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Anivia Build Guide by AshePlayer

The Power Of the Ice Bird

By AshePlayer | Updated on May 29, 2012

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Ability Order


Hey guys... I made this guide cuz i see many ppl dont know anivia build... and the other just say:I `Burn my Mana in seconds´

First Item: good Mana Reg/Mana(good cuz u win mana for each skill u use... Remember ur Ult is 4seconds delay so use how u want ur ult...)

Seconds Item:well We all know that Anivia is Slow as Hell(start:300Movemente speed) so is nice doing a sorcerer boots or Swiftness but remember anivia is always slowing ther enemy so swiftness boots is just to come back battle faster...

Third Item:Chalice of Harmony will let u use ur ultimate almos permanently withour being worry about mana nice cuz grant u massive Mana Reg... ^^

Fourth Item: Time to do some AP, now u have used many time urs skills so u will got much mana and Archangels 3% of your Mana To your AP(good for karthus too)

Fifth item: this New Item is just Ur main Mana Reg Item... more mana u lost more mana u recover... just wonderful for ur Ultimate...

sixth Item: nothing much too say... Gives so much AP...

seventh item: well as we know anivia is AP and dont have much Health... so better do something for his Health(probably u will ask:´Why not Rod of Ages?´ Well Rod is good and give more Health and give mana too... but only after 20minutes before it is just like Rilay

Eighth Item: just For More mana and much more AP
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How Play Right

Well Some asked me:´I Done your build and got many kills but i dont know how use thoose skills right: can u help me?´

Sorry I can´t but neve forget that is not the champs that make the Master but The master make the Champs(70% is how u play,29% is how ur team Play,0.5% is cuz the champs is just good and 0.5% is cuz of this build)...

But i will give Tips:

First calculate the time for Ur Q stun... is the easiest way to kill on early game... stun and use ur E...

See how ur Enemy Play... if u go agains an Karthus,Ahri,Brand etc... just stay moving they will not hit u if u move all time....

If the enemy team have a Jungler! Stay calm he will try to gank u so u stun him and RUN like u never runnied before...(good if u stun him under turret... then slow him and use E)

U will Alway have to go Mid(only if an karthus is on your team,u will go Bot)So u will always go against another AP normally is Annie,Vladimir,Brand and sometimes an AD Carry like Ashe,Teemo,

U got wall for Two Reasons:
1st:Run before u die!
2nd:dont let they run away from u!

and at last dont forget that ur passive have 4minutes cooldown...So dont risk your life in Vain...
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High Damage in low Levels
High Damage in High Levels(look what ur E do...)
Ur Passive is WONDERFUL(normally they forgot what ur passive do.... ahuahuahua)
Slow they all time
Ur ultimate can stay active the whole time without getting ur mana Down
Kill easy at any level


Not so much Health(even with rillay is just 2110 health)
Normally u cant end ur entire build... only until Rabbadon
very Expensive build
League of Legends Build Guide Author AshePlayer
AshePlayer Anivia Guide

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The Power Of the Ice Bird