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Teemo Build Guide by Arjana

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Arjana

Teemo the ultimate top laner

Arjana Last updated on November 17, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Explaination of runes/masteries


I use those runes for teemo top for a reason.
becouse you do magic and ad dmg at the same time arp/mpen runes in marks are really awesome to boost your dmg. The armour pen in the marks will benefit your auto attacks in the early game a greath deal so that you can harras really good. The magic pen will increse the dammage of your on hit effect items. this has something to do with my item choise aswell but i will come to that later. I simply use armour seals to make teemo that is a bit squishy himselve a bit more tanky and make him better at trades becouse of his awesome abillities. The magicresist per lvl glyps are becouse in game the amount of magic resist u get from them are worth alot of gold so you safe yourselve some gold with this. My quintessences will get alot of comment becouse why get ad quints when your build is based on small dmg amounts that are mostly magic dmg. This is becouse in the early lane phase you might find it difficult to lasthit with teemo these ad quints will make sure that u will miss almost no lasthits.


I choose to go the brute force mastery for the same reason i chose my quints for easier lasthitting. Then the armp% and magic% pen are just to give your dmg an extra ege. same for the 1,5% dmg increse. The reason i don't go for lifesteal is that the amount of AD that u have will bearly refund life to you so I think it's not worth it
then the defence tree i just like to get a little bit more HP on teemo becouse he is just a squishy little guy.

Alot of people will disagree with me but this is fine, i think alot of people really like the movementspeed masteries/runes overall and especially on teemo but i think teemo does not need this in my opinion becouse of his W abbility

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Summoner spells/Build

I generally like to reccomend flash as a summoner spell becouse of the nice escape that it offers, since you already have ur own kind of ghost you will not need that spell here.
And then ignite. Does it even need explaination? Just autoattack and ignite at the same time and your dmg wil get a huge boost since the mastery that u took your attack dmg will get a 5 ad boost and your abbilties will get a little ege aswell becouse of the abillity power becouse all ur skills exept for w will scale on abillity power.


Well guys i will have to say that even I think this build is a bit strange but when i started using it i really started to like what i saw and what i accualy came up with myselve.

The early boots are just required for any toplane in general but are really good on teemo becouse he is THE BOSS in top lane.
Malady: alot of people might wonder why get a malady so early well i will explain. The passive from malady will reduce the magic resist of the target incresing it's own dmg and the dmg from your on hit poision E effect. This means that your dmg gets another huge boost. Then you have your dmg now is when the fun part starts. Once you have your phage you can start rolling like a boss with your phage procs becouse the slow will give u the chance to autoattack an enemy top laner twice and just go back farming running has no effect then anymore. Just inmagine what happends if you get your frozen mallet. You just walk into lane hit the enemy and they run to their tower really slow and they will be like 30% hp left becouse of your awesome dmg and slow. this is where the other on hit effect items kick in. I usually like to get ionic spark before wits end but this is all pesonal flavor or optional(FE enemy mid is fed) But becouse you have your malady already and it still reduces magic resist from enemies your other onhit effct items will gain a little dmg boost aswell. And genarally on hit effect items scale really good with eachother becouse the all add some attackspeed and each attackspeed item will make sure that the on hit effect will happen more times in the same amount of time meaning that u can simply autoattack and do all sorts of dmg all really small but really awesome together.

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Teemo has an fantastic lane phase. The early lane phase he has to just farm an harrass. Teemo is the best harrasser in game becouse his poison effect just hit once and walk away to reset minion aggro. this will be your main tool on teemo you should start doing this from up to lvl 3-4 but remember Teemo is not a tank teemo is not a bruiser YET you need your items to be an amazing dude. so you have to be carefull and never think : I have more HP or a higher dmg Never do that. never fight enemy top laners before atleast 6. Becouse most top laners are melee, from up to that point they will have to come in melee range with u. And u want that becouse as soon as they get in range of you and you already landed some auto attacks they will have lost some hp already. Simply place a schroom on the place where u are standing right now and keep on fighting. They will barely do any dmg to you becouse as soon as they get in melee range u hit your Q and they just can't auto attack u. By the time they can auto attack u they are close to death already becouse at the second your mushroom does dmg and u popped your ignite they will die becouse of the poision effects and the ignite effect. They simply can't fight u at all.

But as i said above teemo is not such an fantastic champion without atleast 1 on hit effect item In teemo's case malady is the best. but you will have to get it first and this means you have to just last hit everything which teemo is really good at becouse of the dmg bonus from his E. like i said you will fight enemy top laners at lvl 6. so this means you have to go back to shop at lvl 6 an get ur malady(Don't worry if you don't have enough farm by then becouse teemo is a really easy farmer and you will ge the trick done at lvl 7 aswell) and fight the enemy becouse you went back to shop and waited some time you will have about 2 mushrooms ready. Place one in lane to a place wherever u like. I like to place them or in the brush below to prefent jungle ganks. or in the brush at the top of the lane to prefent them from running. And yes I said place ONE! this is really important becouse you as a teemo like i said will always fight with atleast one mushroom. there lays your power a second one will not matter at all becouse the posion effect will last for a few seconds and do the same amount of dmg per second. By the time the first mushroom will time out the enemy should be dead already so that's why you only have to keep one active at all time.

In teemofights you will be a main factor becouse of first of all your ULTIMATE ABILLIT, your mushrooms. they give vision which is a really important factor in league of legends. But not only the vision part of these mushrooms are greath the slow and the dmg are really nice effects aswell if the enemy team tries to engage or run away. You as a teemo will try to blind the enemy AD carry with ur Q but remember never walk to them blindly. You have to just autoattack whoever is closest to you becouse your dmg is so split in AD/magic dmg everyone will get huge amounts of dmg. And you will just win the teamfights instantly

This will be the ending of this guide for now and I'd like to add something aswell

Please do not start raging at me becouse somethimes my grammar messes up
Please do not say this is a ****ty build untill you acually played teemo top with this build and follow the rules i told you.