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League of Legends Build Guide Author GodFather

Teemo: Shroom's anyone?

GodFather Last updated on April 9, 2011
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Hello, Summoners!

First off, I want to say thank you for stopping by and reading my comprehensive guide to AP Teemo!

This is my first guide, EVER so please bare with me through all the updates I'll most likely have in this guide of mine. I'm not super creative and would rather lay all the detail in the writing then do some fancy editing work, but it'll get there, it's just last on my list..

Also, don't forget to check my DPS Teemo guide I'll be posting soon!

Everything in this guide is open up for debate -- This is how I personally play AP Teemo and it's how I have the greatest success with him. If you do better some other way, then by all means, use it. This guide works wonders for me and my play style and I'm here to share it with everyone.

Moving on....

This will be a pretty comprehensive guide on how to build Teemo AP style. I'll cover everything from Skill Sequence, Runes, Items, Masteries, and Teemo's unique play strategy as a guerrilla tactician.

Let's get started!!!!!!!

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Pros / Cons

First up -- Let's go over the pro's and con's of Teemo and valuable info you should keep on your mind at all times.


One thing you'll notice about Teemo is most of his Pro's work hand in hand to benefit his defense unlike most champions out there

Here they are

[*] Map Control -- Teemo has some of the best Map Control in the game thanks to his Mushrooms and his Move Quick ability, as well as his passive camouflage.

[*] Speed -- While he has one of the slowest base movement in the game, his Move Quick ability really makes up for it, especially if you know how to use it at the right situations with his abilities -- His move quick will grant you escapes, chase down enemies or get in/out of combat quicker.

[*] Damage Output -- I'll get more into this later, but Teemo can hit like a truck AP style, believe it or not. I know some people will argue that "Well Annie hits harder, so does Anivia bla bla bla" Well guess what, you're right, but no other AP champion has as much map control or utility as he does, and can hit as hard as he does.

[*] Survivability -- Because of his Map control with his mushrooms, a properly placed shroom and a simple Flash + Move quick will 90% of the time guarantee you an escape -- Or at least 2 seconds so you can stealth.

I understand that most people will have to disagree with a couple of those pro's by hard facts about Teemo vs other champions and abilities -- But one thing most players don't understand is that Teemo is more of a tactical, utility, guerrilla type champion.

He is not the champion to sit one on one with you (at least AP anyways) He is one to trap an area of the map with Mushrooms such as Mid Lane -- Lure your opponents successfully and burst them down.

I see SO many Teemo's play like the normal AP/DPS type champs and not this guerrilla, tactical type Teemo really is. I'm not saying it's not viable and doesn't work (it does) But I feel that this play style is what makes Teemo shine vs other Champions

Anyways, moving on to the CON's


[*] Squishy -- He's very Squishy, but that's what his Move Quick and Flash is for. It'll help you escape nearly any situation

[*] Mana -- This build is more focused around a Glass Cannon (full AP) guide and Teemo will have a little mana trouble when it comes to multiple ability use in a short amount of time.

[*] Communication -- I wouldn't really call this a con -- But you're reliant on a pretty decent communicating team. Your mushrooms will do a ton of damage, and having a team not know how to use them = less effectiveness for you. Just some food for thought

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Okay, so now we're getting into the good stuff.

I pick a 9-0-21 build with Teemo since he's more of a utility type champion anyways. Be sure you get the extra Magic Pen and the Flash Cooldown reduction. I've also found that 21-0-9 works as well, but you're not as good on Mana.

If you're super conservative, then grab more in defense -- The mastery tree is really open to you!

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Red's -- Magic Pen
Yellow -- Flat mana regen
Blue -- Flat cool down reduction
Quints -- Flat health

"But.. But... GodFather! Why not Per level instead of Flats!"

Here's why:

I'm a firm believer that your early game is what transitions you to late game, especially with Teemo. You have a strong early game already, and even more so with those runes listed above. Per level runes won't make much of a difference for you late game as much as having flat ones early game will.

If you'd rather use per level, go for it, but again this is my guide on what I do.

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Ah, now we're getting somewhere!

Before the Doran patches -- I used to grab a Dorans ring and 1 health pot. But since the changes, you can't grab a health pot which I feel is vital.

Now -- I start the game with: Boots of Speed and 3x health pots.

This gives me harassing potential & survivability which increases your ability to farm and get early kills and giving you a more dominant lane presence

On my first trip back I'll upgrade to sorc boots and buy a tomb. If I'm fed enough and had plenty of time to lane, I'll just get Mejai's Soulstealer. Following this guide and play style should get you stacks fairly easily -- If you're doing bad and cannot get any stacks, then get rid of it and get something else AP wise, or, defense wise since you're sucking.


On 2nd trip back -- Get a blasting wand or Large rod depending on your amount of money. That is when you're going to be ganking lanes and getting stacks for yourself.

Finish your Rabbadons as early as possible and getting stacks is key. You are a guerrilla champion, you will be ganking.

Build to a Lich Bane and Rylai's and you should be GG from there.

** I'll try to edit this section to make it more thorough later on **

Here's the finished build

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Skill Sequence

1st. Start off with Blinding Dart and take mid (you should always take mid when possible)

2nd skill should be Toxic Shot

3rd Skill should be Blinding dart (again)

4th Skill should be Move quick

From there on, you should level Blinding Dart when possible except for your Ultimate (shrooms) and then level your Poison there on

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Summoner Spells

I like to grab Flash and Ignite -- I ALWAYS grab Flash no matter what as it helps in ganks, escapes, and overall is just a great spell for Teemo

Ignite can be a toss up -- I grab it for the extra damage and synergizes with your poisons. Teleport is also a good spell. Ghost if you really like to get away and chase

Don't get revive....