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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vedranius

The Rabble Rouser - Let's Drink and Tank some wussies!

Vedranius Last updated on January 24, 2011
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Hi all, I tried some builds here on Mobafire and I tried mixing it up here in this build, so I came up on this Guide $ Build and it's good, as lvl 16 Summoner I needed to make one which is good for me to survive in battle and get some kills!
Because, with many builds, maybe you can deal "many" dmg, but, you can't survive...!
So, this is what I did, and yes, I'm lvl 16, so...
And this is what I'm going to do when will I get too lvl 30:
I didn't tried that latest Masteries build, coz I'm not lvl 30, but, I think it would be really good, coz of great tanking, and just enough damage you need to move away your opponents, get the on really really LOW HP, or ofcourse, kill them...
Yes, with that build you couldn't kill many, many, but with the first build, on lvl 16, I get 10/1/6, and I think that's just good for it!
So, try it, and tell me how is that going for you! ;)

Thanks for these builds which I used a little:

Great tanking! ;)

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Read description...
I tried to make a great tanking Drunken Crazy Viking something...
And I made it...
Also, I didn't got to lvl 30 yet, I'm lvl 16 now, and it's working great for me...
Im having like 9/1/5, 10/2/0, 7/0/9 and such... All wins...
Try it, and tell me what you think...
Also try an 30 lvl build if you are an that lvl, and tell me does it works or not ;)

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Also, runes... I didn't bought any preferred for Gragas, coz I'm keeping my IP's, so I put some Tier1 runes, and some CrC tier2 runes which I have from Tryn...
You should put:
- many cooldown runes
- ability power
- magic resistance
- Health and Mana regen.
and such...

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if you got build like that, you should get those :
- Clarity - mana, mana, and mooooore mana! Just get it. It's awesome, and you really need it sometimes, cot of you, or players with you which needs more mana in some situations! ;)
- Ignite - yup, it's a really good spell, you will get many kills with it... Coz, you throw a barrels, many of them, and opponent doesn't know that you have Ignite, and that you can Body Slam it just like that, or maybe do an Ulti and then Body Slam... Try it! Ignite is really helpful spell for Gragas!

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Skill Sequence

1. Get a Barrel Roll as a first, starting skill!
Hide in bushes, and see where your opponent is!
Throw them, but throw them behind an opponent because, they go back and struck at your exploding barrel! Also, when throwing it, spam Q to detonate it! ;)
2. Then get Drunken Rage, because you will need more mana later on!
3. Get Body Slam (I preffer it more, coz you can save your ***, or opponents too, or kill someone easily with it) or upgrade Barrel Roll...
6. Ofcourse, get an awesome skill called Explosive Cask and keep pwning enemies, moving minions and champs from towers and off course you and your mates!
and later, it's just easy... ;)

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I tried to mix this two build for items - so look at them! ;)
And yes, first will be the Doran's Shield + HP potion! MUST START with!

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Team Work

Help your team...
1. On lanes, be with someone which is a caster, which uses mana...
It would be nice that he also has Clarity as his main spell! Or some spell to get your mana back!
2. Be with someone which is really quick and can save your big *** if needed! Like Warwick...
3. Don't be on line with someone that you need to save every time when he enters the battle!
4. Playing in mid is good for you, try it! As a tank, you can keep it pushing...
But, be careful who is in the mid!
5. Ganking - saving - - - you aren't that quick, so, get behing enemies and throw some barrels on them!
6. Defending your base - be in your base at let all your team to attack for WIN! Piece of a cake!
7. When needed, just Body Slame at opponent attacking your mate, and then throw some barrel on it! OR just stood on it's way, and show your biiiig belly! AND he will run away as a *****!

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Pros / Cons

Pros +

- you can be in mid, tanking and pushing enemies
- awesome tank abilities
- surviving a long time in battle
- helping your mates to get out of battle and surviving them
- killing with barrels is sooooo much fun
- stopping opponents with Body Slam and killing em with Barrel and Ignite
- Endless mana! Drink drink drink! Always use Drunken Rage to get more mana and low Armor on enemy and such! Use it! It's awesome! ;)
- Some kiddy, trying to kill you, smiling at him and dancing...
- Any Minion, just, can't kill you! ;)

Cons -

- Really really slow
- Very quick champions like Yi (if it is a good player) can kill you easily!
- As you have many HP, Fiddlestick will try to kill you many times, and yes, many times you'll die from him, so "run", and throw some barrels on him to run away

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Help your mates!
Skill and timing is very important with playing Gragas!
Gragas is awesome champion, great tank and awesome supporter!
Still, be careful with mini crazy fast guys which can charge on you and kill you like in a second, but, that's on a lvls from 16-18, till then buy many armor and yes, they just couldn't kill you...
With this champions you wouldn't get many many kills like Yi, Ryze, and such crazy maniacs, but you will get many IP and XP for supporting your team mates and getting support kills! ;)
Cya ingame! ;)

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Some videos from YouTube xD

So... Some good and really bad guides and videos:

Good, but not updated YouTube guide:

One more:

Your really shouldn't play like this "nigga" (like he calls him self):

That's all for now... ;)