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Teemo Build Guide by RaptorHunter

Top Teemo PTA AP

Top Teemo PTA AP

Updated on June 28, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author RaptorHunter Build Guide By RaptorHunter 49 3 114,086 Views 0 Comments
49 3 114,086 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author RaptorHunter Teemo Build Guide By RaptorHunter Updated on June 28, 2022
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Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Bone Plating

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
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Champion Build Guide

Teemo PTA AP

By RaptorHunter
Table of contents
The basics

x Introduction
x Champion story and presentation
x Champion roles

About the champion

x Pros / Cons
x Abilities and order
x Choice of runes

x Tips for mushrooms and map management
x The interest of the build and the situation


Hi to you ! I allow myself to propose you a little guide on him , since i have 1 million points on the champion, I know him quite well and i always play him in any game and situation.

I play Teemo for several reasons. He's not the most skillful champion in the game, that's for sure, but he's by far the most fun!
No champion is like him, he has a very particular gameplay and can create a real mental shock to the opponent. He is able to adapt to all situations, to all opposing champions and team compositions. He can play with all the pages of runes, however varied they may be.

He's a relatively underrated champion, considered a troll pick. If only they knew ...
Champion story and presentation
But who really is Teemo, a Bantam scout ? Discover its history :

"Teemo is a legend among his Yordle siblings from Bandle. If we believe the yordles, something is wrong with him. Although he enjoys the company of other yordles, he frequently insists on going on a solitary mission in order to defend Bandle. Teemo is very pleasant in normal times, but something goes out in him when he fights, so that the lives he ends while on patrols do not weigh on his conscience. While Teemo was still a young recruit, his instructors and the other recruits were quite taken aback by his seriousness and deadly efficiency as soon as the drills began, he who was usually so charming and kind. Teemo's superiors quickly directed him to the Mothership Scouts, one of Bandle's best Special Forces units along with the Megling Commandos.

Most yordles don't accomplish their scout missions with great finesse, but Teemo does them with remarkable mastery. His record number of hits against enemies attempting to infiltrate Bandle has made him one of the most dangerous yordles in business, though it's hard to believe when drinking a mug of mead with him. in his favorite tavern. Bandle decided that Teemo would be his first League champion; our yordle scout feels like a fish in water. His weapon of choice, a blowgun, shoots darts coated with a rare ajunta poison that he collects himself in the jungles of ***ungu. In order to better endure her long periods of isolation, Teemo recently befriended Tristana, also a League champion and member of Bandle's Special Forces.

This bond is good for both yordles, and eager reporters are already circulating rumors that this friendship will turn into a romantic relationship. That doesn't change the fact that Teemo is an audience favorite in the League of Legends and a miniature opponent we've learned to fear, however."

Teemo is a kite-based solotop, which harasses the opponent with his poison while having good control of the map with his mushrooms. Teemo's significant speed bonus is a monstrous weapon against champions without a gap closer.

Champion roles
Teemo's role is quite sneaky and can draw the wrath of your Carries (AD and AP) by stinging the kills with your overpowered poison. Try to do what you can to give them the eliminations if they have a good score ... Otherwise you might as well increase your personal score for more gold gain and obviously more equipment. You will have to stay behind the fights a bit, focusing on your movement speed, your poison and the blindness of your first skill. Mushrooms are also a huge plus if you know how to place them well. It's up to you to watch the map by placing your mushrooms in the important places. Also be careful that your enemies do not take the golems.

Teemo's goal will be to collect as much gold as possible by killing as many enemy champions and monsters as possible; whether it is those of the lines or the jungle. You will need to place as many mushrooms as possible on the map in order to lower the health of unwary enemy champions and reveal them on the map. We thus learn the movements of the players, we slow them down and can inflict in 4s in ... 1000 damage! With practice, you will be able to place up to 25 useful mushrooms on the map.

You will need to make sure you are as efficient as possible:

- By killing as many minions / minions as possible, you should not miss any if possible.
- By playing aggressively to show you have the hand and allow you to win gold quietly ... this while remaining safe at all times. Watch out for the bushes full of enemies! You are very fragile !
- By controlling and interpreting enemy movements. Your placements and preparations of mushroom traps are extremely important!
- By helping your allies properly
- By never dying so as not to give the advantage to the enemy. If the enemy leaves with 10 HP in a bush, leave it and return to farm your line. If it is, his jungler is in the bush waiting for you.
- By dropping the middle tower as soon as you feel your farming is good and you have the chance. Don't push your line too much until you have your first important items. Kill the minions, push back the enemy gently.
- Once the tower has fallen, domino effect, change lines keeping an eye on your tower and continue to farm.
- Avoid stealing minions from your allies' lines or arriving at the last moment to kill an enemy! If your ally had the opportunity to kill him or get gold from the minions, he won't really appreciate this move, especially if it's Carry AD or Carry AP.
Pros / Cons

+ Very boring to play against him.
+ Easy to learn.
+ High poke/burst damage with Blinding Dart.
+ Can deny CS very effectively with Blinding Dart.
+ Great sustained damage.
+ Very good harass ability with his poison.
+ Powerful utility, area denial, and wave-clear from Noxious Trap.
+ The blindness that will drive some champions mad.
+ Mental warfare potential with Noxious Trap.
+ Your passive; Guerrilla Warfare allows you to make very clever plays or avoid enemies.
+ Hard to chase or tower-dive against.
+ Huge card control with its mushrooms.


- Learning curve with CS denial and Noxious Trap placement.
- No hard CC.
- Doesn't scale as hard as some other champions.
- Ignorant teammates may think you're trolling.
- Fairly fragile and has no innate sustain, so you have to be careful with champions with a gap closer who can then reach Teemo.
- Some champions are not at all vulnerable to blindness.
- Teemo can get away quickly thanks to his speed boost, but he can die quickly in the face of hard control if he gets caught.
- In teamfight, teemo will have to pay attention to his positioning otherwise he will be fairly easy prey outside his mushroom wall.
Abilities and order

If Teemo stays still and without acting for a short time, he becomes invisible indefinitely. In tall grass, Teemo can activate and maintain his invisibility while moving. When he leaves his invisibility, Teemo gains the Surprise Effect, increasing his attack speed for 3 sec.

Ideal for ambushing, be careful though you are not invulnerable by being invisible. The most important effect is the surprise generated and especially the attack speed bonus that you get when you get out of stealth.

It is good to know that you will not be able to become invisible as long as you take damage, however once invisible the surbis damage will not reveal you unless you are moved or if a specific spell reveals you.


Cost: 70/75/80/85/90 mana
Range: 680

A powerful venom obscures the enemy's view, dealing damage to the target and blinding them for the duration of the effect.

Deals 80/125/170/215/260 (+ 80% Ability Ability) magic damage and blinds the target for 1.5 / 1.75 / 2 / 2.25 / 2.5 sec.

This is one of the few skills in the game that blinds a target. That is, all her self-attacks will have no effect as long as she is a victim of this kind. It is therefore very effective against heroes playing mainly with their auto-attacks, moreover when playing AP it is a spell that does quite a bit of damage.

Be careful to use at the right time and the right target the cooldown is still present.


Cost: 40 mana
Range: 20

Teemo's movement speed is passively increased until struck by an enemy champion or enemy turret. Teemo can sprint to gain a temporary bonus to movement speed that is not negated if Teemo is hit.

Passive: Teemo's movement speed is increased by 10/14/18/22/26%, unless he was injured by an enemy champion or enemy turret less than 5 seconds ago.
Active: Teemo sprints, doubling his passive bonus for 3 sec. Damage does not dispel this bonus.

A passive which therefore offers something to move faster on the map out of combat. On the other hand, the active will allow you to catch up with a target or to flee an opponent by doubling the effect of the passive even though you are in combat.

So it's a relatively simple spell that brings some mobility to Teemo. Be careful to keep the asset for critical moments, the cooldown is relatively long.


Cost: Passive
Range: 680

All of Teemo's attacks poison the target, dealing damage on impact and then every second for 4 seconds.

Teemo's Basic Attacks poison his targets, dealing 10/20/30/40/50 (+ 30% Ability Power) magic damage on impact, then 6/12/18/24/30 (+10 % of Ability Power) magic damage every second for 4 sec.

The boring sorting par excellence. Not only do you take damage on impact but also over time as you end up poisoned.

Be careful, this spell will make you vulnerable near enemy towers, there is no way to deactivate it so if an opponent is still a victim of your poison and if you are within range of the turret, you know who it is who will take blows for nothing!


Cost: 75 mana
Range: 400/650/900

Teemo uses one of the mushrooms stored in his backpack to launch an explosive trap. If an enemy steps on the trap, a poison cloud rises from it, slowing enemies and dealing damage over time. Mushrooms thrown at other mushrooms bounce and thus have a greater range.

Use a stored mushroom to throw a trap. If an enemy steps on it, the trap explodes and poisons all nearby enemies, reducing their movement speed by 30/40/50%, revealing them and dealing 200/325/450 (+ 50% Ability Power) damage to them magic in 4 sec. Traps last 5 minutes and take 1 sec to initiate and camouflage. If a trap lands on another trap, it bounces up to 3/4/5 Teemo further before crashing into the ground. Teemo searches for a new mushroom every 0 sec and he can only carry 3 at a time.

There is a little time between when you are going to set the trap and when it can explode. As a result, an enemy can sometimes cross the famous mushroom without knowing the consequences.

This is Teemo's best tool because not only does it give you map control, the mushrooms offering vision around them (and they are invisible!) But in addition it can really make the difference in a fight or during the contesting an objective.

Your goal will therefore be to place a maximum of them, knowing that a trap lasts 2 minutes but above all you will have to place them where the champions are likely to explode them and not the minions. Because after all the goal is to make the enemy team suffer by becoming their worst nightmare as Teemo, so avoid that it is the enemy minions who spoil your precious mushrooms.


The order of Skills is quite simple : E > Z > Q in order to be able to kite via the gain in mobility in the lane phase. Q is the priority to deal more damage although E remains profitable. However, the direct damage of Q allows you to gain bursts. Note that it is possible (understand strongly recommended) to start with the E at level 1 in order to get help with the last hit.

Regarding Summoner Spells, apart from Flash Jump which is essential, there are only two really viable options in SoloQ : Ignite is the best offensive option while Fatigue is the defensive solution which allows 'Bring Teemo a little defense (think about delaying a duel via your blindness and then your Fatigue just after).
Choice of rune

- PTA on-hit hybrid allowing for insane poison damage 3 autos and a Q.


Hard carry build, good vs fighters and tanks top lane. This build can feel bad when behind. Not that safe vs stuff like Riven that can all in you early. You play this vs everyday top lane, Garen type champions. With his help Teemo will increase the damage inflicted on a target, especially against tanks. This rune not only deals additional damage to the enemy after three auto attacks, but also weakens the enemy, increasing all damage afterwards.

Triumph is very powerful, granting additional healing and gold when participating in the killing of an enemy champion. Triumph is one of the most powerful runes that players can take while playing ARAM, especially if your team gets a number of kills in a row. Players will receive 6% of missing health as well as 10 Gold every time they participate in a champion takedown. Players will experience a 1-second delay before they get their health from securing a takedown.

As mentioned, Triumph works hand in hand with Ravenous Hunter, healing Teemo players in extremely clutch moments. Having Triumph versus Sorcery Runes will make it easier to tease enemy champions or bait them into walking into your Noxious Traps (R). If players are lucky they will get some kills while baiting greedy players.

Alacrity will provide a decent amount of attack speed. Finishing blow allows you to do more damage to enemies with low health.

Coup de Grace because provides players with 8% more damage to enemy champions below 40% health. Paired up with Dark Harvest, Coup De Grace gets very scary. I switched to playing Domination/Sorcery Teemo for a while, but as soon as I put Coup de Grace on, I remembered how fun it was to take down unexpecting victims.

Teemo is quite strong in the early stages especially against melee champions who will not be able to do anything against him especially before their level 6. This is why it is this moment of the game where you will have to do everything to gain the upper hand and keep it for the future.

If your enemy is melee don't let him approach your minions unless he has enough to poke you just as much as you do, he'll be forced to back down. In the case of a distance match, you will need to play more finely and try to dive when your opponent makes a final blow. Your poison (E) is really a big problem early in the game as long as it is your opponents' health, so you should try to place it more often.

Of course, don't forget to farm, with your E it can be a bit confusing at first, but you can see later that it gives you a good helping hand. Be careful therefore not to push the car too much to a part of your Z your escape level is close to 0 and it will often be quite hard to survive a gank by playing Teemo top especially if you are too advanced.


From level 6 you get the mushrooms which will make the game wildly fun for you. On the other hand, it is also the moment when you become vulnerable to all opponents. As a result, an enemy who was being completely martyred against you can now potentially do something against you thanks to his respective ultimate therefore always continue to attack as best as possible but know how to keep your distance and not to take too many risks. you are extremely fragile.

Your A will be used as much for poke as it will protect you from a possible enemy aggression, so know whether to use it or not (for example if the enemy is a Lissandra, keeping your A will be useless or almost, in on the other hand if you have a Jax as an opponent it will make all the difference).

Let's come back to the famous mushrooms! Your goal will be to put as much as possible to make sure that your lane is impossible to gank or at least that you see the enemies coming from far away so that you can act accordingly if necessary. Mushrooms also bring a little vision, but don't count on it, wards are always better.

In terms of the placement of these, the ideal is that the enemy mushrooms take them so put them everywhere in the bushes and where they are likely to pass, avoid that it is the minions who explode them this n is clearly not the ideal.


In a team fight Teemo is not useless, but its usefulness remains very limited. Indeed, he can only make self-attacks and place his Q or even mushrooms, but it is far from being discreet. Its range is far from being important and it is very fragile as much to say that it makes a good target to exterminate quickly for the enemies.

This is why Teemo is generally a good pick in compositons that play with poke and kiting. Indeed, he can thus undermine the ground and therefore allow his allies to attack while providing them with some protection.

Teemo will always be very good when your team has control of the map so he can lay his mushrooms wherever he wants and thus set traps to control important objectives. On the other hand when your team is in difficulty it is more difficult to crack down as Teemo because playing only defensively is not enough you have to be able to move around but it is rarely easy when the enemies have the vision on it. 'entire map and besiege you within your base.

Teemo is therefore an aggressive early pick that does good damage over time but remains relatively fragile and dependent on the situation of the game to really shine. Everything relies heavily on your ability to place a maximum of mushrooms and know where to place them (that is to say in places where you can catch or in places where the team fights will burst in order to lower the maximum opponents' lives).
Tips for mushrooms and map
The mushrooms allow Teemo to mark the terrain, limiting the mobility of the enemy Jungler on the upper part of the map but also the movement of other players of the opposing team around Baron Nashor and the river in general. But LoL’s Little Devil’s Ultimate is also interesting in the lane phase, so you have to use it well.

First advice, never place your mushrooms in the bushes in the top row because your opponents will never go in that corner facing a Teemo. Conversely, get in the habit of always putting mushrooms in the middle of the minions so that they explode on your opposite.

In addition, it is important to place mushrooms on the path of the minions on your lane, in order to save your turn (in yellow in the toplane) when you return to your base. This will protect your tower while gaining experience and gold from a distance! Try to space out your shrooms and put them into choke points to maximize the chances of hitting someone. You don't want them next to each other because then they'll all explode at once, and the D.O.T damage won't stack (multiple shrooms just refresh it).

Bushes are great places to hide them, but given how long the game's been out now that's a little predictable. If you're shrooming the river brush (say you're blue side top) you don't need to put it next to the wall, as that's kind of obvious and you're minimizing the effective range of your shroom. Try to either put it on the edge of the brush or slightly outside of it, so that they can't sneak around it by hugging the wall but will also hit it if they don't run into the brush.

Also, try to stagger your shrooms when you're putting them down (if you're putting down 4, try to do it in the shape of an N, where you put a shroom at each point of the italicized N. I forget what formation this is called, but if you stack them like this it allows you to maximize your depth AND width when defending yourself via the lane.

Also, as a defensive shroomer, try to prioritize placement based on where the biggest threat would be coming from. If you're blue side and trying to protect yourself from a ganker top, put the shroom near the center of the tri-bush but closer to the river than the actual center (basically you want to protect against a jungler rushing through the tri-bush into the river to try to flank you).

Where to put the mushrooms ?

As mentioned earlier, the mushrooms allow Teemo to mark out the terrain, thus limiting the mobility of the enemy Jungler on the upper part of the map but also the movements of other players of the opposing team around Baron Nashor and the river in general. . But LoL’s Little Devil’s Ultimate is also interesting in the lane phase, so you have to use it well.

First advice, never place your mushrooms in the bushes in the top row because your opponents will never go in that corner facing a Teemo. Conversely, get in the habit of always putting mushrooms in the middle of the minions so that they explode on your opposite.

In addition, it is important to place mushrooms on the path of the minions on your lane, in order to save your turn (in yellow in the toplane) when you return to your base. This will protect your tower while gaining experience and gold from a distance!

Remember to place mushrooms on the passageways to access your lane (the mushrooms in red on our map) in order to protect yourself against potential ganks and roams. In addition, the mushrooms displayed in blue indicate positions allowing you to block exits and entrances to the Jungle: the goal being to dissuade the opposing Jungler from coming towards the Toplane. Finally the mushrooms in white can be more difficult to place depending on your position but are intended to affect the path of the opposite Jungler or even the path of your opposite after a back.

Note that many players like to place mushrooms around Baron Nashor or in the river, in order to prevent their opponents from controlling this part of the map. However, the presence of the scavenger will greatly limit the effectiveness of these traps since it likes to destroy your mushrooms during its round ... Especially since it is an area where players are used to regularly cleaning the vision with beacons. and trinkets.
The interest of the build and the situation
Teemo is a situational pick that should be used only when conditions are favorable: the little devil will be very effective against melee champions with low mobility (Nasus, Illaoi or even Sion) or an auto-based kit. -attack (Darius or Tryndamere) but it will be difficult to punish mobile, tanky or distance opponents at the start of the game.

In the lane phase, her spell kit can be very difficult to counter due to her ability to move, range, and dowry. Able to kite his opponent, Teemo can easily gain the upper hand over a less mobile champion.

In the second part of the encounter, Teemo has a very specific role since thanks to his build and his kit, he has a very good movement speed and an ability to mark out the terrain, allowing him to manipulate waves of minions. , serve as an assassin and divide the opposing team. While he should never win a teamfight on his own, he can create massive confusion in enemy lines via splitpush, especially at low levels where coordination will be limited.

Conversely, Teemo is very fragile and the defensive options will not make him more tanker. Its main defense is its mobility, but against several united opponents, you won't stand a chance.
As you may have noticed from our guide, Teemo is much more complex (and versatile) than you might think. However, the little devil of League of Legends remains a champion quite easy to learn, an interesting choice for a player wanting to progress in the rankings, provided they understand the pick.

Teemo is a very interesting champion to play and really important in a group. He has some really cool skills to keep him alive like his blindness and his movement speed bonus, but, he turns out to be very fragile. You need a good mastery before you can walk around, really have fun. Remember to stay humble, thank your allies, and salute the enemies.

His ability to inflict damage over time makes him an asset in a group and his devastating mushrooms are multi-purpose (small wards, large usable amount, huge damage in area, slows by 50%). He can perfectly kill the opposing Carry AD if he has placed his mushrooms well in order to make them into traps. Teemo must set traps in order to easily kill his victims.

If you like Solotop and ranged attacking with poisons ... Teemo is for you! You will need a lot of concentration in order to play it at its best. It is also a lot of responsibility to play Solotop, a thoughtful GamePlay is therefore required in order to better understand this role.

I hope that this guide will have been useful to new players as well as to those a little more seasoned and veterans of the game. Feel free to leave your comments concerning your way of playing, your equipment, runes, masteries and other things on this subject, I will be happy to discuss it with you !

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