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LeBlanc Build Guide by Shinji Ikari 3D

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shinji Ikari 3D

The Deceiver of Mid Lane! (Outdated)

Shinji Ikari 3D Last updated on June 5, 2015
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Threats to LeBlanc with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Twisted Fate Not really a challenge. Be AD or AP, you can burst him with no difficulty.
Karthus Same as Ziggs. Dodge his Q and harass him in lane. Go for the all in at level 3.
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Hi, i'm Shinji (yes, the one from Evangelion) and welcome to my LeBlanc guide! It's my first attempt to make some guide, and do it well, so i really hope you guys enjoy and learn something about this amazing champion.

Who are you?

That's a great question. I'm a Silver player from the brazilian League of Legends server. I have been playing this MOBA for almost 7 months (i started my life on Dota), and until now, LeBlanc has been my main champion overall. I started on the last season as a Silver IV, and i have played some ranked games just to start this year. Well, with LeBlanc, my current stats is something like that:If LeBlanc didn't exist, i probably wasn't going to be playing League right now. I have fallen in love for this witch, and then i start to love LoL more than ever, being my favorite game right now. My love for her was what makes me so good with it, so much that i have played a lot, and A LOT of games with her, learning every combo, possible items, matchups and more. Today, i'm here to share this adventures with you n' maybe teach you something so you can start playing or get it better with LeBlanc, The Deceiver.

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Pros / Cons

+ Insane mobility, escape and roaming potential
+ One of the highest burst damage on the game
+ Hard to be ganked
+ Her Ultimate have low CD
+ Has a good snare with her E
+ Amazing mid-game
+ The jukes

- Hard CC = dead
- Hard to fully master her
- Not a hyper carrier
- Has no sustain on late-game
- A little bit Mana hungry

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The basic about LeBlanc

LeBlanc is an Assassin and Mage, being a very popular champion in League of Legends. She's also known for destroying games at 20 due to her strong mid-game damage (a burst damage that can make your enemy simply disappear), insane mobility with her W and ult, tricky jukes and more. Playing her is not the easiest thing to do, master her is even more difficult; it requires some time and dedication, so stay ready for such a thing. Main her involves more than just farm and winning your lane phase, you need to learn the matchups, how to deal with the enemy JG, and the best ways to be well positioned on team fights. You gonna learn this time by time on your own point of view, however, i'm gonna give you some help to look forward with Runes, items and a little more. So check it out!

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Before we take a look at her spells, you definitely wanna take a look at the needed rune page for LeBlanc.
This is my standard Rune page. I simply love to start with 50 AP, so i can really jump in with no fear. Off course, using this Rune page is not really the safest thing to do (mainly if your not confident yet), but let's take a look at other options you might actually like:


Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power
This is the most normal and safe combination of Runes you can make for a AP champion. Some Magic Resist, Armor, Magic Penetration and Ability Power. If your starting with LeBlanc, is probably the best way you can start, even knowing that this Runes offer less damage than the original i showed you.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Greater Seal of Health
This is a more advanced choice of Runes. I like this combination since it gives you nice HP sustain, initial AP and per level, and the classic Magic Penetration. Definitely a good choice of Runes to use on LeBlanc.

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Glyph of Ability Power

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration
Another example of a LeBlanc Rune page. This time we have more mixes status. It can look as a little strange combination, but is actually effective on the hands of a good LB player. I don't use it, but yes, someone can win a game with this crazy mix.
LeBlanc is very flexible, so, in the end, you have a lot of options to choose in Rune terms. Make what makes you more comfortable with her and you should be fine.

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And there we are, Spells. You really need to understand LeBlanc spells if you wanna play her, so let's take a look:

Sigil of Malice:
LeBlanc's Q. This spell is like your mom you know? It will carry you through the game by the hand. It simply damage the opponent, marking the target. The next spell you throw against this enemy will consume this mark, and guess what? Dealing more damage, yes, tons of damage! Sorry, i let my feelings go cause i really love this spell.

LeBlanc's W. It's the font of your insane mobility and a part of the damage too. You can dash in the direction that you want, dealing damage when you land, so, after that, you have 4 seconds to return where you originally was when cast the spell. Pretty cool, huh?

Ethereal Chains:
LeBlanc's E. With this skill you can throw a skill-shoot chain into a target, slowing him for a few seconds dealing some initial damage, and then snaring him, dealing some more damage. Is the best spell when you don't wanna let your pray escape.

Good lord, this spell is definitely a bless. Yes, it's LeBlanc's ult. With Mimic you can cast a mimicked version of the last spell you have used, which means: double damage amplificator, double mobility or double snare. I almost forgot to tell you: mimicked spells deals more damage than the original ones.


Is this what you waiting? Yes? I thought so. Time to talk about combos, the base for every burst damage LeBlanc will deal. Get ready, cause i'm about to show you a list!

Basic poke:

This one is your basic combo in lane. Throw the Sigil and explode it with a nice Distortion. If you have enough time, you can even AA your opponent once. Remember to always bully your enemy with this combo in lane, but be careful, this combo waste mana, so use wisely.

First Blood combo:

+ + + 2 AA +
I call this one as "First Blood combo", cuz' is the combo you gonna use post-level 3 to burst and kill your opponent in lane. Take note that this combo will not "insta kill" a full HP opponent, so try to low his life with the basic combo, and then jump to this all in. Be careful, because if you miss this combo or the target don't die, you will lost a huge amount of mana, and maybe get forced to get back to base, which isn't something good for you.

Basic Chain combo:

+ + + 1 or 2 AA
This combo waste too much mana and isn't gonna do great damage in the early levels, still, works as a way to put pressure in lane and to poke opponents who always are far from you Q range. One of the most efficient early engages you can make with LeBlanc.

Escaping and damaging combo:

+ +
This is a combo for LeBlanc when you have to escape from something (gank, chase and other types of situations). You slow your target with the Chains, throw Sigil to deal more damage when the Chain snare, and then dashes away from the target with you Distortion. Pretty simple, but very effective to deal damage while escape.

Level 6+ all in combo:

+ + + + 1 or 2 AA +
This is the ultimate burst you can deal with LeBlanc. In the mid-game, you probably gonna explode your target even before complete this full combo. Yes, there's only a few in League of Legends who can really survive this entire combo. Why? Simple, imagine that you consume two marks that amplify an assassin damage in just one combo. Get it?

Enter, kill and then leave combo:

+ + + +
This is probably my favorite LeBlanc combo. You enter in an area with your W and use the rest on a target, bursting it, and then all you have to do is return to W's mark. There's nothing better on LeBlanc then kill someone and quickly leave without leaving any clues. This combo also serves as a great dive combo, but you can't afford to miss any spell, or you can die.

Forever snared combo:

+ + + +
This combo is perfect for opponents who stay away from your Sigil range. Engage him with the W and use the first chain, when the enemy gets snared, throw the Chain from Mimic and then throw Sigil to amplify the ult damage. Done, the target is probably dead right now.
LeBlanc has a great amount of combos and those that i have quote are just the ones i most use and why i use. What i'm saying is... don't be locked in this part of my build thinking "oh, this is the only combo that work", so, we have a deal? Ok, so let's go, time to talk about items!

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One of the most important part about this LeBlanc guide. There's isn't a lot to say, but is very important to know what item affect LeBlanc in this or that way. So let's pick the list and talk about them one by one.

Doran's Ring: The best item to start with LeBlanc, no doubt about it. It gives 15 Ability Power, some good HP and a passive that restores Mana. What more can LeBlanc ask to begin with?

Morellonomicon: The first item i get playing as LeBlanc. It has amazing Mana regeneration, giving 80 AP and 20% CDR. Exactly what LeBlanc need as a first item. In my standard final build, i generally use two Morello's, but i always left the last one for the mid or even late game. I don't suggest to build both one after the other.

Sorcerer's Shoes: The only really viable boot to use in LeBlanc, believe me. It gives 15+ Magic Penetration, stats that mix with your Magic Penetration Runes, so after closing Morello and Shoes, you're ready for the full package roaming.

Rabadon's Deathcap: The greatest item for LeBlanc, period. It gives 120 of pure AP, having the perfect passive for a assassin like LB. Actually, Rabadon's is pretty much the greatest AP item existent in League right now.

Void Staff: Another core item for LeBlanc. Gives nice Ability Power and a great passive against tanky champions as well more burst against the squishy ones.

Luden's Echo: Since it release, i have been testing this item in LeBlanc and other champions such as Ahri, and guess what? I LOVE IT! It have some passive for snowballing, 120+ AP and 7% more movement speed. Highly recommended on LeBlanc.

Optional Items

Athene's Unholy Grail: Is viable on LeBlanc, but let's be honest, she's not Galio, and Morello is simply way better. Even if your losing your lane to another AP, i don't think that you should take this item for the AP + MR or something. I don't recommend it.

Liandry's Torment: Liandry is actually good on LeBlanc. I really recommend if you're not gonna use Luden's or some other item from my standard build. It had an amazing passive, AP, HP and Magic Penetration. It's all we need, boys.

Mejai's Soulstealer: Well... this item is complicated. I mean, is strong, indeed, but it's too risky, even in a escapist champions like LeBlanc. I think it's viable to have some fun, but in serious business, i really don't recommend to waste your precious gold with it.

Rod of Ages: Siv HD baby! Ok, just kidding, Rod of Ages ia another viable item for LeBlanc. It gives sustain and some good AP, it may be useful against some matchups and team fights.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter: One, if not the best optional item on this list. Huge AP, health for sustain and a good passive.

Zhonya's Hourglass: Amazing item for LeBlanc, i just don't personally like it. It's good because you can use it's passive to avoid burst damage from champions like Talon or Syndra, even avoiding Ultimates such as zed ult or Veigar. Anyway, is a pretty good item, with tons of AP, armor and a very useful passive.

Abyssal Mask: I personally love to use this item on LeBlanc. MR is not really need it to her, but i really like his passive and that MR is something to not get bursted by some type of Orianna. It counters Void Staff, so try to not have both on your build.

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Ranked Play

About Ranked games: LeBlanc is banned here and there, but isn't too much if you think about other champions like Fizz or Draven. I think that it depends on the elo and server. Here on Brazil, low leagues have a pretty much high LeBlanc ban ratio.

Here's a tip: just start playing with LeBlanc in Ranked when you really feel that is time, you know, if you're ready to do it. You need to feel confident and get better in the first place, getting experience about matchups and much more. My guide just help you through this way, but you are the one walking, so study and go for it, champ! With training, LeBlanc is a type of champion that can take you to high leagues in this game.

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The End

That's it ladies and gentlemen, thank you for reading and i would love to receive feedback, questions, and even tips on how i can get better creating guides.

I really hope you all have learned something about The Deceiver reading this, and i hope you'd have fun reading it. Thank you for your precious time, i'm Shinji Ikari 3D, and it was my pleasure.