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League of Legends Build Guide Author Richorn

TF The Scout

Richorn Last updated on January 9, 2011
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Twistet fate the Scout

This build is to make max use out of Twistet fate scout skill + mobility.

You won't be carry and you won't be the best rogue/assasin, but your mobility your map control and the fact that your a perfect champ to finnish of the once that run makes this build a strong one.

What make this build stronger is a ventrilo/communication with your team to cordinate split lane push, CV use, and to set up ganks.

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I diden't find the way to make the little images so more to read, yay.

Ok about the items i normaly build the way you can se in the section

I start of with a doran ring to get mp5/ap and the ekstra hp to bulk me up.

I try and finnish the sheen before lvl 6 i normaly get ap>mana if i have to build it in 2 trips, reason i get ap before mana is blue card.

After sheen your going to start jumping around and you need to bulk up so getting catalyst and then you can make up your own mind, do you want to rush lich bane to get more powerfull, do you need banshee to survive that anoying ryze?

After this you need to get a massive boost in ap becuse no ap = worthless lich bane, so rush for the 1,600 gold Staff > 860 Scepter and build it into Rabaton's deathcap.

After this you need to check what the game offer you.

If you need more surivibility get ryla scepter / Rod of ages
If you need more magpen get voidstaff or deathfire grasp
If you need more attack speed/Ap get nashors tooth

You can't build up a 6 item prefixed for all game you encounter thats the reason i have not even added boots. You might notice there are no boots not even +1 listet and the reason for this is you never know wich one to pick.

the 3 boots you should however look at are
1: Merc, allaround great boots for surv and when cc is just abit to hard on you
2: Sorc, magic pen to deal that ekstra dmg you might need good boots when cc is kind on you
3: Ionian boots of lucidity, the Cdr to get the cap is lovley, i would sugjest getting this boots when your 100% scout duty and need all the map controll you can

sometimes you face a all ap team and need more surv to not get blastet to bits in seconds

Think smart and pick gear accordinly after what you need.

The only 3 prefix items you should get are Lich bane / Rabaton's deathcap and banshee.

You might ask why banshee? well ill end this chapter with this.

Banshee is a allaround great item for a squishy, it offer you health and mana and the shield is briliant vs all good setup where they have some harmfull spells.

I can't recall how often banshee have saved me.

All from a ww that are lost and ulties your shield to a karthus thinking your down for it.

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I use for runes:

Red: Magic pen, your going to build primarly ap and the ekstra magpen helps
Yellow: Mana per 5/lvl seals, you got blue card but when your in a team fight thats the last card you want to pick
Blue: Cdr, More ultis = more map control.
Quints: i use flat hp to make early game easier considering your champ is amonge the weakest early game.

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Standar 9/0/21 with improved buffs / imp teleport and imp CV.
Reason you want buffs imp instead of 2/4 in int is if you can get your hand on golem and you should allways try and get golem, you can get up destiny faster and that can win games

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Summoner Spells

Teleport: This summoner spell is underestimatet greatly, plant a ward at dragon > baron > behinde enemy line > enemy golem, whatever, and when you se somone running there with low hp you can stealth summon yourself to them and get a easy kill, maby even secure a dragon/baron

CV: reason i pick CV is for the map control part, i senter my tf build 100% around controlling the map and controling the flow of the game, with this you can se the start gear, you can se if somone tries to gank in brush from lvl 1, you can check enemy jungler. there are so many great uses of this spell.

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Pros / Cons

Map controll
Strong long range harrasment with wild cards
Will take down turrets quik when you got your 2 core ap items (rabadon's deathcap/Lich bane)
strong assasin late game
good lane control early game
fast farmer

Weak in melee
Wont be the one bringing the big guns
squishy if he gets targetet
No real escape tools (exepte destiny / teleport) But you can get killed doing that if they burn you down

There will allways be cons and there will allways be some pros to a build, this build i will sugjest testing out if you got a good team and you need somone to have map control with the ability to push turrets fast

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Unique Skills

I can't think of loads of unique skills but ill list a few tips that you can use to make the enemy hate you ;)

1: double teleportation is underratet, lets say your in a losing battle, your enemy is knocking at the front door but bot lane minions is soon at the enemy turret, its just a quik teleport > knock turret down > destiny home or teleport if you get time and use destiny for another lane.

This will not only make 1-X people forced to go home to defende it will give your team breathing room at the front gate.

2: Quik farm, at about lvl 6 you can wipe out the wraith camp in 2 hits,
Load red card > hit big wraith and same time you trow your wild card.

3: You should allways be mid lane just becuse you can easly at lvl 6 start jumping around on the map and be back at your turret in no time ready to defende it, few other champs can assasin somone on the other side of the map and then be back seconds later.
But becuse of double teleportation, you can.

Thats all for now thanks for reading

4: When you use destiny, be carefull where you press it, and load yellow card before you jump, reason for this is good runners will stand and wait abit when you teleport and the second they se your circle they will try and dodge it, allways block them in a good way > teleport in top of them.

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The End

Thanks for reading and sorry for the english misstypes its not my primary language.

If there is somthing you feel i diden't cover or somthing you want explained feel free to ask me :)

please do not downvote widout saying the reason :)

And remmeber ;) don't be kind allways take advantage of your destiny to end the life of the enemy or a turret