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League of Legends Build Guide Author Diesel

The Raka - Runnin' Auras

Diesel Last updated on May 25, 2010
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Hello everyone.

My third build will consist of the Champion, Soraka. Or The Raka. Whichever you prefer. I've always seen T. Raka as a character who's sole duty was to make sure her lane partner and teammates never died, but also being a target to opponents by silencing foes, and being an Aura *****.


Early game should start off with a.

If you feel you're gonna possibly have trouble with lane opponents, or are laning with a champion who needs HP regularly, you can purchase up to 2 HP Pots as a just-in-case. If not, just keep the gold you have left and start farming. The goal with Soraka is that you're not going to receive many kills with her, so her ability to practically stay in lane for as long as she pleases will not only level you faster, but give you more chances for last minion hits.

Acquiring then 500 or so gold will allow you to get your.

After getting your Chalice, you can go one of two ways:

  • If you're doing okay in the HP/Mana department, grab aAfter then continue to farm and help your teammate until getting.
  • If you need the extra boost of HP/Mana whenever you level up, I would suggest saving up to get a.
    Not only will you receive more HP and Mana because of the item, but you recover HP&Mana whenever you level so you can continue to help your partner out. Afterward you should get the Boots-3.

Off the Catalyst, you should be leveling up and at least helping get Assists for your lane partner or partners. Once you get another 1.3k Gold, go ahead and buy an. The Locket is an essential item for every ability will give a little extra HP and Mana back to the receiver. It is good to get this item early in the game not only since the Catalyst will help when leveling up, but the Locket gives a lot of HP and Mana to Soraka, and will help with her survivability.

Now that you have your Locket, Boots, and Chalice: I would suggest trying to get your team to bundle up and initiating team fights. Since your Locket uses its Unique on ability, hitting anything with a Starcall will proc the Unique, thus giving everyone HP and Mana. With the new assist system, this'll give you an opportunity to get an Assist while they take out players. Also Wish will do this for you as well. Make sure if you're waiting to heal or replenish Mana to spam Starcall to give back to your teammates, and have chances to get an Assist or two.

Your next 2,000G should go to an. Aegis is a cheap Item that gives a bunch of buffs to you and your team, it's mucho to have this sometime when you start team fights since the +Armor and +ATK will help your tanks and DPS fighters respectively.

If you win a team fight, go ahead and grab, this shouldn't be hard to get if you win a team fight or two, then with the removal of enemy turrets and Dragon. This gives you a fantastic +520HP, along with more Mana/5 and Reduced Cooldowns. And who doesn't like -15% Cooldowns?

If the game is a long one, I'd get afor the sake of having the Bubble. The +450HP and +400MP is nice as well, and will only help you more in the long run. Since the bubble is every 30 seconds, having it get hit will only cause you to continue to the back of the pack and heal and replenish, whenever it comes back, you can allow yourself to be a little aggressive with your Silence and catch the nearest enemy.
- The +101MP early game helps with getting more Blessings off, with the Meki Pendent, Clarity, and Infuse: you'll have plenty of MP to handle anything your opponents throw at you for most of the game.
- The Extra +6%XP from the Quins along with the +XP% from your Masteries will help level you faster than your opponents, and even more so with a Zilean on your team!
- The Magic Penetration helps deal more damage with Starfall and Infuse.
- The +ATKSP will help harass champions early game, and will help kill minions a little quicker.
- I usually take at least one rank of Starcall sometime before level 6. When you get the Locket, this will allow you to heal and replenish your teammates while harassing enemies, so at least 1 rank is nice. I'll MAX it late game, since Infuse and the Blessing are much more important on this build.
- Get the blessing at Level 1, this'll be the ability you'll probably be using the most. I'll actually MAX this spell out 2nd since the Locket gives some HP when used, You'll have at least a Level 2 Wish by the time you MAX, and you have your Heal Summoner Spell. So with this build, you'll have a lot of ways to get your teammates healed.
- Infuse is easily Soraka's greatest spell. Not only does it not cost any Mana; it gives up to 250MP, or you can silence an enemy while doing decent damage to them. You should be able to get this off once every 10-15 seconds when you get Soul Shroud.
- Wish is a Global Healing Ultimate. Great for saving teammates from across the map or to give a teammate an unexpected edge against an opponent in a 1v1. Also good for helping Tanks turret push.
- Heal is more of a back up plan in tough situations. Heal is good for giving some HP back when your Blessing and Wish are down and you need to heal your teammates during a gank or team fight. If you're OOM w/ Clarity and Infuse down, it's good for tipping off the HP Bar for teammates as well.
- Clarity is more for your teammates than yourself, so make sure you grab the Mastery to give 100% of MP to your teammates. If you like to use Infuse offensively to Silence opponents, you can use Clarity for yourself, but it's always good to keep teammates from going back for Mana when you replenish a good 60-80% of their Mana with a click of a button, plus tipping off the MP bar with Infuse.
  • Make sure to stay behind your champion(s). Your Infuse and Blessing both have good range where you can keep them happy and you can have good range to make your way out of there if things get ugly. This is especially so early game if you didn't get your Boots of Swiftness before Catalyst. Your movement speed is around 300, so you're going to be a slow champ for awhile before you can invest in Boots.
  • After you get the Locket, try to help out in Ganks and Team Fights to rack up Assists. Since you won't be killing many opponents during your time, you can at least step in by Silencing enemies with Infuse, or lowering Magic Resistance with Starfall. Assists = Cash = Items = Happy Raka.
  • Soraka has a pretty decent attack range, so you can use this to your advantage early game to harass opponents, especially squishy ones. Even though the Raka can only do around 50-60DMG early game, for character that have 500-600 like Fiddlesticks or Annie, it can add up. Also, you can use this to stop Garen's Passive from adding up.
  • If you're going to Silence someone with Infuse: make sure it counts. Hit a caster so you can keep them out of the battle for almost 3 seconds at higher levels of Infuse. This is huge against burst casters like Annie and Ryze.
  • When you have the Locket, and you have a good amount of MP: spam Starfall near your allies, free healing and replenishing for everyone!
  • Try and stick in a lane for as long as possible early game. Being able to grab Chalice and at least Boots-1 is insanely helpful since you don't have a Teleport to rely on getting back to your lane quickly, so make every trip worth it.

Above all, enjoy keeping your friends alive and kickin', and enjoy watching your opponents rage!

Comments and concerns are accepted. It took me way too long to make this, but I'm done. So enjoy it!

Until next time,