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Twisted Fate Build Guide by Venter

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Venter

The Double Blind: Dominion with Twisted Fate

Venter Last updated on October 31, 2011
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Why use Twisted Fate in Dominion?

First, let me give a quick disclaimer: This is my first guide, and I have absolutely 0 experience with HTML. I don't know how to embed items or spells into the guide, so apologies for all of my dumb plain looking text.


    Spammable stun gives him much better skirmishing power than most ranged champions
    New and exciting on-hit effect items makes him an attack speed monster
    Ultimate allows for quick defense reaction or sneaky backdoor tactics
    Cool hat
    Squishy as ever
    His Passive is greatly reduced in value
    Not for extended fights

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The runes are pretty straightforward. You can substitute quints of insight for the quints of alacrity, or if you're not comfortable being squishy armor/MR seals/glyphs respectively. That said, if you're not comfortable being squishy, this probably isn't the hero for you.

I take insight because despite being a right-click-win build, most of this build's damage is magic damage. Every proc of sword of the divine, ionic spark, stacked deck, kitae's razor, malady, and wits end does magic damage. These runes, plus the stacking effect from Malady, give you a considerable amount of bite. Beyond that, it's all attack speed all the time... the sooner you hit 2.5 attacks per second, the sooner you'll maximize your damage output.

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Skill Sequence

The primary focus of this build is to maximize attack speed and on-hit/4th-hit damage effects. As such, Stacked Deck is your bread and butter. You want this to be maximized early so that your fourth hits are both frequent and powerful.

I get Pick A Card early as well, for two reasons. Firstly, the yellow card is absolutely vital to playing with a build this squishy. Secondly, the red-card's AoE effect allows you to defend against multiple aggressors much more capably. Always remember, the cards are consistently Red-Yellow-Blue, but inconsistent in which color shows first. Practice your reflexes for picking fast yellow cards in a custom game; it can be the difference between life and death more often than you'd think.

A final note on Pick A Card - Be careful about attack-moving when it's active. If you're being chased, it can be easy to reflexively attack-move under the assumption that you'll hit your chaser and then continue to flee. If there's a creep closer by however, you'll just pause and hopefully kill a creep before dying.

I do not bother with Wild Cards; this build does not generate AP worth a damn, and red-card is a sufficient disruption tool. Once you do have wild cards, they can be handy for long range disruption; their range is a good bit longer than your auto-attacks. If you're getting beaten savagely, an early level of wild cards can help you disrupt from further away.

Destiny: Ah, now this is a magical skill for dominion. Make sure it accomplishes something every time you use it. An enemy hero backdoor'd and would otherwise take your turret? Twisted fate is on the job. A couple allies preparing to take a turret? Gate into the brush behind it and then ambush them when they inevitably try to run back to the health pickup. Mobility wins dominion games, and this is a damn good mobility spell.

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Summoner Spells

My summoner spells are pretty straightforward.

Ghost: Never play dominion without it; Ghost gives you that extra boots to get to a point before they take it.

Promote: I consider promote to be an important spell for players who are going to start bottom. It enables them to push a very nasty creep wave onto the opposing bottom tower with relative ease.

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For Dominion, I am sold on the 4 top 1 bottom strategy of early game. For this particular guide, I recommend going bottom. Why? Because this build is -not- for extended combat. The early game cluster&#*@ at the windmill is likely to end in you dying quickly and your team possibly losing the windmill because of it.

Instead, you want to Ghost straight to your bottom point, cap it, and then begin your harassing. The first thing I like to do is push on the creep wave. The two big creeps should be smacking eachother. Let them, and you focus on the smaller ones. Once your big'un is -almost- dead... Promote. Now it's at full health, and extremely buffed. If their bottom decides to be a pure turtle, as many do, when you reach their turret you will have enough creeps to take the tower even without you participating in the capture.

If their bottom decides to meet you at the creeps... let the games begin. I get Boots of Swiftness as my first item explicitly so that you can skirmish. Get your yellow card ready, hit the other side with it, throw a few extra cards, and then back off. Repeat as necessary.

If their bottom decides to be sneaky... just keep an eye on the minimap. Know whether they're trying to ambush you behind creeps or backdoor your tower. If it's the former, stay away from the center jungle and be ready to quickly yellowcard them. If it's the latter, haul *** back and yellowcard them under the turret for bonus damage.

By the time you go b for the first time, you should have at the very least enough gold for a Recurve Bow. You should also have Destiny. From here, you should be doing everything based on what you see on the minimap. Always pay attention to nodes that are either adjacent or only one node apart, as it's quite easy to hit one and then gate to the next. When in doubt, back off and defend.

As I've tried to emphasize as much as I can, never stay in a protracted fight. Hit them, ideally with a stun, and then flee. If they're on one of your towers, do your best to stay out of reach of them while keeping the tower firing. If they have multiple enemies capturing a single tower, try to disrupt all of them with a red card.

Always remember the golden rule: If by suicide gating to a tower you can disrupt would-be captors long enough for your allies to storm in and save it, do it. If you'll just die and lose the tower anyway, don't.

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Damage Math

Following the runes and items presented in this guide, you will hit the 2.5 attacks per second speed cap before level 18. However, for ease of math, we'll figure out the damage at level 18.

Your first attack will be a yellow Pick A Card, dealing (45 yellow card) + (10 AP) +

(133 AD) + (20 Malady) + (42 Wit's End) + (2.5% of their max HP Kitae's Bloodrazor). This is 250 damage + 2.5% of their max hp.

But it gets better.

A 2 second stun will permit you 5 more attacks. The first 2 after gold card will be clones of the first attack, albeit with their MR reduced by Malady. The fourth attack will have all of the above, plus: 100 Sword of the Divine, 100 Ionic Spark, and 165 Stacked Deck. All told, you will have 6 attacks on them without their being able to respond, doing a total of 1865 + 15% of their max hp (before mitigation). Assuming a champion has a rather low 2,000 hp, that's 2165 damage before mitigation.

3 seconds later, you can repeat :-).

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If you see Singed or Rammus on the other side, you may wish to get boots and a Prospector's Blade in lieu of Boots of Swiftness first. The reasoning is that you cannot beat either of them for speed, and without the ability to kite a build that neglects hp falls apart fast. By the same token taking your Ruby Crystal before your Recurve Bow can give you a little more early game survivability.

If you absolutely feel you must have lifesteal, Sanguine Blade is a viable item. However, lifesteal is primarily a sustenance stat, and this build does not sustain - it skirmishes. Hit and run derives much less benefit from it, and the fact that it's physical damage means that your insight runes and malady debuff will be wasted.

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Watch the minimap. Always and forever. Pretend that at any second, it could flash the cure for cancer.

Do not let the opponent get a hit in, and certainly not two. If they're not stunned, keep away from them.

Learn your opponent's champions. It's hard to kite if you don't know how far they can hit you from.

Focus on towers. If you have a choice between defending a tower and taking a tower, look at where the towers are. A tower right next to your spawn will be easier to defend than a tower right next to theirs.

Don't assume death doesn't matter in dominion. If you can secure a tower by dying, do it. If not, that's more time that you're not able to contribute.

Ignore the scoring mechanisms, at least for now. They don't accurately reflect the value of pushing creeps onto towers, which is something this build does very well.

Have fun :-).