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Draven Build Guide by JustJoshinYou

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JustJoshinYou


JustJoshinYou Last updated on October 18, 2013
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Draven Build

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Hi there, and welcome to the League of Draaaaaaaaven! I am a Silver V player on NA servers. Obviously I'm not pro, but my Draaaaaaaaven is very good and he has been my main for quite some time now. Even post-nerf (when they changed his passive), he still deals the most damage in any Level 1 trade against any other ADC. He is a huge lane bully and can cause opposing ADCs to become worthless to their team late game.

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I recommend 8 AD reds, 1 Crit Chance red, Armor yellows, Mres/lvl blues, and LS quints.


Reds- I prefer AD reds over ArPen. Just a personal preference. The 1 Crit Chance red makes early trades very fun. I usually get one or two crits off of it in early trades, and I've found that it helps Draaaaaaaaven dominate the lane even more. The enemy will never expect you to crit them for 130 health at lvl 1-2.

Yellows- Pretty normal on an ADC. Helps survive trades and harass from the enemy ADC. Also protects against AD jungler damage.

Blues- Once again, fairly standard on ADC. Gives you mid-game MRes so you aren't bursted down as easily by the enemy APC.

Quints- I prefer LS over AD in the quints. Combined with your Dorans Blade, they give you a lot of sustain in the laning phase. You can worry less about taking harass because a few CS will get you back to full health in no time.

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I recommend 21-9-0 on Draaaaaaaaven. Good AD boosts with some defense, and the Barrier perk.

4 in Fury
4 in Deadliness
3 in Havoc
1 in Weapon Expertise
2 in Lethality
2 in Brute Force
1 in Frenzy
3 in Sunder
1 in Executioner (Of course, you are The Glorious Executioner after all.)

1 in Summoner's Resolve
4 in Durability
3 in Hardiness
1 in Veteran's Scars

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Skill Sequence

Get Q at level 1, E at level 2, and W at lvl 3. From then on, max Q, then E, and W last. Get a point in R at 6, 11, and 16.

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Barrier and Flash are the two best summoner spells for ADCs. Barrier helps you survive ganks and trades, and lets you safely turret dive when played right. Flash gives a great amount of positioning advantage, especially for a champion like Draaaaaaaaven who doesn't have a true escape tool.

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Draven's passive (Adoration) gains a stack whenever he catches a Spinning Axe or kills a unit. The best possible scenario is to be farming well with two axes up and running. However, not everyone is that coordinated. Just make sure to farm with at least 1 Spinning Axe as often as possible in order to stack up your passive. Even if the enemy AD or jungler get a kill on you, your next kill on them will be worth a lot more gold because of your Adoration stacks.

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Team Fights & Trades

In teamfights, Draaaaaaaaven shines at dismantling teams with his E and taking out individual targets quickly. You should attack from max distance in order to safely catch both of your Spinning Axes. However, if you are as "pro as ****" as I am, you will safely be able to run into the middle of the fight, throw your E, launch both axes, and spam W. Use your GLOBAL ultimate to secure anyone that tries to run from your gloriousness.

In trades, you out-damage every other ADC (unless they have several items up on you of course, which will never happen because they should be 0-10-0 by early laning phase). With your Q running and your W being used often, you deal more damage, attack faster, and move faster than they do. It's quite obvious how trades should go. Your usual combo is engage with your E, then start beating them down with your Q. Use your ultimate when you are close enough to ensure that they cannot run away/dodge it, and then remember to use your W as often as possible to keep up with them.