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Team Guide by Don

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Don

*Test* Full Team Build.

Don Last updated on November 15, 2010
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Team 1

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Utility: 9

Okay, this is a test build and I will change the description later depending on later results. If someone would please test this out and tell me a result of 3 games I would very much appreciate it.

The group make up shown includes the Following
Speed and Attack Speed increase
One Fear
One Slowing Effect
One Single Target Stun
One Multi Target Stun
Three Characters with a Strong AoE attack
One AoE Silence

Malphite & Sion
Malphite: Extremely Under-used Character, also an underestimated character. Malphites strongest attack includes his armor into the damage, With enough armor the burst damage Malphite does to single target is amazing for a tank build. Slowing His target and being able to charge knocking his target"s" into the air makes it easy for Malphite to solo targets. In addition, Malphites armor plus his Granite Shield makes him an amazing tank for group battles. Weather it be to Charge in to make an assist to kill, or to Save an ally about to be killed.

Sion: Has a good moderate amount of armor and Magic resist, making him ideal for being the second one to run into a mass fight in any of the lanes. Death's Caress is great for these fights and being near Sion with this setting off is a little bit or a scare starter. Sions can solo with a full set built, about 2-3 players depending on what they have and what their skills are. Sion is very much so able to handle himself in tough situations, Feel no Pain takes that into account.

This Character is ideal for middle lane, In my Experience with Sivir the only character he has not been able to counter well is Mordekeiser. But besides that, Sivir Can Harass without even hitting the target you going for. With this build, early game shouldn't be a problem. You might even laugh at how often you just might see other players of the opposing team switch out the lane because of how hard you push from the start. Sivir would be possibly the Key to the teams kills, Increasing attack speed and Movement causes your team to more frequently get an Ace. With that said a piece of advice, When Using On The Hunt Be as close as possible to all of your team-mates in a group battle. Starting a fight with any character Use Boomerang Blade to get the advantage over their health, Unless you know you don't need to have that starting advantage use it when you expect them to begin running away.

Fiddlesticks is Great in which ever lane he is put in, He can hold his own but only for so long this is where Your allies need to stay a little more than Confident. Fiddlesticks' Health is very mis-understood, especially early game. He can turn around a harassment faster than any other character whilst doing damage and healing himself. Once Fiddlesticks gains Crowstorm, This is when you become basically the hidden blade on a G-String. You will use the brush more often than any other character should, Try to plan Crowstorm when your allies need help and there are more than one target, Or you just feel like getting in there to cause a little bit of a **** storm for the opposing team, hell get in there and mop up. Also use Darkwind right when starting a fight in a group fight, Silencing targets and dealing damage over and over get be very irritating and can cause a good Ace if played right. "Tip" Fear the closest target in Crowstorm then Drain Life. for the ultimate effect.

Early game you arent going to be all that Effective, expect a carry needed. Veigar can save his own *** but Veigar is one of the most squishiest Characters i have ever seen. But one hell of a nuke. It is going to be hard for whichever person plays Veigar, I personally think he takes the most skill and timing. This is just a quick skill order to attack in, and it will make just about any character run outa there or even kill them. Event Horizon, Dark Matter, Baleful Strike, Primordial Burst. Those should all be cast within two seconds.... in that order on one single target. End Game this little guy is Scary to be in range of Veigar end game at least 5/6 items should have 650-700 Ability Power. And two of Veigars skills include 100% Ability power into his attacks. Veigar will Be Core Damage in this team makeup, So do your best too keep him safe once he's level 18.

Okay guys Give me any Hints or even tips that i might include into this build. I believe i have every inch of detail basicly included to this that i can think of for the time being.
Thanks for your time and i hope this build gives you good luck and good games.



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