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Build Guide by Richorn

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Richorn

Twistet Turret Crusher

Richorn Last updated on February 28, 2011
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Welcome to my Twistet Turret crusher build. i hope you enjoy what you read, feel free to give feedback/comment.

Please Do NOT Downvote widout giving the build a chance

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Pros / Cons

One of the game strongets and safest pusher
Great farmer
Great assassin late game
Perfekt distraction
Hard to catch off guard with CV/Ulti/Teleport

Squishy even with hp/lvl runes
If you get a silence on you at the wrong time you can wave goodby
A awake team can make backdoor/lane push hard
Gear depended
No escape early game except your high MS

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Red: Magic pen for Magic build straightforward

Yellow:Greater Seal of Vitality I allready get mana from Pac so i feel that the ekstra hp/lvl helps fast in solo lane/duo lanes and there is not much you can get instead

Blue: Getting faster Pac / And faster Wild Cards, and it helps to get that ulti you needed up faster.

Quints: I love Ms, and with combine utilit+rune+boots at lvl 1 you get close to 400 Ms, this helps you get in range for red/yellow and to dodge skillshot and not to mention escapes early game. a must have for this build

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Start off with a pair of boots and 3

After you gathered 1260 gold teleport back and pick up
Next trip will be at 750Gold or more its time to get

After that you got some choices.

Is a good item, it offers you a steady as/ap + its cheap i normaly get this after boots

If your gathering gold fast and your getting of ganks and push rush this. not only do it give you a good lifesteal but the slow is not to be underestimatet (Key note: Remember to put it in item slot 1 and use 1 on your keyboard to hot press the use)

NOTE:Do not rush lich bane, build up atleast 1-2 of the other items on your list before you finnish lice bane, the bonus proc from ap is to low to be worth it early game.
Build it if you got 2 Ap items.

This is where the fun beginne, after you got this if you got all the other items (rageblade/gunblade/lichbane) you will destroy turrets in seconds, and you will do a good chunk of damage in team battle

Last item:
Great magic pen/chunk of ap
Bulky hp/slow on all your spell (even proc from e)
Magic resist, a nice shield that can save you and hp/mana
As/ap/mp5/ its all somthing you can use

Let me end this chapter with this.

The 5 first items is not set in stone its just what i will use for most of my fights on a overall basic.

in the last item section i have picked items that all have there positive and negative side, and i am sure that experience players will have no pick looking at the situation and not just build tunnelvision after the guide.

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Summoner Spells

I want to take a few seconds of your time to explain why i picked and

This build is based around mobility, map control and hard push.

Clairvoyance is love to keep trach on enemy jungler, brush checking, baron checking, dragon checking, inhibitor/enemy town checking before you ulti in and much much more

Teleport speaks for itself, tf is allready a power champ with 1 teleport so add another one and you cant die late game if your not incredible unlucky (this do not include in team fights there like all others you can die offcourse) ^^

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Tips and Tricks

#1: If a enemy is standing behinde minions and you have a hard time harrasing, using a red card on minions close to him will hurt him to.

#2: Dragon stealing. CV > Ulti behinde when dragon is low > Q, if you do It the correkt time you will steal it and be safe at the same time

#3: Baron stealing. If you need to do it just do the same as dragon but swap around and use ulti first andn then cv, cv last longer baron dies slower so its safer and you might steal It

#4: Ward enemy jungel (red/blue) Somone comes to take the buff, wait for them to drop alittle > teleport into ward (they cant se this) and free kill if its the correkt enemy


#1: Trick for people new to lichbane/trinity, do not spam your Q/W, use Q or E and wait a few seconds so you can activate lichbane again. they can only be activatet once each 3 seconds. so if you wait 3seconds with your Q you might get another proc hit and end game that hurt.

#2: In big team fights dont be afraid to use your ulti to locate your enemy, it can be the difference from a loss and win.

If you got some personal tips / tricks, feel free to comment them and ill se if i add it to the guide :)

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The Guide is still under construction. so check back in later if this is somthing for you :)