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League of Legends Build Guide Author InstantGang

The Dirty Snipe Artist (AP EZ)

InstantGang Last updated on May 25, 2011
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Iv been playing Ezreal for ages now, mostly using AD or TF,IE,Tank builds. but i find that Ezreal with these ad builds is just one of those champions that cannot carry a team to victory during the lategame, no matter how fed or farmed you are. Ez is a rape machine early game and if hes fed he will dominate until the 40 minute mark, but once it hits lategame the enemy teams carrys just start to outshine you in dps and general usefulness. this is mostly due to 75% of Ezreals damage coming from a TF which he can get reletively quickly giving him great dominance early on. but since u wont be critting, and dont have any utility to add too the team to speak of, as the game progresses your TF will diminish in power, which i see as the one major flaw of AD Ez. you want too end games fast, preferably with a 20min surrender when playing the AD TF ez.

Now AP ez is different, AP ez is kinda the opposite. its garbage early game, your q will tickle even the squishiest targets, your w cost too much mana and has too long of a cd and the damage u deal is significantly inferior to an AD build, to the point where enemys can ingore u completely, this is early game anyway. mid game AP ez gets a bit better, once u get that lichbane and some ap your ult and W will start to hit pretty hard, but lategame is where AP ez shines over AD ez, the aoe nuke of his ult and w, and the massive damage on his q makes AP ez a monster lategame. make no mystake that a fully built AP ez will vomit out 1100 damage q's due to it basically having a 1.2 ap ratio with lichbane, which thoroughly ***** all over the 700 damage q's on AD builds. but the issue is getting through that awful first 20mins, without feeding and being a useless UP piece of ***** in your lane.

in this guide i basically want to show you how to build ez AP, dominate lategame but still have a smooth early game and laning phase. why? becuase AP ez is more fun, always has been. who doesnt like having an aoe global that can do over 1000dmg lategame.

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Pros / Cons

These are specifically related to my build

Carry games lategame with magical aoe dps.
Strong farming skills with mana regen.
mid game and later your ult hurts alot more then ad builds!
your w is not ****
reletively high damage early game with runes and mastery's compared to pure AP builds
better lane sustainability then AD Ez


Consistantly a squishy, throughout all stages of the game
ad Ez will hit harder early game, and is generally more powerful in the laning phase
lack of lifesteal, unless you go for a gun-blade later on
requires more then half a brain to do well with( or is that a pro)

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Strategy and Items

my starting item is a Meki Pendant and 2 health pots. u want to pretty much always take mid, even AD builds need it badly and this is no exception. with this high mana regen and high attack damage from runes u can farm extremely well.

Recall once you can afford a tear, basic boots and some more hp pots.
you really want to farm hard and keep your enemy back by constantly spamming your Q. dont be too agressive though as you are increadibly squishy.

you can stay and farm in mid for as long as you wish, but if your enemy is giving a rough time recall back as soon as you can pickup a sheen. the sheen will for the moment turn u into an AD Ez, so start dominating that lane.

the rest is pretty straight foward, just farm up your deathcap and lichbane as quickly as possible, and be sure to grab some assists with your ultimate and ward constantly since u can steal enemy buffs with your ulti.

i finish my build with a void staff since your damage at this point is almost entirely based on magic damage so you really need the magic pen, if your enemys got early magic resist, consider getting sorc boots early on.

the last item you get varies. you can go for another archangel staff, a hextech gunblade for the lifesteal. or a defence item like banshee's. i personally go for a second archangel (im a karthus fan)

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Team Work

its pretty straight forward, in those later team fights you want too poke at the enemy with your q, it will hurt like ****! constantly spam your w into there team, trying to hit some allies to but generally prioritizing enemy's, dont do the ad carry thing where you burst behind som1 with ur e and nuke them down, play like a support, dont tunnel vision and focus one particular enemy just stay at the back of the fight and throw in your spells over and over, using your e to get back. at the big turning point of the team fight you want to throw in your ulti, and hit as many enemys as possible. its that simple and its lots of fun to do disgusting amounts of aoe dps. AP ez can also nuke down pretty much anyone with under 2800hp instantly, bear that in mind, particularly if your the suicidal type(leblanc or tryn player) but this strategies goal is primarily to keep you, the 1750 hp squishy alive throughout the fight.

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i have nothing else to say other then if you like AP ez but always felt that ad is better, give this a wirl.