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Jax General Guide by PopsicleFun

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PopsicleFun

The Grand Master at your service

PopsicleFun Last updated on April 13, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Elise - Build a ****load of sustain because this ***** will just poke you to no end. No real counters, avoid leaping on him and trying to e stun in 1v1 trades if she has stun+rappel up.

Jax - Mirror lane, if you play normals you'll get one of these once in a while. Try to be the first one to stun with your e and win the trade, it's a really annoying lane tbh.

Kayle - Go aggressive early and try to get a bilgewater cutlass/hextech gunblade/botrk so you can slow him down with the active as he slows you down with her Q so she can't kite you.

Kha'Zix - He is really ****ing strong after level 6 and he snowballs hard. Be careful, do not feed him early or you will be abused hard. Try to bait his E and then punishing him for it. Don't fight if you are isolated as his Q deals immense damage.

Lee Sin - Avoid his Q at all cost, it hurts like hell. And after level 6 I emphasize, do not get hit by his Q if you're low because q-r-q will end your life. He will sustain pretty hard through his w, so trade accordingly.

Malphite - Hardcounter. He will make your attack speed close to 0.3 early with his e if you get near, he will probably win early trades. Just farm and get some sustain preferrably. If he runs teleport and tries to tp somewhere in your sight make sure to interrupt it with your stun.

Nunu - He actually counters you, but you'll outscale him hard late. Just try to buy early sustain to not get driven out of lane by that iceball spam, get a jungler there asap because you're on a really low kill potential this lane. You can't drive him out of lane but he can drive you out.

Rumble - You generally shouldn't want to play a melee ranged champ against him. Try to move irrationally to dodge the harpoons and the slow it brings. And try not to squish in narrow places so that his ult can't pin you down hard. Get some sustain, mercs and farm up.

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Laning and Gamephases

LANING and Gamephases

Early Game

Jax is a machine if played correctly, but he won't be relevant if shut down correctly. In lane early you should take a path on how you're going to approach the game: are you against a hardcounter such as Renekton or Malphite? Or are you against a favourable matchup such as Riven or Fiora? A good player with a counterpick will make you have a hard time, but you can survive the lane if you play your cards correctly: Jax loves when you initiate a trade. A renekton who blows his gapcloser to engage locks himself on a Jax who uses his counter-strike and starts trading back. A Malphite who harasses you permanently can be outsustained through lifesteal and hp regen, as he will run out of mana. That's when you become the bully against him.

But all-in-all, Jax has a decent early game, as he is hard to kill through his e and q as an escape. If you have a hard time, just make it through the early game by farming and staying alive. Remember that you can buy defensive early if you struggle, Doran's Shield is a great item, you can even rush a negatron cloak or a Warden's mail if you want to be more farm-oriented.

About itemizing early game, you should either start with a Cloth armor and 5x health pots or Doran's shield and a health potion as I suggested. You should try to miss as few lasthits as possible, so that you can maximize the efficiency of your first backing. When you do go back for the first time, depending on the amount of gold that you have, you should buy a Doran's Blade. If you have more, you could buy 1st tier boots. Never forget to buy a ward. Jax is really vulnerable to cc and ganking, and it's easy to throw a lane by not warding. If you do back with 1300-1500 gold, then I suggest you buy a Bilgewater Cutlass straight. If you have about 1300, then just go Vampiric Scepter and a Doran's blade.

Early game you should target to have atleast these items: Doran's Blade, Vampiric Scepter, some wards, 1st tier boots. If you're against a physical damage dealing lane, then you could also have a Doran's Shield, cloth armor or Chain Vest if you're struggling. Against a magical damage dealing lane, you should try to get an early Null-Magic Mantle or Negatron Cloak.

Mid Game

This is when your power starts to grow, as you hopefully have your Blade of the Ruined King. It will give you great amounts of sustain and trading potential, as well as the power to assassinate a squishy with the power it gives you. Don't be afraid to push your lane and roam if the enemy doesn't allow you to push the turret. But if your lane opponent chooses to roam, then you should push the turret down. You should generally keep your eyes open at this point to see if there are skirmishes happening near you, as blade of the ruined king makes you powerful. You should try your luck in a 1v1 against your lane-opponent at this point if you aren't behind, as Jax is a really powerful duelist. You can also start splitpushing if you notice your lane being empty often. If a squishy carry tries to defend alone, you can attempt diving them as you are really strong with items available.

At this point you are either itemizing to fit your offensive or defensive needs, as I suggested in the previous chapter. If you do go for Trinity Force, then you should usually build a Phage into a Sheen followed by the recipe as this build path is the most benefitting in terms of stats. [imgsmall=items/trinity-force.png] is great for splitpushing and if you're focusing on that, you should build it. Spirit Visage is great for sustaining and being able to fight with magic damage dealers and not being assassinated by AP carries while Randuin's Omen is great for defending and teamfighting.

But like I mentioned, your midgame should consist of mobile movement around the map creating pressure. Splitpushing or ganking other lanes, it doesn't matter, as your power is greatly increased from since you laned. Make sure to let your team know of your orientation so they can capitalize on the impact of it.

Late Game

This is when you reach your godlike status. You will deal immense damage while being tanky as hell. You should be almost full build, 4 or 5 items atleast. You can start forcing fights, as you are a power to be reckoned with, and if your opponents ignore your presence, you will wreak havoc during a teamfight. Good luck.

You can channel your presence in other ways, as well. You can splitpush, like you I mentioned before. You will destroy turrets REALLY, really fast. If your team does get engaged upon 4v5, you can still probably take advantage of this by going all-out push mode. This will guarantee the attention of the enemy team, as if you are let alone, you will push down the inhibitor, possibly a nexus turret. Jax has a great passive to splitpush, and if you have built as I have advised, you will also have the constant trinity-sheen procs and some nice attack speed.

Just please do make sure your team takes advantage of the enemy teams disorientation when you splitpush, tell them to force objectives or push another lane. Do not be afraid if your enemy teams squishy carries come to defend as they are easy prey for you. Dive them if you are confident you won't be ganked or you see the rest of their team sieging your other lanes. However, don't be overconfident and try to dive a Malphite or a Shen, as the turret will deal insane damage to you as you stay under it.

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Jaximus tricks

Always carry a ward, you can escape using it by planting it and using your Q on it.

Activate E before you jump and activate it again to stun them as you land, but be careful that this way you won't have it up if you're fighting someone like an ad carry who deals a lot of damage with autoattacks.

After you've hit level 6, hit a creep twice and then leap to your opponent and land an auto attack for leap strike damage + your ultimates proc.

Always reset your autoattack timer with w by attacking and just when the animation is finished activate w.

You can jump to anything, minions, jarvan flag, thresh lamp etc. Same goes for teleport, if you choose to run it on Jax.

Always activate your ultimate when a teamfight erupts, this will make a huge difference if you've bought something like bork/trinity because it scales from your ad/ap.

If you're escaping, try putting your E on and turning around to stun them and then proceed running for some distance.

Use BOTRK if they have a dash to keep up with them if you can't stun them.

HP is really great on Jax. His ult synergizes so well with it while having one of the highest base HPs of the game.
WOMBO COMBO - The combo for Jax is: Q->E->AA->empowered AA->W


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