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Humor Guide by Lightning013

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lightning013

The Price is Riven

Lightning013 Last updated on July 2, 2013
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I hope you enjoy my.....humor guide that isn't a guide whatsoever.

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Humor Guide That Isn't a Guide

(Loud back music playing with audience applauding)

Riven: Welcome to The Price is Riven! I am your host Riven. Let's see who will be going to contestant's row.

(audience clapping and screaming)

Announcer: Dr. Mundo you are the first contestant on the Price is Riven!

( Dr. Mundo jumps up waving his cleaver and Kennen just dodging it)

Riven: I thought I had a sign outside not to bring weapons here.

Dr. Mundo: Dr. Mundo can't read.

Riven: Fine, just don't attack anyone...I don't want another Absolute Zero to ruin the show....again.

Announcer: Ashe, you are the next contestant on the Price is Riven!

( Ashe comes carrying her bow)

Riven: Another weapon! Ugh!

Announcer: Ezreal, you are the next contestant on the Price is Riven!

Riven: Well at least he doesn't have a weapon....

Announcer: Lulu, you are also the next contestant on the Price is Riven!

( Lulu comes behind the podium, the tip of her hat is all that can be seen)

Riven: Someone get her a stool!

( Nunu comes in with stool, placing it behind the podium cautiously staring at Dr. Mundo)

Riven: You will be shown items and the closest to give the retail price without going over gets a chance to win prizes!

Announcer: the first item up for bids is a Negatron Cloak!

(The item is shown coming down from a pedestal, Lux modeling it to you)

Riven: Time to start the bidding.

Dr. Mundo: 1350!

Ashe: 500!

Ezreal: 501!

Lulu: 250!

Riven: And the retail price is... $720!.... Ezreal please come up.

Riven: Dr. Mundo.... Did you say 1350 because..

Dr. Mundo: Mundo doesn't like this game!

( Dr. Mundo runs out of entrance swinging his cleaver)

Riven: Ezreal.....welcome to the Price is Riven! We are going to play a game. You will match the prices with these 3 items.

Announcer: We have a Kindlegem....a Zeal....and an Avarice Blade

Riven: The prices are 850....800....1175....

(There is a clumping sound near the podiums)

Announcer: It looks like Lulu fell off her stool...she is getting up...

(There is a shout from the audience..something about safety hazards and false advertising)

Announcer: STOP YELLING MOTHER!!!!!!..Oh I mean Morgana ...This is awkward...sister

(The announcer ends up being Kayle)

Riven: No! Not my show! It isn't going down a second time! Nunu! Get Her!

( Nunu tackles Vladimir from the audience)

Riven: No! I meant Morgana!

Riven: And that only cost 50 mana for Morgana.....

Riven: I think you got her Nunu...Now get the other one!

( Nunu charges towards the audience)

Riven: No! Not Vladimir! Kayle!!!!!

( Nunu is distracted by a nearby vending machine)

Riven: Great! Now my faithful worker is eating snacks and....Wow! People pay 1.50 for a chocolate covered strawberry!!!!

( Nunu is eating the strawberries)

Riven: Fine! I will do it myself!

Riven: Finally!.... Nunu?

( Dr. Mundo enters the room)

(The cleaver hits Nunu.... Nunu looks up from his strawberries)

Riven: Oh no! Not again!

( Nunu runs up to Dr. Mundo)

(The screen goes black)

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I hope you enjoyed my humor Lol guide that isn't a guide. Please feel free to comment. Good bye for now summoners.


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