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Draven Build Guide by thebluecrusader

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League of Legends Build Guide Author thebluecrusader

The Formidable League of Draven

thebluecrusader Last updated on February 16, 2013
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The Definitive Draven

Welcome to my Draven guide, in this guide I will be going over everything I know about Draven. I have a very high winrate as Draven and rarely lose my games. I'm going to go over the build and also the counterpicks. To begin, read the following chapters.

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Counter picks

Now I'm going to go over counterpicks, this is very important because counterpicks will determine your possible win or loss. Now If i get counterpicked and I pick my carry first , then usually I can play safe and still win. This is a very good thing to do, if you are generally countered, you must play very safe and purely farm. This may have to be done at the turret if needed.

Counters to Draven I find hard to beat include Varus, varus has a good range of cc and damage output and he really outdoes Draven. Luckily in ranked solo/duo I don't come across a Varus very often but if the other team picks a varus play very safe or if you're the next pick do not pick Draven unless you are a very condfident player. Caitlyn is also a very strong pick against a Draven, usually Caitlyn is an easy win for me if i play against her, but if she gets fed on farm or if your support is bad, this could also determine a win or a loss for you.

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Draven is very overpowered this season as you should now by now, so this means farm is very important. Getting that farm means the quicker you can rush the items , the better because of the insane damage from the build. Outfarming your oponent as an Adcarry is very important to out damage your oponent.

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Ranked Play

Ranked play
In Ranked, Draven is in my opinion one of the best AD Carries and when he gets fed he is literally unstoppable unless hard cc'd. So my tips are for ranked is to play safe and farm, late game once you get to the last whisper stage you will be hitting some nice damage and when you top your build off with the black cleaver you will shred everyone including tanks very quickly.