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Teemo Build Guide by Saccharrin

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Saccharrin

Teemo support :- Shrooms... EVERYWHERE!! D:

Saccharrin Last updated on November 7, 2012
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Hey fellow summoners!!

My name is Saccharrin aka Billy and this is my Teemo Support guide!

Why do I play Teemo support?... because I can :D and he's extremely good if you have an aggressive ADC.

Please note that if you're solo/duo queuing, I wouldn't recommend this champion/build as a support - your ADC will no doubt overextend and get themselves killed and undoubtedly get killed while blaming you... some people just don't understand how squishy Teemo is, so you need to stay back!

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Starting Items

First things first!

The item build I pick out gives me mana regen for Blinding Dart and Sight wards until you get your mushrooms!

Here's a breakdown of the opening items;

Total Price: 180, 3 Mana Regeneration.

Sight Ward x 4: Total Price: 300, Click: Places an invisible ward with 1100 range. Lasts 3 minutes, Max: 5 Stacks.

Total Price: 35, Recipe Price: 35, Click: Restores 100 Mana over 15 seconds.

This setup will use all of your starting cash and should give you enough mana regen plus wards to stay in lane until you can get your Philosopher's Stone. In my opinion, unless near death, you should never go back before you can afford this! As soon as you can afford it you must tell your ADC that you're going back and get it, then straight back into lane with a couple more wards!

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Starting Tactics and Warding

Opening Tactics and warding

No matter what, I always go to the bottom tribush and seek to inform the jungler if the enemy is trying to invade since your passive allows you to be unseen.

Treat the fact that your enemy team is highly skilled and they expect you to be in that tribush. In this case, I always watch out for a Vision Ward to be placed there. This will not only give them First Blood if they catch you but the opportunity to get red and half of your Jungler's creeps!

Moving to the tribush also puts you in the position to ward as the minions reach the middle then go and join your ADC. I usually ward at 2:00 if both champions are missing from bot lane, if they are both in lane, harass a little bit then go to ward.

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Who you're laning against

There's numerous different ADC - Support combinations that work and there's some that faceroll... In this section I will show you how I deal with each combination!

Blitz + Ashe
Graves + Taric
Vayne + Blizcrank
Ashe + Soraka
Corki + Leona
Ezreal + Nunu
Caitlyn + Sona
Varus + Nidalee
Draven + Alistar
Urgot + Janna
Tristana + Lulu
Corki + Taric
Kog'maw + Nunu
Tristana + Taric
Graves + Soraka

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Blitz + Ashe

Early game combos (Level 6)

- Rocket Grab >>> Power Fist >>> Static Field >>> Overdrive

This is a simple grab/knock-up/burst from Blitz, as long as he can get his Rocket Grab, his combo is just a matter of helpless viewing!!

- Enchanted Crystal Arrow >>> Volley >>> Frost Shot

Stun plus lots of damage/Slow plus damage/Slow!!

If they can get this off, it can be devastating because of all the time you're slowed or knocked up. Be careful to stay out of range at all times. Even if you use flash you'll still be slowed by Ashe's Frost Shot.

Who to focus?

If you are the unlucky one to get caught, or even if your ADC gets caught, aim for Ashe and tell your ADC to do the same. If you allow her to stay in range while Blitz attacks you'll die but with some luck the damage you and your ADC do to Ashe, you'll force her to retreat.

Many people panic while being grabbed by Blitz, but with the right focus you can survive and maybe even get a kill.


Ward bottom bush + as many mushrooms as you can spare to help aid in your escape. Tell your ADC to always attack Ashe if they get caught.