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Blitzcrank Build Guide by Sunfire230

Support The Immortal Hook - Mana Blitz Support Guide

By Sunfire230 | Updated on May 20, 2013

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My name is Sunfire230 from EUW server.
I don't like to support,im always bored with supporting,and i like to deal massive damage.
I discovered Blitzcrank ! He is a really awesome support,but i don't like support items on him.
because he will make things happen,so gp5 items are not needed,and because you are protecting your carry(beside hooking whenever its not on cd) you need tankyness.This is where Mana Barrier comes in,and you get 1500 hp shield randomly suprising the enemy carry.
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The build is focusing on Mana Barrier,but i like to get all sides of the champ.
This is why we build tanky/ad mana from items,use mage runes,and tank masteries.
This many sided build gives you both kinds of damage and makes you immortal.

For any other comments,look for notes.
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As a support you ward,and do what you must do.
But you won't buy support items like Ruby Sightstone or Runic Bulwark,neither gp5.
Because you will always be in action,you need your stats,your mana,and you will get money from these actions.

And it's absolutly fun to hook everybody!

You have 1 kind of enemy tha you will hate.Those who own jumps.
This is a very funny story,but they will "bug out" themselves of your hook. ( Ezreal , Tristana )

I really don't like these kinda mechanics in the game,but we have to deal with that Tristana jumps while hooked etc.,etc.
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This is the end of this fast guide.
I hope i helped a lot,i'll leave a pic here why i love playing blitz when i can't really play support.

Thanks For Reading!
League of Legends Build Guide Author Sunfire230
Sunfire230 Blitzcrank Guide

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The Immortal Hook - Mana Blitz Support Guide