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League of Legends Build Guide Author dorago89

The Might of The Tank

dorago89 Last updated on October 19, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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ok the focus around this build is to make garen more of a douche bag then he already is lol. most people who play him just stack sun fire capes. which to me seems very noobish in a way its very straight forward and effective to some point. if the other team has an ap character your screwed also it gets to the point were people ignore you, which is not good if you are being a tank you want people to have a reason to attack you and this build does that very well. so let me break it down for you on the items then order in which to get them im gong to be very straight to the point cause im assuming that you know how to play lol and dont need a bunch of bs you already know.

item break down: the focus on these items is that joined with garens courage you will have over 230 magic resist and armor. needless to say nothing is going to hurt you. also spirit visage helps with laning with the cdr and it makes your passive that much better and more health. impaler well with about 3k health end game you will have over 200 ad, wich means you can put out damage and cant be ignored. GA for when you go down cause you will for the fact people are going to be pissed at you lol you wont die and your killing everyone else lol. the order you go about getting these items is up to and should depend on who you are laning but eventually get all these items, you will hurt and be able to tank.

rune break down: i go with armor pen cause early game you will tear people apart with judgement wich is what you want and you will do so even to late game and more so when you get your impaler. cdr since garen is most vulnerable when everything is on cd so lets reduce this chance you being dead or you not getting a kill.

spell break down: i use tele so i can defend the towers get to my teammates ect. i think its a great spell and i use it alot. you can replace it with ignite ghost or what ever you like to use i just prefere it and it works well with me. exhaust: i think you must have this with garen it slows and if speced into it lowers there resist and armor. for your judgement to eat them up.

as far as game play goes, be up front use your judge ment ot harrass scare and farm. if your getting hurt just chill for a min or so in the back for your passive to get you back up to health. a huge mistake with garen is to not be agressive and take control of your lane i know in some cases you may not be able to but most you will. do this to make them fear you, fyi your the tank you want them to hit you. to gank wait in bush come out leading with decisive strike, exhaust, judgement. then ult them if health is below one 3rd and a little help from your team mates that poor fool will be dead.

well this is my guid to a tank garen that puts out damage making him more op and more of a douche bag then he already is, let me know what you think give me some feed back. ty for looking and i hope you enjoy this garen