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League of Legends Build Guide Author stinglock

The Many Planks of the Gang

stinglock Last updated on June 8, 2011
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[Crit | Hybrid | Mage | Tank]

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There are plenty of GP guides, plenty of better GP guides even, this is just my guide, with my core builds for GP, comments required to vote due to the fact I don't care about votes.
GP has a few uses and builds, this guide attempts to adress them with the 3rd and 4th builds, the chapers primarily address critplank.

All of these builds focus on stackin the 5 gold per 10 items, usually rush two of them and start booting it up then fill up with more of the same, future patches will probably address this, but until then enjoy 'securing endgame' as some like to call it.

Simply replace the gold/10 items one by one when you feel the time is right, or have enough cash to replace it with a complete item such as IE, Phantom, Trinity...
Delaying this works too if your team can hold out.

The 4 Guides, in order from left to right are as follows....

Critplank - The Main GP. The Show stopper, 100% Crit packed into parley. Run around slicing health bars in half. The chapters mainly focus on this build unless otherwise specified.Source.

- Crit with a touch of AP. Critplank build with one or two items changed, a few different masteries to promote AP growth and less focus on getting into melee range.

- When you want to really feel like a pirate. Mageplank can be played many ways, but after they reduced the size and dmg of his Ultimate, they all seem kind of bad. Source

Tankplank - Bit of a joke really, no real cc, no damage mitigation but he does have those oranges!

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Pros / Cons

+ High Ranged DMG with Parlay.
+ Insane Melee DMG
+ Great Farming Ability.
+ Can passively farm with stacked Avarice.
+ Halves enemy healing for 10 seconds with passive
+ Free Cleanse
+ Free AOE Ghost + DMG Boost
+ AOE Slow, Minion Clearing, and Clairvoyance rolled into one Global Ultimate.

- Rather soft, will get focused.
- No Hard CC, only a slow.
- Needs a good tank and cc in his team to really shine.
- 0 Gap Closers and Escapes

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This is just an explanation of why I chose the runes I did. Any stat that really needs to be pushed up goes into Quints, Marks are for complementing dmg, mana goes well in seals, and cdr always goes into blues, I don't even question it anymore, the cdr is needed, the mana regen is needed.

Crit Dmg > Crit Chance.
Crit dmg is easily gained through cheap items, there's only one item that boosts crit dmg, and packing as many runes to boost this is always a good idea if you think you can last.

Mana Regen/LVL for the sole reason you will be stockpiling early game and not spamming, late game, it will provide you with parleys when you need them.

CDR/LVL see above, most per level runes shine endgame, endgame you have ~100% crit, you have dmg, you have the mana regen, and the CDR means it will be ready when you need it.

Gold/Regen Quints work too, although you generally would only put this on a non-Critplank build.

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Oh, wow, I hate masteries, I just end up going fk it sometimes and choose anything and I'm glad that sites like this exist, so many factors, soo many variables, soo much to choose from, does this need magic pen? How often will I see a benifit from this? And should I sacrifice this for that tree.

For some summoners its straight forward, you stack the hell out of the offence tree, and play the positioning game and play the glass cannon.

For all summoners I generally get the EXP, I just hate being outleveld and love hitting 6 before my enemy, not so much of a problem for GP as his ultimate has been reduced to a slow, so skipping it is a possibly.

GP does tear it up a bit in the jungle after he gets it IE on, getting the Jungle Masteries could be worthwhile on hybrid and would be totally worthwhile on Mageplank.

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Skill Sequence

Critplank starts off leveling up Parley at every chance he can, this turns your melee crit dmg into ranged dmg and procs on-hit effects (totally wanting it to dish out the passive too).

From here, get one point in Raise Morale to keep you, and your team mates moving and throw it out prior to those low health parleys for a bit more dmg, the range is good on this, gives you a free bf sword when this skill hits level 5.

Ahh, the Oranges. They be so smexy, you always want to put a point into Remove Scurvy if it you're not doing so well, and heck, why not, it's a heal, and you're dying, it makes perfect sense.

Or NOT... without any AP it will be an instant health pot at level 3, and just shy of two pots at level 5, check the cost of those items and your gold per 5 and do the math. One point to drop the cc, and finish leveling it last.

Ultimate? It used to hurt, applies an AOE slow, and reveals an area and it easily clears a wave mid-lategame.

Use it for the above reasons. KS with it and expect to see your tanks stop taunting for you, your ranged carries ignore people beating on you, and etc etc.
There's no real point saving it for team fights anymore, it does help but throwing it down after they are trying to escape is better, you can block of routes in the jungle easily. Use it to level if you want and help push an abandoned lane.

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Summoner Spells

Many options and choices here, so many are viable, flash if you want to, tele if you want mobility,exhaust if you really must, and clairvoyance when the weather is permitting .

I usually go for ignite and parley combos to secure kills while ghosting through minions on high morale, with mobility boots this becomes fast, when you get phantoms this gets even faster.

If you're aiming to do a lot more melee work, exhaust would probably be a good pick and some nice cc to help get the kids, but as I prefer parley, the speed and ranged dot is more beneficial to my gameplay.

Why Clairvoyance?
Works great with your ultimate, check baron, jungle, dragon and escaping enemies with this, launch ult if the slow or kill is needed.

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Creeping / Jungling

Creeping isn't too hard, he has the slight passive dot that applies, parrrrley can be used to generate more gold if you finish with it. Usually good to play aggressive (if you can and partner permitting) until you get a few Avarice on your build, then you can relax a bit more and conserve mana as the items will finish your build.

Don't forget to show people how much dmg you're crits do if even think about looking at your teams creeps or walking your way, play aggressive with a good lanning partner and the lane is yours, plenty of players want to find out how hard you crit and so long as the numbers are on your side (player wise) you should be fine to show them. Repeatedly.

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, I usually wait 'ntil post IE, then in the jungle the mighty jungle the GP soars with ease. Crit crit boom as he goes, they die so fast, I'm pretty sure he can solo baron too endgame with some vamp/life steal.

Oh, and there will be no jungle build here, feel free to do it after you get some avarice on if someone wants to solo, but you can roam, use this in combination with the odd jungle and they will be thinking that every bush has a parrrrrlayyy waiting for them.

Don’t forget parley procs red buff and allows you to get into melee range if you're keen for some up and personals.
Blue will keep you spamming all day long with the CDR and Mana Regen, stop it and grab them if you have the chance, or feed them to someone else if you feel nice.

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Team Work

Teamwork, you need a lot of this;
You need your tanks to on point,
Your ranged carries to know their marks,
And the offtanks to be able to tear up their ranks.

This is of course when the team fighting phase begins (after a tower or two usually).
Prior to this, learn to feel to range of raise morale. It's a big one, and remember who needs the AD and move speed the most.

Also let your teammate have the lane if he can handle it and venture in say hello to the junglers or dine on a buff or two. WW and any Life steal based junglers will want to eat some paaaarley mixed with your passive and a large serving of crit.
Don't forget to slam them oranges down if you feel sticky fingers of cc lay their hands on you.

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Unique Skills

This part is like awesome, we can put unique skills in here, maybe I should dig into my league replays and pull something out, who knows, who cares. Oh wait, I know a maybe one.

Unique skill #1:
Apply Ghost and Raise Morale to Boots of Mobility, run in, shoot, run out, do as many times as cdr and mana permitting. Phantom Dancers can replace/enhance Ghost.

Unique skill #2:
The Fakeout.
Really strange tactic, probably not even one, but hey, I'll put two in otherwise it would be unique skill.
Works with CC heavy teams, and would probably fail more often than succeed.

Eat some cc, or psych them and eat some oranges early to make the enemy think you're vulnerable to cc while running away and scared, eat some more cc as they try and finish you off and throw down a morale followed by parrrrley+ignite on the squishy.

Initially I though that I'd save my oranges for after I ate some cc, turns out some players will actually wait for you to do this and then apply their silly exhausts and what not leaving you with parley and your ultimate for 30-18 seconds until them oranges grow back.

This tactic is pretty stupid, it relies on your enemies’ knowing how GP works, being stupid enough to think they can take him and insane crit dmg.
In summary, this guide is generally general, not really backing anything up with math, and very vague at making points, I explain my complete lack of care for masteries, and quote guides that I've seemingly stolen builds and ideas from.

Unique Skill #3 Work your Passive, that's right, you half healing, and do a small amount of dmg over 10 seconds, takt it for what it's worth and push it as far as you can, shutdown the regen kids, slow down lifestealwicks, vlads and let your team help beat down on them.

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In summary, this guide is generally general, not really backing anything up with math, and very vague at making points, I explain my complete lack of care for masteries, and quote guides that I've seemingly stolen builds and ideas from.

This is my creation. Spit at it, praise it or burn it to the ground.
If anyone *****es about comment to vote I'll remove it, but I'd prefer comments than votes.