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League of Legends Build Guide Author c4rl1x1

Teemo: the fast killer

c4rl1x1 Last updated on August 16, 2010
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Hi, first of all teemo is one of the best mid players, so always try to pick mid becouse it will make you leveling faster and the fact that you are always 1 v 1 instead of 2 enemies is in your favour.

Summoners Spells(what you may choose):

Flash: This is a great spell, I love it and it is always helpful for either finishing an enemy champion, start a gank or escape from a hard situation.

Exhaust: This great spell I think is the most important in your build becouse you reduce the enemy's armor, slows him down and it makes him fail all his normal attacks.
Ignite: Amazing spell, always useful to increase your dps and/or finish a low hp champion.

Ghost: playing as teemo I don't see it usefull becouse you have something similar in your own spells, if you like it it can save your *** a couple of times per game.

Cleanse: It is always useful vs sunner and slower players so they dont kill you so easily.

Item Build:

Vampire Scepter: I always start with a vampire sceter, that life steal % is awesome in the beggining, in late game it helps a lot.

Beserker's Greaves: I pick this boots becouse you get a good buff of attack speed. Why don't I pick boots of movility or boots of swiftness? Becouse you have an amazing spell that gives you a movement speed bonus and the phantom dancers helps a lot.

Malady: I personally love malady, I think it is very necessary. Some others choose to pick Stark's, its not a bad option but certainly malady gives you more attack speed and causes more dmg.

The Black Cleaver: The armor reduction is all about this weapon, all the characters have some armor that can be reduced to hit even more. Also it is very effective vs tanks. I pick this one before Phantom Dancers becouse you need some dmg before picking more attack speed and crit chance.

Phantom Dancers: amazing item that has "made for teemo" written on it, the crit chance + movement speed and attack speed... its amazing.

Infinity Edge: The king of items, this item provides you (combined with the phantom dancers) the power to kill in matter of seconds. Crits + dmg... when you get this you are done(normally you finish the game earlier)

Frozen Mallet: The 100% chance of movement speed reduction is all I have to say about it, I choose this as the last item that you can upgrade after you buy Phage.

Early Game: Try to go mid, if not its ok. Playing with teemo has the advantage that when you hit your poison does more dmg over a copuple of seconds, so start deffensive but if you can an enemy champion do it and fall back. Like pushing and pulling, so you are weakening them. When they get low hp you can definetely finish them quickly. Once you reach lvl 6 start placing the mushrooms everywhere becouse you never know when someone will fall in them and die :).

Mid Game: You should have your black cleaver (at least the B.F Sword), and you are ready for ganks, so use your Move Quick spell to strike some low hp champions from behind (do never leave mid alone for too long or you will loose your tower).

Late game: they should be saying something like "omg that teemo..." becouse you are pwning everyone. Stay in group with some other champion and keep pushing the last towers, easy win ^^.

Thanks for reading and sorry about my grammar/spelling mistakes. Im open for improvements.