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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author clgviewer

The Proper AD Ezreal

clgviewer Last updated on August 15, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is a guide for AD Ezreal. This is intended to be a guideline rather than a rule set. These are the things I have found to be successful.

I will first address my Mastery Build. I picked up crit chance and cdr from the attack tree. This is intended to supplement the lack of cdr in my item build. Gives you a nice 10% percent out the door. In the utility tree I grab the mana masteries because item build is short on mana. Pick up haste its a must. You can grab the improved flash if you wish .... I personally don't think its worth the point. You grab some more cdr towards the bottom of the tree as well.

Now lets talk about Runes. The health quints in this build let you lane correctly from lvl 1 ... because the other guy probably has them. Gives you a nice health total at 1 with your doran's blade that lets you be properly aggressive and able to capitalize on kill opportunities with having to base. The armor pen marks let your mystic shot hit like a truck and lets you abuse people early and mid game with their baby armor totals. Your mana seals allowing you to cast spells without going back every 30 seconds. With these and sheen your mana is usually fine. The per level seals catch up with the flat at 4 so just hang in there.... their main function is to allow you to lane efficiently. The flat cdr glyphs makes your mystic shot up when you need it (if your still having mana issues you can put more regen/lvl here).

Summoner Spells.

Ghost - Imo this is must have. Its uses are pretty boundless (hase, flee, get to the fight, and kiting)

Flash - I enjoy using flash. Another escape mechanism in conjunction with ghost and arcane shift is silly. It lets you flee and chase as well. In addition I find when you are constantly blinking away from the melee character only to kite him to his death he starts to leave you alone.... and that lets you really murder. Ez is a squishy hero so getting in and out quick saves your *** countless times.

You can grab other things in place of flash according to your play style. ( Ignite vs an opposing Soraka for example but I have found flash to be most effective more than 90% of the time. ) However if you choose revive I ask that you please uninstall.

Item Build

Now for the fun part.

Your starting item is a Doran's Blade. Gives you health, dmg, and life steal, this makes your laneing phase very easy in conjunction with yout health runes. Pick up a health pot for when that noob warwick attempts his gank.

From here pick up boots 1 because your blisteringly slow without them. Your summoner abilities and "E" ability make them adequate for a while so we hold off on boots 2 for a bit.

Now grab Brutalizer. Now your beginning to take shape. The cdr and damage are icing on the cake compared to the armor pen on this item. Keeps your q hiting hard.

Usually time to finish those boots now. I'd say 90% of the time you want merc treds. Unless the enemy team is almost, or completely devoid of magic dmg and CC then you'll want these. If they are completer devoid I'd recommend boots of swiftness for the combat maneuverability most other boots are **** for Ez.

Build a sheen now. The item passive synergies so well with your Q and your passive you'd be insane not to get this. Manna on this item is nice as well.

Next you build a phage for some increased damage, some much needed health, and a chance to slow that can proc of Mystic Shot("Q")

You have 2 of your 3 pieces of Trinity Force now so finish building it. Great item for Ez as every stat and passive you utilize effectively.

In most games from here I build a Madred's Bloodrazor. You are a physical carry so your kinda of expected to be able to tear through tanks. This lets you do that plus scales amazingly all game as your opponents gain health. The 4% procs of your mystic shot too so its money.

You've pissed em off enough now they are starting to stack chain shirts. Build a Black Cleaver ... More dmg, reduce their armor. This with your marks, Brutalizer, and Bloodrazors let you tear through anyone even 6 stack chogath with 2 sunfires.

Game Really should be over by now but if for some reason its not build your Brut into the ghostblade and then build a Bloodthirster. The life steal can be very beneficial end game.


Passive - Rising Spell Force
Every time Ez lands an ability he gains 15% attack speed stacking up to five times for a short time. He this up in teamfights by landing mystic shot on cool down. Good passive that gives Ez all the attack speed he needs.

Q - Mystic Shot
This is your bread and butter. Scales incredibly with attack dmg, has an insane range, and applies on hit effects from your items. It is a skill shot so make sure your aim is true (Warning! this will hit minions .... aim accordingly). This has an extremly short cool down so make sure your punishing the enemy with it every opportunity in a team fight.

W - Essence Flux
This spell is a shell of its former self. Largely unimportant for ad ezreal. The attack speed increase and decrease for allies and enemies respectively is nice for end game but doesn't warrant us picking it up until we are forced to. Also a skill shot travels trough everything effecting only champions. Just aim for as many people as possible.

E - Arcane Shift
Ez's built in blink. Ez teleports to target location and fires a
homing missile at nearest enemy unit (will hit minions). This skill scales with ap but the dmg is still rather nice until very late game. Most of the time its better to save this an escape/kite mechanism rather than to initiate with.

R - Trueshot Barrage
Another skill shot. This can be fired anywhere on the map (abuse this at 6 by looking to assist your teammates in other lanes from afar.) Keep in mind this deals less damage as this passes through enemy units. It has a very wide edge making it somewhat harder to dodge.

Some Tips on playing Ezreal.

*You'll likely want to head mid. You a ranged carry with a global ultimate so your a perfect candidate.

*Always make sure you have enough mana to cast arcane shift while laneing... to avoid those ganks.

*Landing your mystic shot reduces the cool down on your other abilities. Zap a creep as you run by just for that(No need to kill it).

*The start of a teamfight while the enemy team is bunched up is the correct time to use your ult. Gives you a nice chunk of aoe damage from the start and puts your passive at 5 stacks so you can dish out the pain.

*Your ult is on a reasonably short CD so unless a teamfight is imminent don't be afraid to let that sucker fly.

*Having a fort pot in your inventory is a great idea by mid game. Pop it right before a teamfight for added survivability.

*Watch out for Akali she seems to be made to tear you up.

*A proper placed ward often pays for itself.

*Fighting in the middle of a creep wave drastically affects your damage output

*Pick off low health baseing enemies at their tower with your ult

*A ward in conjunction with a properly timed ult can steal barron from any point on the map

*Both red and blue buff can be used well by Ez

Thats it ... hit those skill shots and you'll be fine

Happy Hunting