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League of Legends Build Guide Author EvilGermanSquirrel

Teemo the annoying little killer

EvilGermanSquirrel Last updated on December 15, 2010
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I have played this build many times and it works! Everyone underestimates Teemo - we all know that his ultimate is one of the worst in the game (unless you know how to use it). This build gets back at those people who think Teemo can't kill you in 5 seconds.
Summoner Spells
The summoner spells I chose are mainly because Teemo's frail. Flash can help pop in and out of battle when needed, and cleanse is good for a clean getaway.

Other summoner spells that are fine are:
Ignite - if you really like it.
Heal - if you can't get enough runes.
Exaust - for the early game (the frozen mallet and blinding dart take care of that in the later game).
Teleport - if you like the spell, though it is hardly needed with teemo speed.

Spells not to get are:
Clairvoyance - what's the point of the spell?
Ghost - Teemo speed makes up for that
Promote - a pretty dumb spell compared to the other ones
Smite - Teemo isn't a jungler, and he can kill minions in 2 hits with this build
Clarity - Teemo doesn't need mana that much
Rally - only good for team fighters like Sivir
Fortify - you don't need the passive and the active is not really needed
Revive - with this build, you shouldn't die!
Mastery Trees
Anyone who plays Teemo should have 21/9/0 or 21/0/9. I'm going a lot for critical strike in this build, so the 21 I chose in offense will help that immensly. I went more for defense than dodge in the defense area, but with all your items by the end of the game you'll have 20% dodge. Not bad for someone going for attack power.
Skill Sequence
At the beginning, Teemo is extremely mana hungry from his blinding dart (and the fact that he has pretty much no mana). I think that leveling up toxic shot is the most important harassing tool of Teemo's, as it uses no mana. I keep blinding dart right behind, but I get one level of teemo speed at level 4, because that's when the enemy will start harassing you, so you'll need to make a clean getaway. Obviously I get noxious trap whenever I can.
Rune Build
As I said before, this build focuses on critical strike. The Marks and Quintessence of Furor help with that. I got flat health for the Seals because Teemo is frail at the beginning. The Glyph of clarity gives Teemo ridiculously high mana regen at level 18 without having to buy an item like chalice of harmony. The Quintessences of intellect give Teemo enough mana for an extra shot of blinding dart, which could be the difference between a kill and your target escaping.
Item Purchases
For the third time, this build is about critical strike. The brawler's gloves help that right away, while the potions help because he's frail and he's mana hungry at the beginning. Next I get the avarice blade. This helps you get more crit chance and money. If you can get your items before your opponents do, you'll destroy them. The berserker's greaves is pretty obvious - Teemo = attack speed. If you are up against a bunch of slow/stun/snare people, though, it's a good idea to get the mercury treads. Wit's end is probably my favorite attack item in the whole game. First, it gives you attack speed. Second, every attack take some of their mana away from them and turn it into damage! This stops casters from using too many spells (it takes away their mana). Executioner's calling gives you more crit chance and lifesteal. Lifesteal goes REALLY well with crit and attack speed. Frozen mallet is an AMAZING weapon for Teemo, making it almost impossible to run away from him and survive. The phantom dancer is more attack speed, more move speed (YES!), more crit chance, and dodge. Overall an amazing item. Youmuu's ghostblade is just finishing off the avarice blade and maxing your attack speed, or you can sell the avarice blade and buy something else.
Early Game
Make sure you be careful early on, as Teemo is pretty frail. Harass your enemies to keep them away from farming minions, while trying to farm as many as you can.

Mid Game
Once you have Wit's End, you can now do way more damage and hurt their mana too. Attack them as much as you can while staying out of range of any possible gankers. You can be a little more confident if you have executioners calling. Speaking of which, it's active is great on healers like Soraka or Taric.

Late Game
This is the time to kill! Place your mushrooms at every jungle entrance on your lane then go get 'em! Just be careful, as you aren't invincible. (You pretty much are 1v1 however.)

So that's my build for Teemo! I hope you like it! Any positive comments are welcome. If you don't like it and can't be nice, don't say anything - just vote. =P

|!^3 German Squirrel