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Kha'Zix General Guide by MagicBloodLine

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MagicBloodLine

The Jungle Kha'Zix evolving Guide

MagicBloodLine Last updated on October 5, 2012
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About me

Welcome, I'm MagicBloodLine, low elo player from NA server, but also an experienced player with Kha'Zix. I have around +95 wins in normal games than defeats and I'm a player that is actually over 700 wins. I use oftenly squishy master champions (like kha zix and others) and sometimes somehow troll builds (AD malzahar, AP yi in normals, support fiddlesticks, troll karthus dominion)

I made this guide mostly because like you reader, I love kha ziz and if you weren't interested in it you would not be reading a guide of Kha'Zix. Because my build, masteries and runes aren't taken from other Kha'Zix page I decided to make this kha zix guide. If I had read a guide for a champ that I didn't know to use at all and then became good, I would NOT create a guide of that champion because not being a pioner of the theme.

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We all know that this new jungle/assasin champion is not easy to use at all and there are so many forms to build it, so it gives the chance for a polemic discussion of what masteries, runes and how to build it. In this playstyle, we will go as a burst damage AD caster, spamming mostly Q and jumping ahead to enemies if a kill is possible (like tristana W if wings are evolved!).

In this guide is recommend to you go mostly as an AD caster for these motives.

* It's a champion that beneficts more in cooldown reduction than from atack speed.
* Less auto atack dependant (more balanced if they silence or blind you)
* Harder to counter because it's probably a new kind of jungler, so enemies are less experienced againist you if you go like this guide.

Also you should try a bit harder than with most junglers to find your own style, at the momment I found it better as how I build it (of about +10 games of jungling Kha'Zix in normals! and I'm NOT droping playing it!)

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Pros and Cons


* Kills squishy enemy champions too quickly by an insane burst damage.
* It's not that dependant of auto atacks than the tought by the most people. You can take adventage of this by doing more damage by skills!
* If silenced, you have atleast an efficent auto atacks of +275 Atack Damage at late game.
* Not known well as enemy jungler, so you can take that point of your enemies.
* Lots of burst damage (again because it's beast!)
* Items like thornamil and randuims doesn't apply in your skills, so they don't counter you that much.
* Adapts more to your personal play style than any other jungler!
* Really Funz to play!
* It's not humanoid and devour people! :D


* Probably very useless in your first game if built wrongly!
* Squishy as hell
* Enemies get anoyed of you, so you get their focus quickly.
* Silence ruins you more than what you would expect.
* Low Crown Control before lv6.
* Hard to masterise, need specific combo of runes, masteries and items.
* Easy to misstake at anything.
* It's dance is probably the worst in the whole game D:

As you can see, this jungler has lots of PROS and CONS, so it's probably that some players finds more oftnely it's cons than it's pros, resulting in probably a not funny champion for these.

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I bring you the information that is in the wiki of each skill of Kha'Zix in this guide plus my opinion of each one. I hope, you get what the champion.

Useful slow, also somehow low damage per hit. it's your passive also it's too easy to miss it sometimes if the ultimate is not unlocked. If evolved W it adds to your void spikes too!

Be noticed that, when you stealth (if they can't see you while it) it resets your passive to can be used AGAIN! each time you get stealthed by it's ult. Mixes really good with your ultimate.

I oftenly evolve this skill 1st or 2nd with an equal priority as the wings. It's important to max rank this skill 1st at lv9, but this doesn't mean "OMG so because this skill is my 1st priority I will evolve ALWAYS it first!" LIE it's pair as the wings. Just spam it as you can in the most squishy in your range.

Honestly, if you are not top Kha'Zix just get it at lv2 and as you can't level up any longer the Taste your fear and the Leap cannot be upgaraded then get this. It's the evolution that I get less oftenly, mostly because I don't like this skill shot at all, but it's indeed needed atleast at rank 1 because the sustain (for jungling oftenly) that it gives when casting and for it get strongered mostly by your Atack Damage.

Important NOTE: if enganging directly is too dangerous, it's a must to envolve! so remplace the priority of the jump to the void spikes.

It's really my favorite skill of Kha'Zix so it's for me at the same priority for me for envolving first as the larger claws. If you are going to tower dive enemies and want to be a fearless hunter that towers will not save them of you, then get this and kill them in their OWN turret and then JUMP away! I get the wings upgarade most of the times, even more times than the claws.

Leap works like tristana rocket jump (her W) so as a tristana player I got adicted to this skill.

It is a must that you should get in levels 6, 11 and 16. It envolves one of your abilities as you wish! and this stuff is what makes what Kha'Zix is! The active stealth is useful to start a gank with it, get stealthed EXACTLY where you find that their vision begins and then as you can, Leap and get your pray!

A second cast is ... good... normally the 1st stealth is with you begin a gank at +lv6, but the second can be used or to engange your oponent or to leave with after you get him. If wings are evolved, you can EVEN tower dive and finish your prey with if you aren't going to take more than 3 turret hits (at full hp) and then jumping back to be safe.

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Summoner Spells

A very short explanation why Smite and Exhaust.

* Smite: if you are a experienced jungler you should understand why. Helps to you to kill Bigger golem at blue quicker with high true damage at lv1, it's awesomely useful for counter jungling an enemy buff (if they are that bad jungler) and for dragont/baron stealing. By paying your life for killing a dragon with smite, you have done a good job for the whole team for that very useful +180 gold for anyone in your team, so don't get upset if you kill dragon with the smite when there were enemies and you died for it.
* Exhaust: you lack of much CC, Kha'Zix in this way is like Master Yi at this point. Appart of incresing masively your chances of killing the enemy laner(s) it aproves the main rule for what Kha'Zix is made for: killing by taking the less amount of damage possible.

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We all know that Kha'Zix is mostly beneficted by AD and probably by cooldown reduction. The way that I use the masteries is making a lot easier the jungling in low levels because we have to admit that Kha'Zix is a fragible and somehow weak jungler in the levels 1-3.

A quick explanation of each mastery point.

* Summoners Wrath [1]: you will need it for your improved exhaust to harass your enemy when ganking.
* Brute force [3]: I preffer this than butcher because butcher only aplies in auto atacks, so this means softer damage in Q, and in champions than a point in brute force.
* Alacracity [4]: More than obvius, you need that atack speed and the Weapon Expertice mastery.
* Sorcery [4]: Sorcery looks like rare for an AD champion, but people like Renekton, Riven and now Kha'Zix are benefcited by this. It helps you to get the 21/9 easier by avoiding Dealiness that isn't that strong (only +9 atack damage at lv18) and 2 less points in havoc (1% extra damage isn't that much as +2% cooldown reduction)
* Weapon Expertice [1]: Indeed a must.
* Vampirism [3]: For less hostile jungling, we must take this. Otherwise you probably would not be able to kill anything else than wolves, blue, wraiths and wolves (again).
Sunder [3]: Helps you to even jungle quicker and mixes good with the +10 armor pen from your runes.
* Executioner [1]: Helps you to slain enemies quicker and probably to take some kill steals if needed. If you are going 21/9/0 you MUST have this.

* Hardiness [3]: +3 extra armor that helps considerable when jungling.
* Tought Skin [2]: A must because the jungle creeps, otherwise you would need to RECALL before getting a good amount of gold.
* Vigor [3]: Helps mostly in jungling phase, appart of giving defense points that you need for bladed armor. Supussing that you will be in the jungle 1 minute before in the 1st recall, you would regenerate a total of 36 health, softly more than veteran scars.
* Bladed armor [1]: I like this mastery for jungling Kha'Zix because it helps to finish the jungle quicker and because of softly weaker jungle creeps, you take decreased damage.

The ressult that we will see by using this mastery is a confortable jungling phase, quicker ganks at lv2, lv3 and or lv4. Jungle creeps will not be as painful as before if using other mastery page of 21/9/0. I wanted to keep the assasin element of Kha'Zix instead a more tanky like one, so here we have a viable 21/9/0 mastery page. I preffer mostly 21/9/0 because Kha'Zix doesn't have that lot of CC than others jugnlers like Skarner, Warwick, Amumu but has a s***load of burst damage if well used.

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A simple explanation of why standard jungle runes instead of flat AD in Kha'Zix.

* Marks of Alacracity [9]: It's well known than this 15% atack speed + the classic 10 armor pen from the quints is the quickest way to finish the jungle, so if you finish your jungle quicker you will take less damage. Appart, Kha'Zix builds oftenly has tonts of damage (frequently over 300 in mid/late game) so that 15% atack speed in auto atacks makes more difernece than +9 Atack Damage from your Marks runes.
* Seals of Resilence [9]: These are indeed my favorite runes for a seal slot in any champ, also oftenly I get [6] instead of [9] if not jungling by remplacing the other [3] restant in Armor per level runes. But because you are jungling you should totally focus in flat armor to gank with more health and not being derped by a smart enemy laner. Kinda preffer armor than health because potions are more effective with higher ressistance.
* Gylph of Shielding [9]: Magic ressistance per level runes are the best in any jungler because they are no jungle creeps that deal magic damage to you, and it saves you at late game of these AP bursts that we all hate. I don't recommend either the flat Magic Resistnace because if you are ganking a mid lane, you should finish him off as quickly you can to take even less damage, just leave these blue runes for a better survivavility in lv18 teamfights.
* Quinnestence of Desolation [3]: These mixed with your alacracity runes means the fastest average jungling cleaning. 10 amor penetration isn't much againist champions, but againist the jungle creep it's a lot because their armor is around 10 (except the golem, elder lizard, dragon and baron) but also it helps considerably againist these.

Quick jungling, Safer jungling, good gankability (depending your skill level with Kha'Zix) and probably you will feel "but wait, I'm Kha'Zix I should have more AD in my auto atacks" but don't care of that, I've tried flat AD runes and they aren't that good for jungling for any kind of champion.

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Kha'Zix builds has a larger ratios of items than most of the champions. You will may like it with tons of dps items as Phamtom Dancers, Infinite edge, etc... as somehow tanky with even more offensive (trinity force like items) or probably as another AD caster as talon.

As the explained, this guide is going to guide you to build mostly an AD caster Kha'Zix. There we go with our recommended item lists.

Long Sowrd + 1 potion: +10 atack damage helps your Q to deal +16 damage per each cast (each 3.5 seconds) so it's a strong bonus to begin with, and it's later built in favorite Wriggles lamp!

1st Recall
Boots + cloth armor: If you had atleast a good leash, you will be able to kill 2 times the wolves, 2 times the Wraiths, 1 time the Ancient Golem and 1 time the small golems if you have consumed your starting potion. As you got the boots and the cloot armor you are ready to gank with a gread efficience if you hit atleast your Q (Taste your fear) and W (Leap). This first gank (probably before red) has a great chance of killing an enemy from a lane if it's not warded.

Wriggles Lamp => Boots => Brutalizer => Ionian boots: this is your core build because it adds you some damage, +10 armor pen, important life steal when jungling, considerable movility (counting in your 325 movement base, almost as Master yi that is 330!), FREE WARD EVERY 3 MINUTES ... OMG SO OP (Overpowered)! and -25% cooldown reduction that will help you to Use one more time your Q (Taste their fear) most of times when ganking. Mixed with your 2nd focus in your E (Leap) it may mean a double jump gank! (if wings evolved, jump, tower dive and kill, then jump back to be safe)

Finished recommended build
Wriggles lamp (probably remplaced later by other stronger item as a blood trister) + Ionian Boots + Brutalizer (probably lately upgaraded to Youmous ghost blade) + Black Cleaver + Guardian Angel + Last Whisper: It's my dreamed build for late game, also becuase Kha'Zix never completes build when winning because desides too much in early game (as an early win or defeat). I have proved that it's too effectived againist people that thinks "Oh, a Kha'Zix then Ninja tabies" but that isn't that useful againist it! you deal most damage by spells than from auto atacks!

Explanation of each single recommended Item:

* Wriggles lamp: Extra sustain (15% life steal and +23 armor if I'm right), some more atack damage, some chance to make magic damage critical damage vs jungle creeps and minions and FREE WARD! ^.^

* Ionian Boots: polemic desicition that I've made. But I think they are the best for Kha'Zix because ... what beneficts more Kha'Zix 20% more atack speed or +15% cooldown reduction that works in any spell of you? I insist at the 15% cooldown reduction because more it would mean more Q (more Taste their fear), More E (Leaps) an ultimate more oftenly avalible.

* Doran Blade(s): provides you earlier good stats than any other item. If you get both, it's +20 AD, +6% life steal and +160 hp (it's about a 1/7 - 1/5 of your normal max health when you get it!). Before the brutalizer means higher stats than rushing for it.

* Brutalizer: early objective item that will help you much with the soft aditional damage, considerable 10 armor pen and important 10% cooldown reduction.

* Yomous: I would recommend to you to take it at very late game, instead of earlier. Doesn't add that much damage for it's cost, but it's active, upgaraded armor pen and cooldown reduction are really awesome in Kha'Zix.

* Black Cleaver: compenses your 20% from your missing berserker greaves, plus adding you +55 atack damage and -45 armor ignoring after 3 auto atacks, so this mean that your abilities will deal as much damage as ignoring a COMPLETE chain vest! added with your brutalizer and 10 armor pen from runes it's really deadly (mostly for carry like people!)

* Last Whisper: get this item only if you notice that anyone that you are fighting oftenly or many enemies got too much armor. Makes you useful again for fighting these people.

* Blood Trister: feel free to take one of this after your black cleaver if the enemies haven't bought enough armor to be considered by you for a last whisper. You can get a 2nd blood trister selling your Wriggles because wriggles in full build is somehow weak.

* Guardian Angel: You can take this item if you are getting pwned by leaping badly or by a indifirent team that let you die. I would recommend to get this item if you are being focused too much.

Others recommended items (situational mostly!)

* Maw of Malmortius: grants enough magic ressistance that helps a lot if they got too much magic pen or ability power. Appart of it's good base damage, it has an active that gives you a shield of 400 health that will abosrb damage before you take considerably wounded and a passive that adds you some more atack damage per each % of health that you are missing. get this if Heavy AP focusing you.

* Phamtom dancer: not as recommended as the other items, but this may make you closer of your enemy at any time making you to spam your Taste their fear (Q) much more oftenly if they are quicker and with almost no chance of escaping of you. Doesn't add any point of atack damage so you should be really sure if a game needs it or not because having it in a game that doesn't need it may cuase you a defeat. I havent tested this yet.

* Frozen heart: well... you must not be a tanky Kha'Zix, but if you are getting pwned by heavy physical damage from a carry, you can take this item to decrease his atack speed, for a +99 armor, -20% cooldown reduction and some more mana that will may be useful if having constantly 40% cooldown reduction. If you pick this iteam, I recommend to remplace it from the brutalizer.

* Thornmail: if focused by heavy AD, you can mind to get a thornmail, it's cheap 2000 cost price makes it very accesible and gives you an awesome 100 armor for 2000 gold (2 chain vest gives to you 90 armor for 1400, so 100 armor without the thornmail effect would cost 1540 aproximally. It counters people like tryndamere, caithlyn and any kind of carry that is really fed and taking out your teammates one by one. I tried it once and the ressult was a total win of 11/1/6 (you can look for the screenshots before postdata!)

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The game that made me to recommend the thornamil in this guide.

Stadistically, thornmail was a very right desition in this. I noticed that the carries were killing to often so I gone thornmail. Because of price I didn't go for guardian angel, so I could really wonder the real efficience of a thornmail.

My Kha'Zix have done a really good job at doing the most damage. Not only to minions, it did to enemy champions too by a possibly one of the best burst damage. Focused in Orianna and in Caith in this game I was the key of the victory.

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Post data

The guide is actually under construction, I have spent almost an hour writing in it for saying you how good can be Kha'Zix and how to masterise it earlier by saving you the time that costed me of 8 games to find my final build. Feedback and comments would be a pleasure, because as you I'm a newbie of Kha'Zix but I studied enough of him to know more than most of you.

I know it's pending creeping/jungling, and may some other points of this guide, but I will write that it probably a next day. I will check the comments regulary, I would have no problems to get some harsh critic if it's constructive instead of a "I blame you noob because ..." or something like that. I hope you get funz and lots of wins with this Kha'Zix guide!


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Pending upgarades

For pending upgarades are these stuff that can make this guide even better. Part of thes are stuff that I find that should be done and people's request for missing stuff or details.

Pending stuff list for the guide
- Images of the wiki about Kha'Zix skills instead of text.
- More images in the guide.
- Upgarades in the grammar of some parts of it, I'm not a native speaker.


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