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Teemo Build Guide by Xethgnur

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xethgnur

Teemo... its time to be a man...

Xethgnur Last updated on August 1, 2012
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Teemo Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This build is not guaranteed to win you anything, it is simply how I play and build Teemo in three very specific ways to play three very specific roles during your game. Simply building this way does not make you a better player nor guarantees kills. You have to play smart, and know when it is time for Teemo to be a man, and when it is time to puss out and survive. Survival is key as Teemo. You die, your useless...

As for Runes and Masteries, they are however you wish to play, I am simply displaying the item set, skill sequence and relative play style one partakes in playing each Teemo type, and will show you the pros and cons of every build.

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Introduction to AP Teemo

One of my most favorite build simply because the enemy team will hate you tremendously mid/late game, but is hardest to pull off early game, simply because of the lack of early damage. However, this build will almost guarantee you lots of ap and mushrooms that will hurt everyone, including the beefiest of champions. AP Teemo can go to any lane in summoner's rift, but to properly stay ahead of most champions and hurt early, I suggest going mid or top as AP Teemo. Having a support is nice, they protect you most often, and they give you the gold, but you lose half your experience that you seriously need as AP Teemo.

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Skill Sequence

The skill you want to max out first is Toxic Shot. It is a great harassment tool and will do a significant amount of damage as you level it up. You also get Sorcerer's Shoes to make that damage hurt even more. The second you max out if your Move Quick, as you always want to be able to outrun your opponent, no matter which lane you are in. Whenever someone says MIA or TEEMO RUN, activate it and GTFO, cause you are way too squishy to be hanging around. Blinding Dart is maxed last, not because its not useful, as it stacks quite well with AP, you just don't need it to do damage early on. Even at level 1, the ability will still do bunches of damage, and bother your opponent. In fact, the best Teemo's master the double blind shot. You shoot your Blinding Dart while still being in range to give off one normal auto attack to proc your Toxic Shot, which maximizes harassment output and sets your opponent off.

Noxious Trap is AP Teemo's bread and butter. Not only are they your main source of high damage, they will catch any and all unwary teams to their grave. While in lane, use Noxious Trap as your wards, but never neglect to by real ones. They will give you some ample time to run away if you are about to be ganked. If the enemy likes to hide in the bushes, Noxious Trap the bushes. Once every first set of towers are down, start to Noxious Trap their jungle at every choke point possible. Always be alert at your Noxious Trap cooldown and where the enemies are on the mini map. Your better off not laying out Noxious Trap and living than you are trying to be obnoxious and dying too often. If the enemy buys oracles, no problem, set them in bushes at the very edges. There are still various choke points where they will be forced to hit them.

Another tip for Noxious Trap is not to place them too close. Too close, and you waste a Noxious Trap. Too far is not a problem, but too close is honestly just silly. As a general rule, if you are place multiple Noxious Traps around in a close area, place them relatively five units away. That's about the size of five minions. Enemies slowed will either turn around and avoid anymore likelihood of hitting another Noxious Trap, and others will press on thinking you didn't place anymore. Either way, you win.

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Team Work

As AP Teemo, you are not to get in the front lines and smash faces. That's just not you. Not only are you squishy, you don't have the attack speed. "BUT THAT MEANS I'M USELESS!?" NO! It does not! In team fights, you are the back line fighter, and you support your team by blinding the enemy ad carry and setting up retreat points during bad fights. So, here's how it generally works in team fights.

You are a living ward. Light up their jungle with as many Noxious Traps as you possibly can, making sure your team can see every possibly hiding place, while also annoying the enemy team. When a team fight starts, hang back behind everyone, don't charge in. If the fight moves to the enemy's side, place Noxious Traps in lane, to prepare for a retreat if need be. You will save many lives if you prepare in that way, and possibly get kills as well. When the team fight does happen, immediately use Blinding Dart to stop the ad carry from using his auto attacks. Doing this, you not only damage him/her significantly, but you took out their most vital tool. With that, auto attack various peoples, preferably the AD carry or assassin out to kill you! and proc you Toxic Shot on as many people as possibly. If someone is low and trying to be healed, activate your Morello's Evil Tome to ignite them and maximize your damage over their healing. If someone beefy comes at you, activate Deathfire Grasp and bring down that beef! But most of all, stay behind the team. You don't want to be caught. If you've been smart, you've already made sure there is no way that Akali has come behind the team to kill you because you had already placed a Noxious Trap in various alley ways of the jungle.

Overall, you should not plan to get kills in team fights. You are more likely to get kills while the enemy team is roaming around, retreating, or chasing. You are the bane of the greedy people, as you will harm all you dare walk through your jungle to kill your allies.

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Pros / Cons

  • Your Blinding Dart actually does damage, not just cc
  • Your Toxic Shot will be significant
  • Your Noxious Trap will be hated by everyone, sometimes even your teammates x3
  • You have become the ******* of the league
  • Your lack of attack speed makes you slightly useless in team fights and reduces your harassment ability with just auto attacks
  • You are so squishy, Sion could look at you could simply Cryptic Gaze you and kill you instantly...
  • Your main damage output is through your Noxious Trap, not auto attacks.
  • Your team might think your useless all the time.

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Summary of AP Teemo

AP Teemo is difficult, more so than I can make it sound. You will be caught often, and you will be killed faster than your can flash over to baron for safety. AP Teemo is fun, but you have to play far more cautiously than ever before. It is not for those who want to be in the face of battle, nor is it for those who hate running away for tactical reasons. AP Teemo is a terror, but only from a distance. He is the one hidden within the bushes that hides while the team hovers about him, smelling his fear as they push his lane. You will be hated, but you will have the funniest kills and kill steals you can imagine...

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Unique Skills AKA "The Hidden Passive"

Teemo has a very unique hidden passive that Riot had programmed into Teemo secretly while processing countless skins for him. The Global Taunt.

You might think this is funny and that I'm joking, but you will see it every time. The enemy sees you, they will kill you, even if you have your entire team with you! However, this can be your greatest advantage. Baiting is a key thing Teemo can pull off, into Noxious Traps or even into your team. Teemo can also draw away enemy attention with this hidden passive, and save an ally, as possibly the cost of his life. But he can get his revenge, his team mate might not be so lucky.

It is a very challenging tactic to pull off, but with proper planning and a cooperative team, you can pull anyone into your direction.

Teemo. Its time for you... to be a man...