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Jayce Humor Guide by RuthlessVanBuren

The Legendary "15 Spell"

The Legendary "15 Spell"

Updated on November 12, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author RuthlessVanBuren Build Guide By RuthlessVanBuren 1,468 Views 0 Comments
1,468 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author RuthlessVanBuren Jayce Build Guide By RuthlessVanBuren Updated on November 12, 2012
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  • LoL Champion: Jayce
  • LoL Champion: Elise

First of all, I apologize...

...for I am not the master of this guide. In fact, I find it hard to even remember I have 1 item(s) with an active ability at my disposal regularly. But, as one must face one's fears to conquer them, and one must smoke packs of cigarettes to stop smoking (I never got that, they're addictive, aren't they?), one must have 6 extra spells on top of a max spell champ to remember the importance and power of the 'active' items. And in all seriousness, if one were to spam all of one's 15 spells perfectly, and become used to it, this could be a very, very viable build. Let us begin.

Quick count before we begin: 7 champ skills + 2 summ skills + 6 active items = 15 skills, cool.
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All Jayced Up, and Ready to Go!

Jayce is one of those characters that is pretty good no matter how he's built. (Jayce fans are now pissed...) He's just naturally... good, what with the tankiness and % damage and all. Also, he has 7 skills, rather than the usual 4, to spam at people in an endless spell sequence. I say, we Juice Jayce up, so that his endless spell sequence is dense with more spell spammage.

The Blade of the Ruined Banker can be replaced with any other active of your choice, if playing a 5v5. May I suggest Jungle Jayce with Wriggles?
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Excess is Elegance is Elise

Elise, you beautiful chasing jungling ganking % damage dealing monster. By building her with active items, you ensure that she is tanky, a great team supporter, and heavy damage dealer, what with her Deathfire Grass and all.

One quick super side note: when activating her 'W' and the Ghostblade in spider form at the same time will make sure you stay on your prey, your spiders stay on your prey, you don't die and they do. Though your spiders will not benefit from your increased attack speed, they will benefit from your increased move speed, so they will be all over them like stink on a monkey.
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15 Pros / 15 Cons

Okay, so 15 pros and 15 cons is way overly excessive, that's what makes it so good!


+ 15 skills to spam per engage, less if you engage more than 1 times per minute.
+ The team is shielded, sped up, and the enemy is slowed down with the roll of an limp appendage of your choice.
+ All will fear you (especially your team, as they might think you are trolling, which you will be)
+ Mastering this means unlocking your full potential


- Hurts the brain to keep track of 15 skills
- Hurts the brain to keep track of 15 skills
- Hurts the brain to keep track of 15 skills
- No boots, sorry, use Ghostblade, and all those gap closers and stuns
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So, that's pretty much it. I'd say this build give a fair amount of all stats, tankiness, supportiness, damage, and works really great with both Jayce and Elise, considering their % damage, and spell variety.

Hey, I can hear you haters out there saying that nobody 'NEEDS' to have 15 spells on one character. Well, nobody 'NEEDS' to win every game either, but it would be nice, right? Just a lil sumtin to think 'bout.

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