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Draven Build Guide by Elbazar

AD Carry The executioner with axes

AD Carry The executioner with axes

Updated on March 20, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Elbazar Build Guide By Elbazar 1,892 Views 0 Comments
1,892 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Elbazar Draven Build Guide By Elbazar Updated on March 20, 2014
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In this guide I will teach you guys how to play my favorite AD carry and give you some tips so new Draven's can learn, and some tips veterans can use to become better.

I will also try to teach you the reason for, why Draven is one of the strongest AD Carry's in solo queue and his surprising utility.

I hope you enjoy and learn from this guide.
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Summoner spells

Every time i play Draven, i often use Flash and Barrier. Cause then you can hunt with your Flash and Blood rush (W) and you can get away with Flash and Blood rush. And then i take barrier against most of the others adc´s cause it give you so much survivability in the start of the game, so you can get a more secure kill or just run backwards to your turret if you get ganked.
If you play against adc´s like Vayne it´s a good idea to pick Exhaust against her, so her ult isn´t that good again, and get away or get a kill.
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For runes I´ll take 9x armor yellows, 9x attack damage red, 9x magic resist blue and 3 Attack damage Quint. I use these runes and I think they are original, but it works for me.
With these runes you can survive a little longer in lane because of the armor yellows, Especially when you are playing against an adc, which got long range and good poke (like Caitlyn).

If I´m playing against an aggressive lane, with a lot of poke like a Nidalee or another AD carry, I´ll pick 2x ad quint and 1x life steal quint, instead of flat ad quints.
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For masteries I pick 21-9-0. 21 in offense because of the ekstra dmg in early game,
and 9 in defense, so you get more sustain and the opponent make less dmg on you.
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I have played Draven for a long time now, since in the middle of season 3. And I have tried many different kind of builds, but this one is the best if you want ridiculous good damage from Draven. You start with the dorans blade and a potion. When you have farmed enough you go for B.F sword and Vampiric scepter, so you later can build a Bloodthirster. When you have buyed these first 2 items after the starting items, you got good dmg and you can trade dmg against the other adc, and maybe get a kill. but after you have buyed these two items you go for the Zeal for attack speed and crit so you later can buy the Static Shiv and boots for movement speed, so you can build Berserker´s Greaves. After you got these 2 items you buy the Last Whisper for full dmg on every other opponent. The Last Whisper got Amor penetration so you can easily take down 1 or 2 opponents if you play well. Now you got two options, you can go full ad with a GA (guardian angel) or you can buy a defensive item more without the GA, like "Frozen mallet" or " Maw of Malmortius" so you can stand longer in Team fights.

I rather go for the Last option, because you got the ekstra defense so they have to use more abilities and more time on you to take you down.
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Creeping / Jungling

As Draven you REALLY want to farm with your Q. cause Dravens passive "League of Draven" is evil, even though they nerfed it. Every time you catch a spinning axe or kill a minion or monster, Draven gains a stack of adoration, when Draven kills a champion, he consumes all the stacks he has and gains 2 gold per stack consumed + a flat 50g so every kill is worth a minimum of 350g before death reductions of course, he also loses half of his stacks when killed. And this is why Draven is the strongest (after my opinion) AD carry atm.

Thanks for taking a look at my guide, I hope you learned from it, and can use it. :)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Elbazar
Elbazar Draven Guide
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The executioner with axes

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