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Teemo Build Guide by RedneckRodeo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RedneckRodeo

Teemo Top Destruction

RedneckRodeo Last updated on July 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello all. I am RedneckRodeo and this is my teemo guide. I have played teemo for a while now and I believe that teemo has many ways to be played but this way I have had the most success. AP teemo can be played and can do a lot of damage with shrooms but that is all. Anyways we will get right into the actual guide. I will keep it short and sweet.

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Mindset/Team Role

When playing teemo you do not need to think that you can just tear down your opponent. Don't get me wrong, with your toxic shot harrassment is easier but you still have to be aware of what is actually happen. Know that your job as teemo is to control top lane in a way that the enemy jungler will waste time ganking you. You might ask why do this? Well you are not a carry, you are a bruiser that irritates, and can give your carries some extra time to farm and not worry about the jungler. Once again, be smart and be aware of the map and what is going on.

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Starting Items

I normally start boots and 3 health potions. You can also start cloth armor and 5 health potions if you know that you will be up against a heavy ad bruiser. Going this route will leave you vulnerable to ganks if you decide to push lane. The opposite, you can start with a null-magic mantle and some health potions. Like I said starting items are situational but I NEVER start with any doran's items. I believe that they are a waste to essential items you will need later on in the game.

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Early Game

During early game you should focus on harassing and farming as much as possible. Usually my first items include cloth armor, phage, and/or recurve bow. Normally I try to get a frozen mallet first. This will give you some damage and a lot of survivability. Of course getting multiple items so by mid game you can get a few full items is viable too. Like I said, item builds are situational and should not be prioritzed to a specific order.

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Mid Game

By mid game, you should have atleast 2 full items. I normally have frozen mallet and wits end/madreds bloodrazor. If you are winning lane I would go for the damage items first, and visa versa if you are loosing lane then you should go defensive items. You should also be pushing top lane hard or helping out mid lane if you feel unsafe pushing far in lane. If you decide to push lane hard, you should have a couple of points in your W ability for easier escape.

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Late Game

By late game you should be bruising the enemy constantly. You should have enough health and defensive stats to be on the front line when facing your opponent. Be smart but effective with your role in the team.

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Shroom Placement

Since not going with any AP items your shrooms will act like a ward with slow. I normally pile a lot of shrooms top lane, I MEAN A LOT! This will give you security to push the lane hard, and still have enough time to escape ganks. When it comes to where to place them on the entire maps, the obvious brushes and then in random spots. You will be suprised when you get a kill from putting a random shroom down where the enemy doesn't expect it. They expect them to be in the brushes. If the enemy team gets oracles then shroom placement will have to go in brushes and just pray they do not see it in time to take it out. You can also throw down shrooms right in front of your escape route to give you a few extra seconds.

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Overall I believe people underestimate the power team has to a team. If played right teemo can be carrying the rest of the team, which is what I see most of the time. Be smart and aggressive when you know you can easily win the lane. Be on the go and help out your team by placing shrooms for them so they can have an advantage. This way to play teemo I believe is the best overall way to play teemo to be an asset to your team and also hold your own on the map. Thanks and please comment and enjoy.