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Teemo Build Guide by Tr3vor97

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tr3vor97

Teemo~The Blinding Killer

Tr3vor97 Last updated on July 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi everyone it's Tr3vor and this is my first guide but I have found it very successful in 3v3. This build is all about hitting fast and getting kills as soon as you possibly can with a lot of damage coming from all over.

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Pros & Cons

-His passive is one of the best
-He can blind and easily kill big OP people such as Xin, Yi, and Tryndamere,
-He's a midget
-His shrooms are like suicidal sight wards
-Passive on W makes a big difference early game
-Cannot be countered by a bunch of MR or Armor

-Really just very squishy early on

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The runes I use are mana regen for your blinding dart and shrooms. Some critical cuz it's always nice to get a kill in a 1v1 with a crit or just randomly because early game criticals help a lot. And the rest is penetration runes depending on my rune set.

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For masteries I do a 21/0/9 so I can get the extra gold, experience, and regen from utilities and the penetration, damage and speed from offensives.

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Passive: Camouflage- Such a cheap way of getting a guy. Hide in brush while they're pushing an inner turret or so. A guy gets hurt runs into brush sees no one is there and tries to recall and then you pop out and get an easy kill.

Blinding Dart- Blinds the target for a decent amount of time and allows you to hit them during that time. Helpful for 1v1ing people like Yi, Jax, and Xin.

Move Quick- Getaway/Chasing ability low cost and allows you to have more speed than your opponent so you can get away or catch them for a kill.

Toxic Shot- Coats your darts in poison which deals bonus damage each attack and causes the target to lose health for the next 4 seconds. Does not stack

Noxious Trap- WOW! This is your main ability for turning a fight around. Say master yi is on your *** you run through brush and hide a shroom really quick he hits it and is slowed, you turn around hit him once or twice then blind him and chase him for a kill. And you took minimal damage. It's also helpful for seeing possible ganks before they happen so you can get out with your life.

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Summoner Spells

I choose flash and ghost because your a squishy and when your getting 3v1ed you better be able to escaped by flashing, ghosting and using your W. They can also be used for chasing people down for a kill.

Other choices are exhaust (extra time to hurt them), Ignite for those people who cant kill even though your poison does the same thing, and rarely will i ever use cleanse unless I'm in draft mode and they have a huge amount of CC.

Other than those I don't touch them when I'm on Teemo

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Early Game

For items I would like to explain why I use both Malady and Nashor's before anything. First off getting malady helps with the extra 20 magic damage each hit. That allows you to put off more damage on creeps and harrass more. The Nashor's gives mana regen attack speed and CD on spells allowing you to get mroe shrooms out there. Back to early game-

Start off with boots of speed and 3 health pots you will need them if you're going for first blood. First thing you want to try and get is your Berserker's Greaves. That extra speed and attack speed is a nice boost escpecially if you scored first blood you can already get a dagger making you close to these already.

Next build up your malady the second you have enough get the malady, GET IT! I can't stress enough how much the extra damage output helps because of it. By now you should be level 7 or so unless you scored some nice kills early on. I prefer to solo giving me less kills though so I normally get malady later on.

Next item in early game is your Nashor's Tooth. This item gives you everything you could possibly want some AP for blinding dart, the 50% attack speed, CD reduction, and finally mana regen so you can use more skills. By now your attack speed is normally around 1.7-1.8 a second which is pretty nice.

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Mid Game

By now you should be feared unless you have really been failing because by now I almost always have 4 kills or more.

Madreds Bloodrazor is your way of taking down everybody very quickly. By now if you have this item you have your normal attack, your poison beginning, your poison from every second, malady, and madred's hitting all in 1 attack. YOU ARE A THREAT! You now push up and just keep pushing. Normally once I get to a Madred's I'm considered fed by the other team and the will surrender making me :(

Phage is an item I can get really quickly after Madred's and it jsut gives damage, much needed health, and the passive of slowing them.

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Late Game

If the other team is still playing you have got to be crushing them since you now slow them and deal so much damage so fast.

Frozen Mallet- Now you are guaranteed to slow them you get more health and more damage. This item is your finale. You can chase people down and kill them in a matter of seconds. If they turn and fight just blind them and then there dead.

Warmog's Armor- This is now just screwing the other team seeing as you now have over 3,000 health and deal way too much damage. The constant addition to your health and regen is nice as well.

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Really Teemo is just underused and not many people play him right I think. This build has always worked for me since I tried it one day and I've used it since. Saying it now sorry it was my first guide not a big fancy thing like the better ones but it tells you what to use and a little on how to use it. Cya in game

Tr3vor ~ aka "A Certain Person"