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Twisted Fate Build Guide by Orochi Iori

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Orochi Iori

The Magnificent Hybrid Twisted Fate

Orochi Iori Last updated on June 29, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hybrid Twisted Fate

My hybrid build revolves around making Twisted Fate viable against most champs, not just mid laners. He is recommended as an AP Carry, however I feel that given his AD Ratios on "pick a card" and his "stacked deck" passive; he can be more aggressive despite his squishy-ness. With that said, with the selected Runes, Masteries and Item Sets; you get quite a balance of damage both AP and AD. **quick note, the only type of defense you will build is 24 Armor from Seals and 25 Magic Resist form Wit's End; thus it is critical that you play defensively early game till you have built enough sustain from Hextech Gunblade and the primary items.

Early game he will be weak, so you must be care to build up steady till you can get your primary items(Sorcerer's Shoes, Nashor's Tooth & Wit's End) for that DPS Yellow Card->Wild Cards->Auto-Attack Combo. This may sound like a bad start, but be patient and play smart, you will yield more damage mid to late game. Anyway, around this time your auto attacks will yield +70 bonus magic damage from Nashor's Tooth, Wit's End and Spellsword PER HIT! With a speed of 1.4 roughly, the damage adds up quickly.

Next you need to build Lifesteal from Hextech Gunblade(also later you will use this often in combination with your DPS Combo to take out priority targets) which will also bring both your AD and AP to around 165; by this time your damage output is considerable from both your Wild Cards poke and your Pick a Card ablity. After this is done your role will only get stronger.

Finally to finish your build, you will get BloodThirster and Rabadon's Deathcap to maximize your AD to 288 and your AP to 400. With your Stacked Deck passive maxed out, your attack speed should be around 1.88; thus completing your hybrid build on Twisted Fate. Meaning the following:

- Your Wild Cards poke damage deals around 520 magic damage
- Your Pick a Card bonus damage with Yellow deals around 493 magic damage(Red 538 and Blue 578)
- Your Stacked Deck bonus damage deals around 315 magic damage

- Your basic attack deals 288 physical damage PLUS 137 in magic damage (20 from Spellsword,42 from Wit's End and 75 from Nashor's Tooth) for a total of 437 damage per hit plus if your stacked deck is ready an extra 315 magic damage for a total of 740 Damage!
- Your life steal maxed out will be 30% per basic attack and 20% spell vamp per ability
- Cool down reduction will be less 20% from Nashor's Tooth
- Your Attack speed will be 1.88

Against AP carries, you will be able to poke damage them from afar with Wild Cards till you can close in for a kill using your DPS Combo: Yellow Card(505 damage)->Wild Cards(520 damage)->Stacked Deck(752 damage)!!

Against AD carries, you can engage with your DPS Combo: Yellow Card(505 damage)->Wild Cards(520 damage)->Stacked Deck(740 damage) and still remain engaged for a kill because your attack speed and life steal will match if not exceed theirs!

Against Bruisers, they might have huge amounts of health and armor, but most won't build enough magic resist to hold against your bonus magic damage per hit; thus your DPS Combo: Yellow Card(505 damage)->Wild Cards(520 damage)->Stacked Deck(740 damage) will be that much deadlier than expected from you!

Against Tanks, the same applies as bruisers but they might just disengage then prolong their deaths at your hands :)

This is all for now, but rest assure that I have more to cover and modify as I gain more experience from this build. Feel free to provide feedback as it is always welcomed.

**UPDATED 06/28/2013 to lower AD damage down to 288 from 300, but added quintessence of mobility for that extra 4.5% move bonus which will compensate for poke/runners and overall help you be more mobile and deadlier during and after team fights.

- OrochiKnight