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Tahm Kench General Guide by NitroPenguinn

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NitroPenguinn

The adventures of Tank DPS utility Tahm Kench

NitroPenguinn Last updated on September 16, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Viva la Regurgitati -- er, I mean Revolution

Most people build AP tank Tahm. Or pure tank Tahm. I'm about to show you how, with just a few tweaks, and abusing the new items, you can have a Tahm that does tons of damage and is stupid tanky.

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Basic Theory: Health = Damage. Why? Riot is why.

Tahm's ult has this passive where all your stuff, including autos does extra damage based on your max hp. It just so happens that other essential items, such as Dead Man's Plate give you a ton of health.

It also happens that attack speed lets you apply this on-hit effect more often, clear through the early jungle way faster, and apply more utility in team fights. Add in titanic Hydra, and you have an unholy synergy between health and attack speed that makes you a DPS Tank Utility nightmare.

At least in the ****ty soloQ games I play.

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You start like Warwick, but less extreme.

WW is garbage until 6 when it comes to map presence. You're not quite that bad, but you suck until you get some move speed, and then you're decent. And when you get 6, you get a big spike in damage and threat. You also have good, though not WW levels of good, sustain.

So part of our goal to succeed is to get out of those shabby early levels as fast as possible. They key is simple:

  • Attack speed
  • Starting with Ranger's Trailblazer (but don't enchant it yet! You have to swap)
  • Farm hard. Don't completely ignore your lanes like a WW has to, but you should not spend almost any time sitting in a bush for a gank. You need to be eating or running. Asking your lanes to play conservative for the first few levels is a good idea, so playing this with a safe starting comp is idea.

This explains our first buys. Booots of Swiftness if your lanes have struggling and you need to be able to help earlier, otherwise cinderhulk and challenging smite, then swiftness.

As soon as you have those items, you're ready to disrupt lanes. You're not an unstoppable hulking monster yet, but your ult and your utility will help you carries get kills. Try not to take them if your laners are feast or famine champs like Fiora, Poppy, Jax, Leblanc, or hyper carries like Azir, Jinx, Vayne, Kalista. You honestly don't need them.

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A note on your ult

Don't waste time waiting for other people to get in your ult. You're usually roaming solo, just use it like a TF ultimate. However bad people were at taking the lantern with thresh first came out, they're worse with Tahm's ulti.

The best time to actually use it with an ally is when running away from an objective, like a second tier tower, and there's no enemies (but you know they're coming). Or going from an inhib straight to their red, or taking the ap carry to the enemy blue, and then running home. Grabbing that extra buff can really help your team win harder.

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Das Midgame

Your next 2 key items is an upgraded yellow trinket (so you can get the sick ult flanks thanks to your vision map hacks) and Dead Man's Plate.

My god, let me tell you about how stupid good this item is on Tahm. You know how your tongue slows enemies so you can get into range? And how doing so means you may not get to stun them?

Well, that's not a problem any more. Dead Man's Plate + swiftness let you race into a lane. If you auto an enemy while DMP is at 100 stacks, you slow them. Your high attack speed lets you quickly stack your passive. They often flash at 2 stacks, so you can slow them with a Q, and then run up and eat them, or, often, they flash after 3 stacks and you stun, auto, eat.

Dead Man's Plate also gives you the most important stat in most early-mid games: armor. Auto attacks are required to wear down high HP targets like yourself before enemy mages can afford both high cooldown and high damage. (Please ignore the Azir, he doesn't count.)

So Dead Man's Plate IS your midgame. It's damage, tank, gap closer, slow, and frees up your tongue to stun more often. Combined with your swiftness, you can chase many champions, or flee from many successfully. Though be careful with that - it's often better to make safe, utility based plays supporting your allies at this point in the game than running off into a blind enemy jungle and feeding.


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