Team Fight Starts you wanna get in there and target and blind their main physical DPS this will save a team mate and force that champion to retreat for a sec.

Once you've blinded you will be targetted so run your *** back, especially if your Banshee's is removed. If its not then stay and deal some extra DMG to their Tank as your Poison will help kill him/her faster. HOWEVER always attack a squishy DPS if they are near to you and you dont have to go too far into their team.

Just hit and run, hit and run dont stand still hitting 1 person cos you'll be focused and die insanely fast.

EXTRA NOTE: If they are attacking you and focusing you all the time Change your Items for HP Items, bulk up whilst keeping Boosts and your Rabadons Deathcap, but replace everything else with HP. This will mean you wont get killed and can still deal some DMG. This is only as a Last Resort though if your teams getting nailed.

It is a viable build i've done it myself and tanked as a Teemo, Run in hit a few once Banshee's is gone and my HP is dropping i active my Sprint Skill and get the hell out of dodge.