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League of Legends Build Guide Author Blakhart


Blakhart Last updated on July 28, 2011
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All you need to know is...

So I thought about a team that will be the most over powered.
Let me know what you think of the team comp ^_^

The purpose of the team is to be a massive knock-up instawin team.
once Wukong is level 6, he can knock up enemy champs with his ultimate.
Our AP Cho'Gath's will knock up enemies and do a massive amount of damage.
Our AP Alistar's will also do a knock up AND stun once they land.
Our Tank Malphite's will do some decent damage along with more of the up knocking.
Amumu is just a preference, I like a really tanky team so that they can withstand a lot of damage and a lot of people really dont like having to deal with a lot of tankiness and CC opponents.
Also, Amumu has the AoE snare ultimate giving the other knock up allies a chance to do their thing. A different choice that would work for this team comp is Xin Zhao. I like having him as a replacement for Amumu, not because he has a knock up, but because he can initiate an enemy team while they are grouped together and once they focus him, the rest of the team swoops right in and knocks them up sooooooooo much, they will either surrender at 20 because they dont want to deal with all of you.
They will lose.
The theory is, that all you need is a a couple of kills for each ally to get a core build that will;
A:Sustain you through a team fight long enough to get your knock up in.
B:Allow you to do some decent damage so that there's at least 3 kills achieved.

Also, keep in mind, I didn't add builds due to the fact that the champions in question are for people who know how to play them... meaning, I dont need to put in a build since you have your own. I guess i could put them all as a Triforce-Tryhard, but I really dont think that would help.



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