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Twitch Build Guide by DuffTime

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DuffTime

The Rat is Back.

DuffTime Last updated on June 10, 2011
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Roaming/Counter jungle

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The Rat is back say you DuffTime?

Aye, the rat is back.

And perhaps not how the people expected, but back, nonetheless.

Trust me my people, FOR I, AM ROCK AND ROLL!!! *Sunglasses.

And, I am DuffTime. This should be reason enough.

Guide Top

I for one, never gave up hope on the rat.

You non-believers. Shame on you =P

What we need to do with the rat, is modify our items to fit the new rat's mold.

Of course the old items don't work, he's not the same rat anymore.

But we still want to out put deeps, and take advantage of his new odd mixture of ATS from his stealth and his AD from his ult. So how do we do that?

Guide Top

I propose...

I propose a nice mix of AS, AD, ArP, and Crit chance, personally.

With the above builds, you'll be penning the majority of any target's armor, attacking very quickly (if you don't forget to activate your Youmuu's), and crit on nearly every attack.

The result is going to be truly massive amounts of damage.

Guide Top

Laning with Twitch:

Laning with Twitch and a support in the bot lane will be a very deadly combination for your opponents, full of annoying harass, auto attacks, and expunges, when combined with the safety of a support like Taric, or Soraka to help out.

It ensures you will get your farm, (If you don't suck at last hitting) and follows the standard Carry/Support laning roles.

This is the safe bet for the players trying to learn the champion or trying to learn the game.

Guide Top

Roaming/Counter jungling with Twitch:

Now... This is a challenging role to fulfill my dears, and you need a team capable of making smart picks to ensure the integrity of your lanes while you roam.

You'll want a good strong bot champion like Singed who can solo well, or perhaps Cho-Gath.

Someone who will quickly kill all the creeps before your tower takes much damage, and also farm well by himself.

You will be making life miserable for their jungler, their mid, and at times potentially even their top champion.

I say at times, because you'll want to be close to bottom for the most part, in case a jungler comes and they decide to push 3v1 against your bot lane.

You can also wait for a jungler and gank with him simultaneously in mid or gank 3v2 bot with your jungler.

It's hard to explain how to do roaming well in a text document. I suggest watching high elo stream or finding high elo video on YouTube to learn the basics of Roaming and/or Counter Jungling.

Guide Top

Pro's/Con's of counter jungle/Roaming Twitch.


- Low rate of farm = bad items mid/late game, = lower impact late game.

- Low rate of EXP, = above listed issues.

- Leaves bottom lane to a solo, which, if your team did not plan for, may result in a loss of lane control and a tower.

- VERY squishy, and being under leveled, he will be EVEN SQUISHIER. You will need to be -SO CAREFUL- when ganking, or they may actually simply kill you instead. Then you'd look like a dumbass, wouldn't you? And you'd have probably tried to blame it on me if I didn't write this section, amiri? I would know, it's happened to me on other guides. *Sigh*


- Stealth makes for good ganks

- Slow makes for even better ganks

- Twitch is a great snowball, and ganking is a potentially good way to get that ball rolling. You do have to actually... Get the kills though... You know =p

- Potentially the best, if not the only -ranged champion- capable of effective roaming. Taric's dazzle doesn't count!

- Potential to put their jungler and middle lane far behind if you do your job correctly and don't accidentally feed them kills.

-If you kill their jungler while he has a buff, you will get that buff, and it will allow you to much more effectively roam and gives your team potentially a "two buffed champion" advantage. Red Buff Twitch is disgustingly good at ganking. Very few champions have a way to escape that ganking power.

-Twitch only truly -needs- flash, which allows you to take CV if you so desire. You can accomplish a similar effect through wards if you choose. He's one of those summoners where ghost is really pointless. If you get away, you got away. If you can't, you're dead regardless. He's too squishy to take cleanse on, the only summoner that would actually help his survivability beyond flash, would be Exhaust

Guide Top

Playing the new Twitch.

Require da grace
Require da flair
For if-a you slip
You nick da skin
You clip-a da chin
You rip-a da lip a bit beyond-a repair!


Require da heart!
Not just-a da flash
It take-a panache
It take-a da passion for da art


It take-a da skill
It take-a da brains
It take-a da will
To take-a da pains
It take-a da pace
It take-a da graaaace!

Yes. Playing the New Twitch requires all of that.

But, if you plan to roam and counter jungle effectively, it also requires amazing map awareness and map control most importantly. This is where the CV comes into play.

Guide Top

Map Control/CV/Roaming Twitch.

Map control is what we're aiming for here. We want their jungler to be afraid to leave his jungle.

We want to keep CV's on him, so -he knows- that -we know- where he is, at all times.

They won't likely be ganking your lanes if they know you see them ahead of time.

When going for major objectives, CV will protect your team, by allowing you to see who is coming, how many, how fast they are coming, etc.

Being the champion who carries CV, it is -your job- to keep track of -their jungler-

Now, before people start raging at team mates because a jungler killed them and Duff said it was the guy with CV's job to keep track of them, don't rage at team mates if a jungler kills you. YOU could have bought a ward when you based, YOU could have saved your summoners or not over extended when your summoners were down... Or maybe there was nothing anybody could have done, and you just got caught by a good play. But let's try to keep the raging blame game to a minimum. This game doesn't have room for that kind of blind rage.

Guide Top

Duff this sucked.

"My team wasn't able to capitalize on the idea at all. Because of that I didn't get any kills, I was behind on experience, and we lost bottom tower. I did no damage, and my team blamed me for the loss. They called me worst Twitch ever and made fun of me for taking CV. Your guide lost me the game. Thanks, now I'm farther into ELO hell"

Hmmm. I dunno bro, sounds like a personal problem. Maybe you shouldn't roam until you have a better understanding of how, when, and why to do it. Maybe your team was right, and you played like the worst Twitch ever. It -is- possible you just played a bad match, and deserved a loss you know.

Guide Top


15/15/0 For laning.

- Pretty self explanatory picks. You'll hit harder, and you'll take less damage. You'll have a bit more HP than your average twitch, which is really useful on such a squishy this Twitch during laning phase, which is such a crucial time to become more influential.

11/0/18 for roaming.

- Spell Pen and armor pen, both will help you in your roaming and counter jungling endeavors. And the utility tree was tailor made to twitch, providing him the mana regen he needs, allowing you to take boots and pots. It provides him more flashes and better, more frequent CV's, move speed, buff duration, and less time spent dead. The experience bonus is much desired, because as a roaming champion, you're going to end up a level behind maybe two.

Guide Top


Let's play into our weaknesses this time.

Because of our horrific survivability as Twitch, we need dodge for the laning phase end game carry type of play. if you don't think that having 13% dodge on twitch with the nimbleness proc is the best option here then you and I are not seeing eye to eye. Twitch's poor range forces you to be in combat range, meaning to deal damage you're going to take damage. There's just no way around that if your ultimate is not active.

As a roamer, we will need enough HP to win a gank/fight if we find ourselves 1v1 early, which is the logic behind the hp yellows. (You will lose a normal fight against almost any jungling type champion at level one, unless it's a gank on a jungler who's getting low hp.

You're also going to need to do enough damage To kill their jungler when you open up and start attacking. That's why we take the armor pen red's (And don't forget the bonus 6 ArP from our masteries) and the AD quints.

That will afford us 21 ArP, and 6.75 (7) AD. That's going to benefit us more than going deeper into the offense tree, and afford us those wonderful benefits from the utility tree that we need while roaming. It also enables us to start boots/3 HP pots, or boots/HP pot/ward, for even more map/jungle control.

Guide Top

Items: General.

The builds really are simple, and designed to have a healthy mesh of crit, AD, armor pen, and attack speed.

The new Twitch can't be built around Infinity Edge, he needs a balance of items.

It's no longer wise to rush an Infinity Edge, unless that just -really- matches your style of play, and you can't succeed without it.

Instead, a mix of attack speed, armor pen, and crit, will offer sustained damage that utilizes both his ultimate, and the passive effect out of his ambush more effectively, while sustaining decent damage all game long.

Guide Top

Items: Armor pen.

The armor pen comes from:

Black cleaver, Youmuu's, and Starks.

With an intelligent mix up of these items, you will find yourself doing more damage than you expected if you've never tried armor pen before.

Youmuu's offers 20 Armor Pen.

Black cleaver offers a stack-able debuff of 15 Armor Pen, max up to 45 armor removed. This will have all your physical mates dealing improved damage as well.

Combines with the 21 armor pen from out mastery's, there's a flat 41 ArP here, and a potential of 86 armor Pen. Quite substantial, we want our attacks to hurt everybody, not just the squishies, to make use of our ult.

There's a chance we might die before the ult is over, but if our attacks hurt everyone a lot, if our Guardian Angel is up, and if our team is aware, a well timed twitch ult, with this kind of damage and this much armor pen and crit, your team should have a very successful team-fight. Sometimes it's worth it to die if you can cause your team to win or get an ace. Keep that in mind. The armor pen is going to make your ultimate more effective against a wider range of targets. There's no point hitting a target if you don't deal damage to it. The armor pen increases that effectiveness.

If your opponents are very heavily armored, you may consider switching your life steal items for Last Whisper. You put yourself at risk, but you're going to be amazed at how quickly you can fall a tank with a set up like this, so full of damage and armor pen.

In the second build, (The roaming one) the armor pen comes from; Youmuu's/Last Whisper, offering us 20 flat pen and 40% pen.

Guide Top

Items: Attack speed.

Items which offer attack speed in the laning build:

Youmuu's, Black cleaver, PD.

Items which offer attack speed in the roaming build:

Youmuu's, PD.

Guide Top

Items: Crit.

Items which offer crit in the laning build.

Youmuu's, PD.

Items which offer crit in the roaming build.

PD, Youmuu's, Cloak and Dagger (Until you sell it)

Guide Top

In summary:

The items and the mastery's should allow you to either lane or roam respectively, and potentially have some success at it.

As with all guides/builds, this can't save you from yourself.

If you fail to farm, fall behind in levels, are not successfully ganking, or die repeatedly to no benefit to the team (I.E, mid team fight your team benefits from your actions but you die or something), then you are failing to play well, and no guide will save you from that.

I have not placed any maps because roaming is a tactic of intuition and flow, even more so than jungling. It's all feel and it's all situational.

Just be careful when invading the opponent's jungle, and try not to invade their jungle too deep with Flash ready. CV will help immensely with invasions.

Guide Top

Any questions?

Feel free to ask me, I'll be happy to discuss your ideas, thoughts, opinions.

And also to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Like the build/Guide? You know where to find the like button.

Didn't like it? You know where to find the dislike button.

Trust me, doesn't phase me if the guide gets voted to oblivion. I'm just here to offer techniques, builds, and new styles of game play to those who may want to give them a try, and see how they like them.

Guide Top


Hope you enjoyed, and hope you find success in either this build, or perhaps your own variation of it!

This is just my take on an effective way to bring back a champion seemingly been sent to his early grave.

But he's not dead yet, now is he?

Rat's never die. They just sorta... Roam.


Now drink your funk'n milk and get outta here, you got bad's to roam on =D