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League of Legends Build Guide Author DaBoBuilds

TF - Critical Fate, The Death Master

DaBoBuilds Last updated on February 13, 2011
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Utility: 9

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Hi readers,

I made this build just to show you how OP Twisted Fate could be. In order to do so, I (TheFatalHit) have spend hours of study how to get the best Twisted Fate. This is my Opinion. Enjoy ;)

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I chose these runes to Maximize and Balance Twisted Fate with AS and HP. Because extra AS is always nice. Truely in Combination with Stacked Deck, your Crits and Black Cleaver's Passive.

Twisted Fate is always squishy. So with these HP Seals and Quintessences you get like 100 hp more. Expecialy at the start it's great... That's why I chose Greater Seal of Foritude, which gives you 5,35 bonus health, and Greater Quintessence of Fortitude, which gives 26 bonus health.

Twisted Fate is a Great ganker, so why not power up? That's why I chose to use Greater Mark of Alacrity, which gives you 1,7% bonus attack speed, and Greater Glyff of Alacrity, which gives you 0,67% bonus attack speed.

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For masterys: Just 21/0/9 Dammager setup.

Attack speed, Attack dammage, Armor penetration, Extra critical Dammage, Extra critical strike chance, Extra base dammage and Cooldown Reduction.

Increased mana regeneration, Deathtime Reduction, Increased experiance and of course, Greed. (Phantom Dancers are Expensive...)

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I think a Crit Twisted Fate is just the best. every hit is like 700 dammage AND don't forget every 4th attack is an Stacked Deck attack. So what I would buy is this (Order):

1. Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potions.
2. Berserker's Grieves. (When Recalled before buy Dagger).
3. Zeal. (First Dagger, then Brawler's Gloves).
4. Cloak of Agility. (When on the Spawning Pool without having enough gold, buy Dagger).
5. Phantom Dancer. (When not having enough gold, Just buy the Dagger).
6. Repeat step 3 as far as 5.
7. Cloak of Agility.
8. BF Sword.
9. Infinity Edge. (With insulfident money, buy Pickaxe first).
10. BF Sword.
11. Black Cleaver.
And then Just buy the Madred's Bloodrazor. ;)

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Skill Sequence

Since this is a AS/AD/Crit Build, I would say to Maximize Stacked Deck first. To make advantage of the bonus Attack Speed, and Harras with the last hit of Stacked Deck. So that's what I did.

Second maximize Pick A Card, Make sure to pick the yellow (stun) card, it's crucial.

Of course, Maximize your ultimate 3rd (ALWAYS MAX YOUR ULTI 3RD).

And last and I think least, maximize Wildcards. It's nice for late game dammage output, but I think it's a waste early game. (With the items in this build that is).

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Summoner Spells

As for Summoner Spells, I would say Flash and Ghost. Flash for Escaping, Dodging, which you will be doing the whole game, and Ghost also for escaping or for chasing. If you're are fammilar and pro with Positioning, you could also swap Flash for Ignite. BUT, if you ARE NOT fammilar with good Positioning, don't. Flash will save your life.
If you still want Ignite, feel free to swap Ghost for it. But know that if you do, also change the masterys a bit.

Also good:

- Exhaust
- Teleport
- Cleanse
- Ignite

(Just what you like)

Never use:

- The Rest of the spells

(Wtf, Clairvoiance with TF?!? xD)

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Pros / Cons


- Great ganker.
- Massive Dammage and Attack Speed.
- Great for Team.
- High health at beginning.
- Just annoying for the Enemy.
- Easy escaping.
- Great Mobility.


- Enemys target you.
- Somewhat short on mana.
- Squishy mid/late game.
- Expensive.
- Depending on Early game.

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Make sure to Last Hit Minions. It's crucial, for the money and for your concentration (Which should be 200% with TF).

When lvl 18, try throwing Wild Cards at the Wraths mid lane. If you can hit them all, you will get 100 gold. (+Tf it's passive).

Feel free to, when there is nothing to do, get yourself a buff or Dragon. It's not neccesairy, but if you wanna be sure no one ganks you, feel free to pop your Ulti.

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Team Work

As playing with Twisted Fate, it's mostly Important to gank as soon as you've got your Ultimate. Also make sure to use Pick a Card, equip a Yellow Card, and then use Destiny and Gate. Once you pick the Red Card, You're not sure to get a kill most of the times. (Red Card = Slow and Bonus Dammage). Once eccidentaly picked a Blue Card, don't even bother ganking an high healted Champion.

As for Mid/Late game, Try to stun as many times as possible. once you've stunned somebody, your team will be encouraged to attack and eventualy kill that target.

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This is the end of my opinion of TF. I hope you like it, and please comment. ;)


AS = Attack Speed
AD = Attack Dammage
Crit = Critical Hit
TF = Twisted Fate
Ulti = Ultimate
OP = Over Powered


DaboBuilds (2-man cell).

Information, advice and from:
TheFatalHit (Decent TF Player).

Special thanks to:
You guys (You are all great :'] ).