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Riven Build Guide by emilio

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League of Legends Build Guide Author emilio

The essence of immortality

emilio Last updated on April 17, 2012
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First of all i would like to say that this is my first guide hope you like it about riven, i have seen many guides about riven but none of them consider riven as a killing goddess which i actually do :DD they try to show you the tanky side of riven which makes riven a boring hero which is not cause riven is one of the most heroes in lol that needs skill and cunning and perfect timing and i assure you if you master riven you will find the essence of joy of this game and you will feel the essence of immortality in riven cause you will find yourself killing heroes at low health and don't be surprised if you get a penta kill cause you can!!!!!!!

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Pros / Cons

High mobility
Shield that increases in strength with AD
Damaging AOE stun
Manaless champ
Insane early damage

Difficult to balance offense and survivability
Needs proper timing on her skills to be effective
Cooldown dependent
A bad start is hard to recover from
Shut down hard by CC

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Greater mark of strength: this rune is important for enhancing your attack damage to get first bloods and harass the opponents specially with broken wings to do extreme

Greater Seal of Resilience: Standard runes, once again. These will help keep you alive early before your Valor shell really kicks in. Armor seals to give you the early game defense until you've leveled up Valor enough. Scaling armor seals or HP seals can both serve as suitable replacements, if you prefer.

greater glyph of warding: you can see that riven now has an efficient armor against physical attacks( Valor, Greater Seal of Resilience) but about magic and believe when i say mages are made for kills some of them like veigar can kill you easily if you dont have magic resist and good timing.

Greater Quintessence of Strength: this rune for completing riven's attack strength but you can replace it with HP runes if you got enough AD.

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Offense: This is pretty much the major mastery tree for Riven now. ArPen, AD, CDR, lifesteal, and Executioner. It just synergizes too well with her abilities to pass up. Feel free to try other mastery setups (it's what it means to "learn a champ"), but I feel that this is the main mastery tree for Riven.

Defense: As for defense as i said before if you have good timing with valor defense will not be your problem at all.

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Summoner Spells

Riven can make use of a variety of summoner spells, depending on how you like to play and your team composition.

Good Summoner Spells

Flash is a good spell for Riven due to its utility. It gives you help with your positioning, as well as being useful for chases and escapes. Using Flash and Ki Burst in tandem create an effect similar to Alistar's Pulverize. Very versatile spell.

This skill has become much more useful for laning phase. Denying kills can keep you ahead, but I don't think it's offensive enough in most cases for Riven. However, if you have a lane opponent that just eats your face in lane ( Olaf or something), it might help you. I still find Flash to be a better skill overall, but give this a shot if you like.

Useful for getting those early game kills or taking that Dr. Mundo and his healing down a peg. It also stops other champs like Swain and Warwick from healing all the damage your team does. It really helps getting Riven started on her snowball rampage, so I recommend making this part of your skill rotation. Certainly keeps people from escaping with 12 HP.

Usable Spells

Exhaust works well in early laning phases, as well as taking that hard-hitting carry down a notch late game. Make sure you put a point in the Summoner's Wrath mastery if you take this spell.

So much CC that your Mercury's Treads won't be enough? This is for you, then. Riven is fairly locked down by CC, and this will keep you darting around the fight, popping Valor and Ki Burst. It now stops all disables and summoner spell debuffs, so it's a much stronger choice than it was before.

It's a decent spell for solo top lane, in case you need to buy items quickly or you need to get to bot lane or dragon quickly. The map control that this spell can give you can create quite an impact when used properly. The Summoner's Insight mastery is in an awkward place, so pick it up if you think it's worth it.

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Unique Skills

Tips and Tricks

- Tips on Broken Wings
Note that when you are using any strike of Broken Wings, you ignore unit collision. If there are things getting in your way, use Broken Wings to get through them.

Use minions to body-block chasers. It's what you might have seen a Janna player do to you. If a champ has a skill-shot that lands on the first target, you can hop through a minion to avoid it.

Broken Wings can get you through thin walls as well, such as Anivia's Crystallize and Jarvan IV's Cataclysm. It will not let you go through terrain, though.

This move is also a fantastic escape tool. The full combo actually allows you to travel a pretty good distance fairly quickly. She's very hard to catch because of this.

Don't ignore the knockback that the third hit gives you. It's just as much of an interrupt as Ki Burst with almost the same range and duration.

The biggest thing that frustrates me about this move is that you cannot use it while snared. Keep that in mind if your opponent has a snaring move, like Maokai.

- Tips on Ki Burst
It's fantastic for securing a kill. Low health enemy trying to escape? A quick stun allows your carry to get that last shot. A quick stun can hold them in place for another teammate to hit with a slower skill like an Ashe's Enchanted Crystal Arrow or a targeted skill like Annie's Summon: Tibbers stun.

It also has uses when trying to initiate a fight. Someone's out of position? Valor into a Ki Burst to let the rest of your team catch up. Chasing a group down? Valor and Ki Burst the slowest member. Either they get abandoned and your team picks up a kill, or the rest of the team comes back to help.

- Tips on Valor
When harassing, you will usually want to start with Valor and lead into Ki Burst. Charging in with a Valor followed by Broken Wings isn't bad if you want to try for a very early kill, since that shield will stop a lot of the first hits, letting you get a clean Broken Wings combo without taking too much damage.

Just like Broken Wings, Riven ignores unit collision while she dashes. You can charge through a minion wave, dash behind a champ, and can get you through thin walls as well, such as Anivia's Crystallize and Jarvan IV's Cataclysm. You can't dash through terrain, though.

It's also incredibly useful for dodging skill-shots and getting away from champs. A small dart to the side or away from your enemy is usually enough. And even if it's not, you've gained a damage soaking shield.

Valor should be your tool of choice when facechecking brush. If you really want to find out if anyone's in the bush, Valor right on in. Hell, I charge in when I know that a Shaco has been dropping boxes. It clears the boxes without you taking damage.

This skill will also not work while snared. Snare will prevent you from gaining a very important Valor shield, so make sure you avoid it when possible. This is another reason why Mercury's Treads are so important to Riven.

- Tips on Blade of the Exile
This is best used at the beginning of a fight or right before you charge into a lane for a gank. The damage bonus you get is absolutely absurd. You'll also get the longest attack range of any melee champ.

Just like Garen, using her ult too soon will often result in too little damage to kill your target. It is meant to be a finisher. There is a significant damage difference between a high HP target and a low HP target. Don't waste it by firing early.

There is a short delay on actually firing Wind Slash. If your target is at the extreme range of the move, you most likely won't hit if they're running from you. You can kill that low health enemy trying to recall from the brush, or an Akali trying to hide in her Twilight Shroud. It will also hit over walls.

If you've got a high-damage character on your team, don't hesitate to use this if a group of enemies is almost low enough to kill. Even if they don't die, it inflicts equal damage on a whole group. It can cut to the back-line carry or support, and it can deal a large amount of damage for an Akali or Talon to finish them off. Don't be afraid to use it when you can; sometimes it provides more benefits if you use it a little bit early.

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Doran's blade is the perfect start for riven since it gives you a mix of health and damage to help you get first bloods.

Ionian boots: this is the the perfect item for riven since it reduces the cool down of riven's attacks and help you escape and attack more often and stun enemies more often you will be surprised of how much damage ki burst can do.

Avarice blade: the core item of getting kills you will do destructive blows after this item.

wriggles lantern: since riven don't have a healing ability but with this item you can turn offence to defense and heal yourself through attacking and dont forget this item's passive which is 20% to do 425 damage to a creep or a monster so your farming will also get better after building this item and that is not all its active gives a sight ward to reveal hidden enemies specially shaco since he is the most annoying hero in the game in my opinion.

brutilizer: a perfect cool down - damage item.

youmuu's ghost blade : you will feel like riven is a different hero after this item through this item's active higher movement speed and attack speed and devastating blows!!!!!

wits end: enhance life steal through attack speed and gives magic resistance to give a breather from mages attacks.

as for blood thirster and phantom dancer these items for killing enemies faster i believe after completing these you can get a penta kill but don't be hasty take your time and think wisely before attempting that.

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thank you for your support but know this if you read this guide you will only get basics about riven as i said before it needs a lot of skill and good timing hope you had fun and play fair and remember what is broken can be reforged :)))))))))))))))))))))))))