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Teemo Build Guide by 1337ReDeFiNeD

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League of Legends Build Guide Author 1337ReDeFiNeD

Teemo's UN-stoppable SPLIT push (incomplete)

1337ReDeFiNeD Last updated on November 5, 2013
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Teemo's UN-Stoppable SPLIT pus

Teemo Build

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The Goal

The goal of this build is to be able to wipe a mob of creeps and move to another lane and repeat this process as quickly as possible, but lets not forget your level's limitations. You'll stick to your lane (top or mid) until you get your Runaan's at the very earliest, which usually doesn't happen until level 7 or 8. the longer you wait, the more successful your split push will be, seeing as your items will effect your efficiency and speed at pushing creep mobs.

The Skills

Flash - Goin' Goin' Gone. We all use this skill for one main reason, to get away. You'll need this when you find yourself in a pinch.

Teleport - the 'HOW?!' skill. When it comes to split pushing this is most definitely the most luxurious skill to have. most people will traditionally use ignite but trust me when i say teleport>ignite ESPECIALLY for this build. Push your lane, find a bush, and teleport to the next one to surprise them with a push where they don't expect it. need I say more? This spell also comes in handy when you need to go back for mana or for purchase, you can teleport right back to where you left off and leave your enemy with little or no advantage over your absence.

Blinding Dart - Your first choice. You'll put your first skill point into this skill because the only thing you can effectively do with teemo at level one, is poke. Your blinding dart will give you the strongest poke possible. while your poke and/or strongest hit with teemo is going to be your blinding dart with this build, keep in mind that you aren't focusing a strong hit with this build until late game, your main focus however, is going to be very fast and very efficient attacks. every time teemo shoots an arrow, is an attack, so this kills an entire attack, whether it takes 1 second, or .25 seconds, youve got to keep in mind that with runaan's you theoretically triple your attack rate meaning every attack is 3 arrows. so using this skill will eliminate 2 arrows from hitting enemies or minions. So place skill points into this skill only so that you can effectively poke your lanes opposing champion. This skill will also silent and poison the opposing target. silence is an important aspect for teemo when considering that it may just save your life by preventing the enemy from hitting you. the poison from this skill speaks for itself, strong, though not as strong as your mushroom, may just land you a kill.

Move Quick - A GOOD skill to have ready. Though you won't need this skill early in game since youll be in lane, It does however, come in handy in case of ganks. The main use for this skill is going to be for outrunning enemies who are trying desperately to kill you. your focus with this build is to whipe out minion waves as fast as possible, the fastes ive killed a creep wave is 1.6 seconds, at end game build status with move quick enabled, my attack speed made it to .25, which is 4 attacks per second, with runaan's giving me 3 arrows shot per attack, i was able to, in theory, get 12 attacks in a single second. this skill is a must have when split pushing now let me explain a possible situation. im split pushing the inner tower on top lane, attacking the tower, a creep wave shows, and right behind it is an enemy who im not sure i can kill yet. ill back up and poke as normal, avoiding a tower hitting me. one of my shrooms, placed in the river shows a gank comming EXTREMELY close, even close enough that i might die. the shroom hits the ganker and slows them, but still too close and they may just slow or stun me, but if this happens than the main laner if going to do the same if possible, and here i have 2 champions on top of me. say the shroom hits the ganker and the laner starts approaching as im running, i kick on my move quick and BARELY slip past the ganker, this skill just saved my life. but it gets better! now i KNOW that there's 2 enemies at my top lane, and im running extremely fast from my move quick. what im going to do is swing to the mid lane and help them out with a gank, not only did i survive an attack, i also just gained a kill, and it was all at no loss to the team, all because of this skill. IMPORTANT to reach your end-game goal.

Toxic Shot - A.K.A. the 'wave-runner'. I like to say that this is by far the most important part of teemo's character in general. In combination with my Runaan's, Im not only shooting 3 arrows per attack, but they are poisonous arrows that not only do extra damage on hit, but also damage over time. in theory, because of this skill in combination with runaans, ive just quadrupled my damage per second, ATLEAST. I place a skill point into this skill second because it helps to save mana, instead of using my blinding dart on minions or using just simple attacks on minions, i can poison the minions, which will double or triple my damage per second depending on how i use it. I've personally noticed the most efficient way to use this skill before you purchase a runaan's, is to attack targets. yes targetS, plural, what i like to do is use 1 arrow per minion, ensuring that my poison over time isnt being wasted, this will most efficiently spread ALL of the possible damage from my attacks. once runaan's is purchase this tactic isnt needed because you'll be attacking 3 minions at once, you could however switch 3 arrows on the melee and 3 arrows on the caster minions back and forth but in combination with attack speed its usually not much more efficient than just killing off 3 at a time. did i forget to mention, this skill is going to help immensely? without this skill, your teemo is nothing, no matter what items you put on it.

Noxious Trap - A.K.A. 'shrooms'. Notice i will NOT max this skill as soon as possible, now let me explain why. I use my shrooms as a tool to get away from chasing champions and to keep minion waves at bay and attacking at slower rates by placing them in the most common path's (usually the middle of the lanes). I do this because when I am attacking a lane, I need to keep in mind the dangers of being in that lane, a gank could come at any time. I place my shrooms in the lane progressively as i push, dead center, sure to be run over by minions. The reason i do this is for example, im attacking a tower, ive placed shrooms in the paths and centers of the lanes to cover my back, an enemy is approaching me by the tower and so i start running back towards my base, not only that but a ganker is comming out of the jungle, the ganker hits the shroom on the pathway and i no longer need to worry about him. but wait, the laner is still hot on my tale, now with strategically placed shrooms in the middle of the lane, im in theory just dragging him over my shrooms to slow him down so i get away. yet again ive escaped a near death grasp from 2 enemies, i kick on my move quick skill, skip over to a different lane and help with a gank or help to push that lane. meanwhile, every shrooms that comes from cool down is being strategically placed either as a ward replacement in the rivers or bushes or in mid lane to slow minion progress and ensure my getaway for the next lane.

Now, I've explained the uses of the skills as I use them. I've used these skills as explained in 1000+ games with teemo so far, and ill continue to use them. Why not use teemo as he is intended with ability power using my resources? Good question and I've got a good answer for you. Every game I play with my teemo build is a game success, whether its 35 kills and 3 deaths or 0 kills 3 deaths 45 assists or even 0 kills 5 deaths 12 assists and 450 minions(YES i said 450 minions) the way i look at it, in all of these scenarios, i was an extremely crucial part of the game. my favorite part about this build is, as players see me play unconventionally and seemingly random, i get tons of people who hate me, but i get more people more and more often who admit to me carrying the team with my split pushes.

The Items

1. Runaan's Hurricane ALWAYS purchase this item first with teemo, start with your daggers, and move on to recurve bow to eventually build your Runaan's. I like to buy this first because teemo's general stats are usually ok until about level 8-9 and the atk speed helps when it comes to low levels in combo with your e as a passive it gives you the most efficient amount of damage per second when attacking.

2. Berserker's Greaves I always purchase my boots second, following suit for attack speed because at end game level i want to attack fast and move on to the next creep wave/lane. I buy this second, because Runaan's is required to make a noticeable passive play when playing a split-push attack speed based teemo. I usually purchase these between levels 7 and 9 after ive completed my runaan's.

3. Zephyr This will be my third purchase. At this point you should be around levels 12-14. I purchase this item third to add a little more bite to my auto-attacks. when put into combination with the runaan's, this item will not only make your triple shot auto-attacks stronger and more efficient at clearing creep waves, it will also give you cool down for your mushrooms and movement speed for your split push. Also helps with stuns and etc. which comes in handy VERY much late game.

4. Staatikk Shiv This is my fourth purchase by default. This item is CRITICAL to the build, especially late game. If you notice, it gives you an outrageous amount of attack speed for its price in gold coins. not only that but this item GREATLY increases your critical rate and movement speed. When it comes to the passive bonus from this item, I can not find a better passive bonus for my attack speed based teemo and I've been trying for 1000+ games. This bonus helps with your occasional team fights, even though this teemo build isn't focused for team fights, you'll notice after playing that you will end up being one of the highest damage champions in games you play with this build, and this item is crucial to that point. you wont want to buy this item before your runaans, boots, or zephyr because this items main focus is bringing critical strikes into play and the off-chance that you're required to fight enemy champions to prevent towers or inhibitors from being destroyed.

5. Blade of the Ruined King Purchase number five. Blade of the Ruined King. Though many are mistaken with the items I've chosen, I've brought success with this build on hundreds of occassions. Blade of the Ruined King, while un-traditional, especially for teemo, proves to be the most crucial item of this build when the game comes to an hour or more, and all players are 18. at this point, teemo's damage is respectable to the point, that if played with an ounce of skill, will beat nearly any champion in the game. With blade of the ruined king, you are ensuring a champion-over-champion victory with it's wicked combination of attack damage, speed, and life steal. Add into the glories of this weapon, its wonderous bonuses such as a passive dealing bonus damage, and an active that will get you out of your emergency tight spots, you've officially become a CRUCIAL part of the team, with one of the most squishy champions in the entire game. Blade of the Ruined King can also be referred to as 'sexy on a stick'.

6. Nashor's Tooth or The Bloodthirster The final purchase. At this point in the game you'll be level 17 or 18. You've come to a decision, are you going to go traditional like every other player on league or are you going to be the champion eating legend that every other player wants to be. Nashor's will offer everything this build stands for except for your much needed lifesteal to face champion battles. And in place of lifesteal, you get ability power. at this point in the game, 60 ability power isnt going to do you a whole lot of favors, but we all know, every little bit counts. Then there's the bloodthirster, my personal favorite. Other champions have never ran from teemo so commonly as when the build is finished with a bloodthirster. with 70 attack damage, youve got the goods. Tack on top of that a massive 12 life steal and youve got full health from 1 to however much in about 4 seconds worth of attacking either minions or champions. go ahead, do the math, then add the passive giving you 1 attack damage per kill, and .2% lifesteal, meaning after your first 5 kills with this weapon youll have a noticable amount more atk dmg and lifesteal, and youve got yourself a finishing build, or as i call, the fatalaty. While both items are fine choices everyone should keep in mind the vast differences between the two. ability power is going to make your mushrooms hit a pinch harder, but remember your build is focused on attack speed, meaning most of your damage is going to be attack damage, so getting that aspect higher might just save you the game. choose the blood thirster and run through champions as easily as youve run through minions the whole game using this build.

I've Gone through and given explenation to what i would guess is the next-age tactic of teemo use. I've left holes here and there about the game play tactics that i use in general, such as distractions, back doors, sneaks, and ganks, but if you're a daily player, trying this build, than you should be able to figure it out after a game or two as teemo. I'll be sure to update this post soon, to go more in depth to the play of teemo and success in its wake. thank-you for reading my post and i hope it helps.

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