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Teemo Build Guide by Justinianian

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Justinianian

The AP Teemo guide of the Future.

Justinianian Last updated on October 31, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to the last Teemo guide you will ever need (maybe second last)This goes fairly in depth, so if your just after items they maaay not work for you. Another note, when your using this, expect to be focused. more than anyone on your team. like, jungler lives at top, mid lives in the jungle, bot and support deal with the rest of your team cause you are one scary mother of all nukers. oh yea! this bases itself off of dominating your lane to a ridiculous point, and then still being useful in teamfights. (shrooms aren't the focus.) Finally, this is my first guide, so if things seem a bit off give me a break. <3

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The Runes make sense except for the seals. People ask "Why get the att speed runes? It's totally a noob mistake! There are better ones out there!" To you I say, Kebla! to the people wondering about them tho, It gives you an edge. a VERY SMALL ONE! but the attack speed trumps defence and health runes. I'll explain why later.

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The reason why you put one point into minions and 2 into defense is because the 1.5% damage is ********. end of story. the rest should be apparent to you while you play.

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The weird one is the philo stone. it's so you can stay in your lane longer than your opponent. one potion = one minute with a philo stone. if you have it for more than 13 min it will also buy itself back, so its all in all worth getting. the kage is for minute damage, while it gives you ITS gold. you build it up later so its better to get it quick.

Most people would say ROA needs to be built quick, but ROA takes only 10 min to get to full stacks, and you should have it by about 20-24 min. earlier if your getting fed. so its good. This build is good until 45 minutes in game. After that you need to sell the malady for a void staff or (if they have little to no MR) then you should get a Zonya's hourglass. If they're not doing alot of damage (super HP tanks) and they have less mr, then get a Nashors tooth. *NASHOR'S TOOTH IS A VERY UNLIKELY BUY!* nashor's tooth doesn't have survivability, and the cdr is moot if you have blue buff and a blue pot. seriously, don't get it.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence goes like it does so you can lure your opponent in before you murder them. Your q doesn't do enough damage to your opponent until you have it at lvl 2. so use it once (careful because it takes a lot of mana) and then when you level it up use your auto then q then auto. your q resets your attack, so it allows your to attack 3 times very quickly. with lvl 1 boots your move quick allows you to keep up or CATCH most champs with lvl 2 boots. but damage is scarier than speed (usually) so don't worry too much about it.

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Summoner Spells

does a set amount of true damage, and is countered by hp. exhaust is a percentage, and for Teemo, means he has 2 blinds. that's the best thing you can ask for. if you REALLY don't want it then i suggest you switch the mastery for it and get heal or clarity. the hp can make the difference between life and death and the mana means you won't oom at the worst possible time. and you always, ALWAYS, go oom at the worst possible time.

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How to use your abilities

your q has 50 more range than your auto, so you can out range darius. use your auto attack then q, it resets your auto attack letting you get another hit in. because your q goes further than your auto you will be close enough to get all three in and run. <---best harass ALWAYS have a shroom ready. use it in fights, they do alot. put your mushrooms at the edge of the bush to counterbalance oracles elixer. place them where minions will go and sometimes it will be set off by minions AS someone is attacking it. late game start with deathfire grasp. It's range is the shortest, giving you a combo that looks like 25%-300-700-1000. (assuming you have the lich bane) it also means you hit like a truck.

YOUR MUSHROOMS ARE NEVER USELESS. In a teamfight they can hit all 5, giving your team a 200-1200 damage advantage.

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Chapter 8

The real point to these things is that you need to be AGGRESSIVE! there is nothing harder to deal with than an over agressive Teemo. this build allows you to dominate your lane, but it also makes you susceptible to being ganked. luckily you have mushrooms for that.

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on a side note, last hit if they don't push. the longer they're away from the minions, the more you outlevel them, the easier they are to kill.

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Team Work

If you want to be a teemo everyone loves (not the ap teemo people seem to hate) then use your w to get to people, it can save them, and it recharges fast enough that it won't make a difference to the enemy, other than your there faster. use your mushrooms while in a teamfight, under any champion. the splash should be big enough to hit everyone.

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don't fight xerath, yorick, or rengar. Ever. (you can beat rengar till he hits level 5. then you lose.) if yorick sucks major hippogriph then you can beat him, but xerath... xerath always wins. Ryze will beat you if he has any skill. and vlad isn't dangerous till he hits lvl 7

If your fighting veigar (he almost always wins) be a million times more agressive and don't farm. just keep him away from the minions. that is seriously the only way to beat him.

there is one other that i had initially forgotten, the only champion teemo CAN UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES FIGHT! EVER! is Draven. he is teemo's #1 counter. don't believe otherwise, his q doesn't miss if he's blind.

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Enjoy being focused. XD and YES YOU CAN MID WITH THIS TEEMO.