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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wkimhi

Teemo- Ultimate DPS

Wkimhi Last updated on May 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, this is just a build that shows the way that i play Teemo. I try to build fast attack speed and armor pentration.

As far as yordles are concerned, there is something slightly wrong with Teemo. While he enjoys - and in fact needs - the level of community and companionship inherent to all yordles, Teemo feels it so strongly that he ventures out on his own to destroy the enemies of Bandle City. There is something that switches off in Teemo, so that the lives he ends do not burden him. It seemed only logical to send him to fight in the League of Legends as the champion of Bandle City. He has taken to the League like a duck to water, seeking out the foes of the yordles and extinguishing them with the rare ajunta poison he personally gathers from the jungles of ***ungu. However, the limited company of his own kind wears on Teemo, and cracks are beginning to show in his innocent and chipper.

''Though he is known as the Swift Scout, it is clear that Teemo is actually something else - the unrepentant assassin of Bandle City.''

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Skill Sequence

Champion Abilities

Camouflage. If Teemo stands still and takes no action for 2 seconds, he becomes stealthed. After leaving stealth, Teemo gains the Element of Surprise, increasing his attack speed by 40% for 3 seconds.

I really enjoy playing teemo, with his passive. Especially when im Soloing mid. The thing you should do, is buying boots, rush to the mid, get as close as you can, to the enemy tower, just out of range for it to shoot you. And then, when you're stealted and the enemy solo champion is going mid, you should surprise him, by giving him a stealthed shot. Which will increase your attack speed by 40% for 3 seconds, just enough time to take him down :)

Blinding Dart. Obscures an enemy's vision with a powerful venom, dealing damage to the target unit and causing all attacks to miss for the duration. Deals 80-260 (+0.8 per ability power) magic damage and causes the target to miss all of their attacks for 1.5-3.5 seconds.

I really like Blinding Dart, the target will be unable to hit you, for 2 seconds, how cool is that? combined with Exhaust for even better results. Popping Blinding Dart, and then Exhaust right after, will be you best shot, at those hardcore melee Champions, probaly the best combo against them, thats one of the reasons that i took Exhaust as my Summoner Spell.

Move Quick. Teemo scampers around, increasing his movement speed until he is struck by an enemy champion or turret. Toggle: Teemo's movement speed is increased by 15-35% until he is struck by an enemy champion or turret.

This is a very decent abillity, running faster is always nice. However, this is not your no. 1 streaming priority, but it is nice, to get back to your lane fast, if you wanna purchase new items, or if you die But yet not the most important thing in the world.

Toxic Shot. Each of Teemo's attacks will poison the target, dealing damage each second for 4 seconds. Teemo's basic attacks poison their target, dealing 8-35 (+0.14 per ability power) magical damage upon impact and again each second for 4 seconds.

Toxic Shot is a very nice passive ability. Its dealing posion damage over time, which is really good. If you are about to kill an enemy, and he flee with very low HP, the Toxic shot might take care of the rest ;) and the Damage will increase if your building Ability Power.

Noxious Trap. Teemo places a explosive poisonous trap. If an enemy steps on the trap it will release a poisonous cloud, slowing enemies and damaging them over time. Uses a stored mushroom to place a trap which detonates if an enemy steps on it, spreading poison to nearby enemies which slows movement speed by 30/40/50% and deals 250/475/700 (+1 per ability power) magic damage over 4 seconds. Traps last 10 minutes. Teemo forages for a mushroom every 30/26/22 seconds, but he is only big enough to carry 3 at once.

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Pros / Cons

-Fast, attack speed and movement speed.
-With teemo's blind shot it automatically blinds the enemy champion for 3 secs disables autoattack carries like Ashe.
-Extremely strong laner
-Amazing map control; If you use Teemo's shrooms correctly you will be able to know what the enemy is doing most of the time.

-Teemo's advantages get lowered a bit when the team is smart enough to get oracles or vision wards.
-Relatively short range

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In this build it mainly focuses on attack speed and lowering the enemie's defense. Malady's passive which allows you to "shred" the enemie's defense will be very useful. This item is also very good because it gives some AP which will give some extra damage with Toxic Shot. Frozen Mallet is also a very necessary item because;
1)Teemo is very squishy in beginning of game.
2)Teemo has to slow his opponenets so they cant escape and he can attack them during this time.
Black Cleaver is also very good because it gives you attack damage and attack speed. It passive to also shred the enemies' defense will help even more with the Malady's passive.

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While using Teemo make sure to use the most of your Toxic Shot attempt to hit every minion with your toxic shot so they will lose hp and then you can just attack minions that have low hp. If you continue to farm like this then you will get money fast.

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Unique Skills

Unlike all the other Teemo builds which specialize in Teemo going AP (Wtf?) This build will help you to dominate tanks and help you to kill enemies.

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In order to be a successful Teemo and any champion for that fact. You must be able to improvise your item build according to what the enemies are building. For instance, if the entire enemy team is all mages/ sorcerers. Then your not going to continue building the same build. You will want to try to get some magic resist. For Teemo or any champion i play i usually try to get the "Banshee's Veil" right after i get "Malady". This buy is a really good one especially if the opponenet team has someone with a Snar(Stuns). "Banshee's Veil" will automatically cancel one stun every 45 seconds!

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Placing shrooms,

]When you are laning make sure to place shrooms in all the bushes to make sure you dont get ganked especially in the mid lane. Place shrooms near baron and dragon for ganking opppurtunities.

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Comments/ Vote Please

This is my first build so tips/comments would be greatly appreciated