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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Afwasmiddel

The Crushing Malphite on Mid

Afwasmiddel Last updated on November 17, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Ok so this is my first build and i hope you all will like it as much as I do. In my eyes Malphite is the best tank in the game. He can initiate, kill, escape and tank as one of the best. I have played all tanks, but this guy is just for getting those wins in. I can assure you that with some practice yout scores will become like 25/5/20. This doesn't mean however that you are unbeatable or that you can't lose with a score like this.

Let's move on with the build. I would like to descibe his skills first before I explain my choices. This will make it easier to understand my playstyle with him. Keep in mind that this build works best when picking mid lane. Mid lane??? yes midlane... Just claim it the moment you pick him. Forget about the Ashe whiners and just grab it.

Seismic Shard: Amazing skill. Good for harass, damage, getaways and for chasing. This is the skill that you should max early game, but don't use it too often. You need to wait till it's lvl 3 before you start using it for harassment

Brutal Strikes: This skills raises your dmg output and armor. Though the extra dmg isn't that high. The passive effect is a nice addition that allows you to farm easier.

Ground Slam: Great skill. With some nice armor the skills tears apart your enemies. In early game it won't do that much though since it's itemdependent.

Unstoppable Force: Perfect ulti. This is the skill a tank needs to engage. It does decent dmg and stuns a small area and knocks the enemies into the air. The range is very nice, this is the skill that makes you win a teamfight.

Granite Shield: Very nice passive. It makes you kinda immune to early harassment and therefore makes your life on mid easier.

- Slow, stun
- Can tank ALOT
- Aoe dmg and high dmg
- easy killer
- good leader in teamfights

- Late game can be ennoying
- Unfortunately you can't win on your own so you need to rely on your teammates for pushing and following you

Summoner Skills:
For summoner skills I always choose ignite and ghost, simply because it's all you need. Use Ghost to chase the enmies that didnt get killed or for escaping. Ignite also makes sure any enemies that try to escape with low health won't make it and also to guarantee a kill. Other masteries are possible, but I experieced these to be so much better.

You want to be tanky, so 22 in defense shouldnt be surprising. The extra crit from offence helps you with the dmg and utility keeps ur regen up.

I pick magic pen runes so that my Q and E will deal more dmg. The magic reg is my favourite rune in the game and perfect for harass champs that don't want to start with mana reg items. The magic res is needed since you mainly need armor items and ofc the Health quints help you to be extra tanky and are especially worthy early game. In my opinion runes only make the diff in early game. Late game gets dominated by items and therefor runes that give stats per lvl aren't as useful as flat runes.

Start with HP regen and a mana potion. This is all you need until you get the kill at lvl 6. After lvl 6/7 you should have around 1300 gold. Use it to buy philosophers and ninja tabi. After that it's sunfire time. This should be your core.

After that it depends all on the enemy. I used my most common build to give you some direction. You want armor that is around 300 so your ground slam does lethal dmg, but if the enemy has mages you might want to go for banshee after sunfire and maybe later on for forced nature. A team with more melee champs needs a build with more armor and therefore thorn migh be a smarter option to get after sunfire. Just make sure your build allows you to have enough armor and atleast 3000 HP.

Early Game
Ok so you started with HP regen and a mana potion. Mid lane is the place to be. Side lanes work just as fine, but mid lane allows you to crush the enemies in mid game which should make it easier to win. You can pobably solo any hero, however tanks like morde and other gay mid champs should be handled with caution. It doesn't matter wheter you face a ranged or melee champ.

When the minions arrive you just start by last hitting them. At this point you won't have to push yet. The goal is to reach lvl 6 sooner than your enemy and to have enough mana to kill him. Don't use your skills to farm! On reaching lvl 3 you start by small harassment with your Q. Don't push your mana though. As long as your mana remains above 75% you'll be fine. On reaching lvl 5 the real deal begins. Now you'll have to push and harass your enemy harder so that you will become the first with lvl 6. A trick I often use is to walk behind his minions and to start hitting him with Q en basic attacks. The dmg now became pretty high and most mid champs will reatreat a little. Just don't harass too much. You want him to stay in lane for the kill. Make sure the enemy has below 50% hp. Ofc for tanks this should be more. Once you'll reach lvl 6 the party is on. Ult him, use E and Q to do the dmg and finish him off with basic attack if needed. If that still doesnt do the trick use ignite.

Gratz u got your first kill. Ofc more will follow. I usually have around 300 gold by now thx to the kill and the lasthitting. Tp back to base and buy ninja tabi and philosophers and use any remaining gold for wards. Head back to mid and try to lvl and farm more. When your enemy returns repeat the harass trick and wait for your ulti to get your second kill. However they often get scared after such a beatdown and therefore play defensively at the tower. This makes it harder but not impossible. Wait untill your enemy leaves the lane or got killed again. It's now time to help ur fellows at the sidelanes. You dont veen need ult for this, but ofc its a big pre to have it. Focus on the squishies or those with good getaway skills. The rest will follow. Also don't be afraid to get some tower hits. Ur passive should handle some and with ghost u can get out easily. It's still important to keep an eye on mid. Don't stay away for too long. You don't want to lose a turret.

Mid and late game
I expect u to have around 5 kills by now and some assists at let's say lvl 11. With the new gold you'll head back to the shop. Its sunfire time. Buy this item in parts. I prefer to get the belt as the first item, since the HP is needed to tank. Just kill some champs and minions to get the other part and the recipe to complete it. With sunfire your dmg output has raised and so did your farming abilities. together with Brutal strikes and Ground slam minions won't last long. Since you have mana regen it's OK to use your skills on the minion waves. Q won't be needed though.

Laning phase should be over and now an important new phase has arrived. Gather your allies and start pushing and ganking. Wards are very important. try to buy them every now and then. From now on all you can do is leading by initiating, help allies escape (u will be fine by urself, dont be afraid to use ult as a flash to escape) and to do any other thing that suits a tank. Just keep the wards up until you haven't got any space left. Mid game is your stage. Late game will be harder the more times that passes by. Try to finish it before the enemy gets their gear. With a bit of luck the enemy surrenders mostly becasue of you.