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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TriforceGuy

The Bird is the Word

TriforceGuy Last updated on April 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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UPDATE #420 - Added section on what to do when your game plan is thrown off.
If you're trying to bird it up, but you're just egging it up all over the map. This is the guide for you. I will be trying to learn you how to keep from dying early game, how to own up in team fights, and what to do when you're game plan has been thrown off.

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Deez runes are for turning your bird from a little vulture living off the corpses of enemies, into a Eagle murderizing dem enemies.

Magic pen Marks
These give you a little pop against champs buying the Mercury Threads. The enemy is going to see you're using a bird with stuns and slows, pure ap, and just get these boots to help a little, but these runes are going to help counter that.

Mana per 5 Yellows
Your going to be getting almost all ur damage from magic. When your bird's oom you're not going to be that Eagle you're just gonna be a crow flying around, too scared to go any where near that enemy.

AP per level Blues
These let your Bird do some extra damage which is never a bad thing toi have.

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If you want to take longer blue buff over the two points in extra experience be my guest.
The added mana from the greens is great to have as your Bird is going to be spending lots of mana. The extra speed, flash, and summoner cooldowns are there to give your bird something I like to call escapability. This build is for using the Bird as the teams middle champ. When in the middle you become a prime target for the other teams jungler to come out and attempt to gank. We don't run ghost so that flash is primarily going to be used to stay alive. Sure later in the game you can flash over a wall in the jungle and drop an ice wall then throw a bunch of ice at the enemy, but we're going to need to stay alive to get to that point other wise you're going to be like a Owl, just sitting sucking on a Tootsie Pop®.

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At the start of the game the bird is going to grab a Doran's Ring. You go back and build a Catalysts followed up by boots. Now you're next item has flexibility. If you've died don't get the book of ganking, just finish that Rod of Ages asap, but most of your games you should be getting that book of ganking, and rod of ages after. Void staff is going to give you some more magic pen, along with your boots, then get some mana per 5 item and the hat is a awesome item. Getting that hat and 20 stacks on your book of ganking = rapid fire icicles of doom.

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Skill Sequence

At level 1 get flash frost. This is the Birds ice ball and will be refered to as such for the rest of the guide. The ice ball can be detonated by hitting q again. You go QQ and all the melee dps guys trying to gank will be QQing. The key is you can get double damage from this by having it splash after it passes through some one. This is can be used effectively to shoot behind you while running away and stunning the guy chasing you. It also sets up your second skill.

At level 2 and 3 pick up the frostbite, refered as the icicle in this guide. Now the icicle is your main source of damage, max it out first. If you hit a guy with q or r and then hit them with the icicle it will deal double damage.

Glacial Storm - The Ulti / ice circle is has a short cool down. At level six you're not going to be using this on Minions. You're going to want to throw an icicle at the other guy and before the animation hits drop the circle on them so the icicle hits for double then use QQ to stun in the circle, and icicle again. This ability uses so much mana that you're only going to want to use it on enemy champions, unless you're got a blue buff or its already late mid/ end game.

Crystallize (going to be called the wall) should be taken for one rank until the end. You can get this at level 4, 8 or 10. I only get it at 4 if I am laning, otherwise I grab it at 8 or 10. The wall can be used offensively by: keeping a guy in your ice circle for an extra couple seconds, completely trapping some on against a wall (basically you cast it on a guy in lane from the jungle trapping them against the wall), cutting a group of enemies in half (they're all coming from the jungle and you close the door after the first comes through), it can even be used to gain vision of an enemy at Baron, and you can use QQ E to steal that Baron. It can be used defensively by: gaining vision where you don't have it, such as when sieging an inhibator turret, cutting off paths in the jungle when retreating, making guys take an extra hit from the turret when they dive, there are plenty of possibilities for this game changing ability.

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Summoner Spells

Flash - This is for survivability, but can be used to flash through walls in Jungle and get more stacks on the book of ganking.

Teleport - This is like Clarity and Heal wrapped into one. Just blue pill back heal up buy, and teleport in. Allows the bird to stay in the action longer and gain xp. You can also teleport on the minion taking tower damage to allow a team mate a few extra hits on a tower. You can teleport to wards and things like Teemo shrooms in bushes to set up ganks.
I would not reccomend taking clarity, clense, heal, fortify, smite, revive, rally, or exhaust. The only other spell I would consider is ghost to give you some more survivability because once flash is on cool down you're going to have to stick back close to the tower or behind ur melee tank partners.

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Early game just focus on last hitting minions and harassing the enemy. At level two you can start using the double hit ice ball double damage icicle combo. DON'T PUSH THE MINIONS! The reason for this is if you're going egg early egg under the tower. I've got so many kills because the enemy forgets about The Bird's passive and you comeback to life to get the kill. If you push the minions to the enemy tower, their jungle can pop out behind you and get a gank, especially if you've burned flash trying to harass the enemy while they're under their tower. Don't let this happen. Just last hit the minions and let the enemy do the pushing. This way when your jungler is ready you can iceball stun and icicle them when that jungler comes in for the gank.

If you see an opportunity to help get a dragon throw all your moves that them.

Don't burn the ice circle on minions early, do that later in the game when you can farm the double/triple/quadruple minion pushes.

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My game plan has been thrown off WAT DO?!?!?

So you've join random que, I feel sorry for you, but seriously this *** hat is going to take the Bird's mid and he ain't leaving. Sure you moan, groan and bm the guy, but that ain't going to help win you any games.

Here's what you need to do take the lane he was supposed to be in. Don't go face checking that bush because you know you're just going to get killed if you do. Instead just stick behind your minions and focus on last hitting. At level 1 don't burn the ice ball unless you have full/almost full mana. The reason for this is you're going to need that mana for your Q E combo in about 5 minutes. Now before you start burning Q E's make sure you look at the items of you enemies. You can hit tab and get a view of everyones items. Lets say you're lanning against a Shen and a Teemo. You bring up the tab and see oh look Teemo took life steal and shen took Doran's Sheild. Lets try to NOT FOCUS THE TANK! Now if you just focus the tank you're problebly going to be able to kill him, but lets say you just start using Q E on who ever you can hit, You're going to run out of mana and become a useless bird just sitting back trying to last hit minions with out getting killed.