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Poppy Build Guide by djleo12

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author djleo12

The Poppy is loose!!!

djleo12 Last updated on September 2, 2014
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello fellow summoners my english is unfortunate so I took some useful parts of other guides ^^, in this guide I wish to explain the style of which I play Poppy and why it is the most viable. For me there is only one true way to play Poppy and that is Hybrid AD. People always ask me in Ranked games why on Earth would I pick a champion like Poppy? I mean fine she's a Yordle but this is no reason why I should not take her after all they have feelings too :*(. Before the guide gets in full swing I would really appreciate it if YOU GUYS could up-vote this guide after having read through and gone on to test it successfully and if you found the guide to be useful. However if you didn’t please don’t hastily down-vote, either comment or send me a PM and I will look into your queries and suggestions and see if there are blatant areas which can be improved upon.

The guide is split into the following sections:

- Poppy as a champion
- Runes Section
- Masteries Section
- Skill Sequence Section
- Summoner Spells Section
- Item Choices Section
- Laning Phase Section
- Ranked and Gameplay tips Section
- Summary Section

A lot of time has been spent on making this guide accessible to the less experienced but still very detailed to those who’re truly looking to master Poppy.

My name is Leo, With that being said, let the guide begin! :)

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Played reference

I am a Diamond player, and Poppy is my go-to champion for when leftover top. in lower tiers,in my opinion is the best assassin to the platinum. By using this guide, practicing Poppy, and mastering her gameplay mechanics, you should be able to do the same.

Poppy is a great champion that is useful in many team compositions and can very easily carry both Solo Queue and Team Ranked games. She is most viable Mid and Top. However, if you really fall in love with her, you can try her in the Jungle as well. I rarely play Poppy Jungle because her pre-level-6 game is so weak, but you are welcome to try. I have provided the guide for that as well.
Try not to lose too much in early game, Late game poppy is safe.

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Pros / Cons


+ Burst damage
+ Hybrid damage
+ Mobility
+ invulnerability
+ Amazing ganks
+ Good sustain
+ Performs well in multiple positions
+ control group and Stun


- Squishy
- Weak early game
- mana-intensive at the beginning
- Has many hard counters
- Difficult to learn her full potential

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Skill Sequence

We're going to start with our Heroic Charge.
As a solo-top, if an enemy is more aggressive than most this skill can save your behind as well as possibly landing you the First Blood. The damage of Heroic Charge isn't that much as AD Poppy and even more so at Level 1 but it's just like I said, a well placed charge will bring you the win. Who needs spin to win? Poppy's got charge to win!

Upon reaching level 2 we put the skill point into Paragon of DemaciaJust have a look at the closing statements of the rune section to see the explanation for it. The reason why we take it right after Level 1 is to make sure that you can screw your enemy over. Your hammer starts to glow, your damage starts to increase and if you want you can even increase your movement speed, win win it seems.

Well, now we're coming to the point where I will explain what separates you from other champions totally, Devastating Blow, your Bread and Butter!.

It stacks on top of your basic attack damage, Devastating Blow even deals tons of damage regardless of not focusing AP. At mid - lategame AD and AP carries are like basic minions to you - often 3 hits being enough to take them out. The percentage damage that comes with it makes Poppy shine like a Bawz and combining it with your blue-buff and your CDR runes, the full might of it is exposed.

You should aim to max Devastating Blow first, and after your Paragon of Demacia and last but not least your Heroic Charge.

After completing most of the skill sequence you can relax and just watch the kills come to you!

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Principais Runes

Greater Quintessence de Habilidade do Poder 3

Greater Mark of híbrido Penetração 9

Greater Seal of Armor 9

Greater Glyph of Escala de Habilidade do Poder 9
Estes quíntuplos são um must. Eles são os melhores quíntuplos você pode ir para qualquer campeão AP. Eles dão-lhe o maior aumento de dano.
Akali é um campeão híbrido. Como tal, você vai ser lidar tanto dano mágico e físico. Marcas Pen híbridos dar-lhe a maioria de estrondo para seu fanfarrão para cortar tanto resistência mágica e armadura.
Eu costumava me sentir como Greater Seal of Scaling Saúde foi um começo melhor na maioria das situações. Embora ainda seja muito viável, eu sinto que tenho uma presença muito mais forte com pista Greater Seal of Armor . Mesmo campeões pesados ​​AP vai tentar tudo o que eles podem fazer para picar-lo para fora da pista. Isto inclui auto-ataques. Além disso, a maioria dos Junglers são campeões AD, assim que estes selos podem ajudá-lo a sobreviver seus danos também. Sempre use Greater Seal of Armor quando enfrenta campeões AD na pista.
Assim como seus quíntuplos, estes são um must. Eles fornecem o maior dano AP. Mesmo que você seja híbrido, você são principalmente dependentes da AP. Estes escala fora Greater Glyph of Habilidade do Poder no nível 7.

Runes alternativos


Greater Quintessence of híbrido Penetração 3

Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration 3
Greater Quintessence de Penetração Híbrida e Greater Quintessence de Penetração Mágica são as duas melhores opções se você quiser usar diferentes quíntuplos. Qualquer outra coisa é muito de um sacrifício. Suas quíntuplos dar-lhe algumas das suas estatísticas de base mais importantes.


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration 9
Maior marca de Penetração Mágica é a melhor opção para as marcas se você não tiver o IP para Greater Mark of Penetration híbrido ou ainda não têm páginas de runas suficientes para uma página híbrido. Estes ainda são eficazes e proporcionará um ligeiro impulso para a sua produção de dano AP, mas com o sacrifício de alguma eficácia AD.


Greater Seal of Armor 9

Greater Seal da Saúde 9
Se você está enfrentando um campeão pesado AP na pista, eo Jungler inimigo não é uma ameaça AD pesado, você pode usar Greater Seal of Scaling Saúde desde que você não terá tanta necessidade de armadura. Você vai ter sua armadura extra através da Hourglass Zhonya e possivelmente Anjo Guardião mais tarde. Você pode usar selos de saúde planos também, mas de escala é melhor simplesmente porque ficar vivo será o último jogo mais difícil quando você está focado cada luta da equipe. Definitivamente usar Greater Seal of Armor quando Jungling.


Greater Glyph of Habilidade do Poder 9

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist 9

Greater Glyph of Scaling Resistência Mágica 9
Aqui é onde você tem algumas opções muito viáveis. Você pode escolher Greater Glyph of Habilidade do Poder se você gostaria de sacrificar o jogo AP tarde para mais no início. Você também pode optar por ir a rota de magia resistir com Greater Glyph of Magic Resist ou Greater Glyph of Scaling Resistência Mágica . A escolha é sua: danos ou de sobrevivência.

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there is no reason to modify them, base safe.

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Perhaps flare by teleport, is at your discretion.

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I have a lot to here, so I'll leave for another day, But what I can forward to you, is that it is the best choice, use it in the same order guide.

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I really look video on youtube of a good player before you start playing with champion, recommend you do the same.
*Whenever you give use the Q on the enemy without risk. *if you play on the wall, you will stunned.
*Use the ultimate in whom you will receive less damage or no damage

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Thank you!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my guide, I'm sorry for english. If it was helpful to you, I would really appreciate a positive rating. If you feel that my guide is lacking, feel free to express your opinion on that as well. Either way, I would love to hear any comments and/or constructive criticism in the Discussion section. I will be happy to respond to all posts and take suggestions to improve my guide.

Best of luck on the Fields of Justice! May your Poppy skills be forever better!