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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zheir

Teemo- The Reaper

Zheir Last updated on February 23, 2011
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Hey guys, here with my second build ever, so sorry if it is not the fanciest thing in the world, I am not too good at this stuff :D

This is my personal teemo build and I absolutely love it. The attack speed and crit chance are very very high, and the lifesteal at 50% along with your damage, means you are hitting 800 each hit, and healing half that! With a combination of teemos blind skill, you are virtually unstopable.

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Skill Sequence

I always get my poison up first, because early game is not too good for teemo, and the poison really helps get those early game kills. Blind shot is next, and I always go with a lvl in quick move at lvl 4, just to help catch up to those champions who are running away.

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For runes I prefer crit chance and attack speed. The extra 12% crit chance really helps you maximize it to almost 90% late game. Basically you are criting with every shot. The attack speed is great too, faster attacks, means more hits, more hits means more crits, and more crits means more kills for you :)

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Summoner Spells

Ignite works wonders early game, and help you get that last bit of damage on your oponent. It is great stacking damage on your poison from toxic shot.

I also go with cleanse because with quick move, you are fast, no need for ghost, and CC's really do a number on teemo.

Spells I would stay away from. Revive- I dont know why people use this, There are way better spells out there.

Heal- You will be getting so ouch health from your lifesteal items, so there is no need to use this spell. Plus early game you will have bought a health potion, so you will be able to lane longer.

Fortify- Enough said..... Ew.

Smite- No need, you will not be jungling.

Cleanse- You dont really need this, because the only skill you truly spam, is your ult, and you can only use it once every 30 seconds, so that gives you plenty of time to gain your mana back up.

Clervoyance- No need, you have mushrooms :)

Other spells to consider- Teleport. If you feel confident enough to not need cleanse, Teleport can help you travel across the map fast, help your teamates out and could save a tower, just by you using it.

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Early Game
Teemo can do some nice damage to champions at lvl 1. With toxic shot and ignite, it is almost certain you can draw first blood. Stay in your lane and always last hit minions. I tend to lane instead of going mid, thats just a personal preference, but you can go mid if you choose. By lvl 6 start spamming you mushrooms around, and put them in the grass by the junlge so you can always make sure no one will gank you.

Mid Game
you should have your BF sword by this time, and your zeal. This is when you start doing some nice damage. Help your team out by ganking, as you run fairly fast, and set up mushrooms around the forest. Often times you can use these as an escape route from ganks, as it slows down enemies. When you get your phantom dancer, you start moving very fast, and you should have a few more lvls in quick move. Killing champions becomes easy. Dont forget to Blind shot them in a fight, you you will always come out on top.
(If you are getting hurt often and find it hard to lane, get vampiric scepter early, to keep your health up.)

Late Game
When you get your Bloodthirster, you will gain health in a fight. When you find yourself getting hurt, pop your blind shot and watch your health fill up:D and the enemies shrink. It is amazing what you can do with a little lifesteal and massive damage. Teemo also makes a great back door maniac. If you fear you will be ganked, just activate your quick run and follow your trail of mushrooms, no one can stop you.

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Why Did I chooose these items?

Phantom Dancer- You gain an insane amount of attack speed and critivcal strike. This is where your main crit chance comes from, and the movement speed is a nice bonus, along with your quick move, enemies will be hard chanced to get away.

Infinity Edge- This item is a must, not only does it give a ton of damage, but gives you a boost in crit chance, and also the 250% Crit damage is what really makes you hit hard. And you will be hitting hard, a lot.

The Bloodthirster- These items are beasts, they give you lifesteal and massive damage, so you will be healing a ton and hitting a ton. The reason why I go with 2 is beacause I want to have a decent amount of life steal, and the damage is insane, compared to the other life steal items.

Madred's BloodRazor- This item is great. Every hit you're taking away 4% of your enemies health, and with the speed bonus you have from your items, you are taking away at their health very fast. The attack speed and damage bonus are nice on this item too.

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Pros / Cons

Great pusher.
Massive crits.
Fast, easy to get away from ganks.
Great ganker.
Good at farming minions.
High Attack speed and Damage

Weakness to CCs
Enemies may stack armor.

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Using this item build will ensure victory, just remember ignite and toxic shot, easy first blood. Help teemates out if they need it, back door when you can :D I know people hate it but it works. Spam those mushrooms and make an escape rout just incase.
My apologies to all, this build is not super detailed, and may have errors, so comments and helpful tips would be appreciated. I am not computer savvy, I really dont know how to add images(Beleive it or not)

If you have any helpful advice, I am more than happy to hear it, and maybe I can add some images and screen shots later, and make it more detailed. Thanks for checking it out.