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Miss Fortune Build Guide by Ladukx

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ladukx

The Real Art of Miss Fortune

Ladukx Last updated on May 5, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello guys. My Name is Ladukx (IGN:Laduk). I'm a Diamond Streamer who mains ADC and I'm working my way to Challenger and to get a big streamer.
If you do like the button please upvote it and you might want to check out my stream. I'm doing commentary with webcam and stuff.

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Pros/ Cons

- Since the rework OP
- High Burst DMG
- Attack Speed Steroid
- You can dodge Aimshots easiely
- Much harass with her Q if well used
- Nobody can escape --> R

- No real escape
- Ultimate can be broken up easiely

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So Miss Fortune doesn't differ from any other ADC.
You will have to run the same runes as usual

9x As you get AD you will realize that it makes CSing so much easier and lets you harass far better
4x Well, don't you want to block some poke and minion DMG?
5x You gain 40 HP by this. Armor Seals got nerfed and the 40HP might help you a lot.
9x You can decide whether you want to take flat MR or MR/lvl. This means when you play vs an Alistar you want to pick MR/lvl and when you play vs. a Morgana you want to pick flat MR
2x Since Lifesteal got nerfed you can pick this runes. You won't lose too much lifestyle + you will attack faster which can be a deciding factor i guess ;)
1x You need this extra AD Quint to make sure you get the CS under Turret! If you won't take this one you won't be able to

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This is the typical AD masteries. Not much to explain about I guess. You skill everything that gives you AD and Sustain such as Butcher does.
I build on Defensive Tree then because Botlane is all about Poke/Harass. So you want the enemys DMG to be as low as it can be. The armor and HP of the defensive tree grants you that.

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Purchase Order

Your starting item is: +
At your first back you should try to either buy a or to buy another + .
Your next aim is or if they do have a very tanky toplane such as or . Maybe you already got your if you haven't then it's time to grab it.
Now you do rush for your . Some may want to get first but rushing will give you huge burst and you do already have a Attack Speed steroid!
Now it's time to get some stuff rollin'. Get your ASAP. You do need the Attack Speed + Movement Speed + Crit Chance. It will allow you to burst much more.
The next item depends if you are winning hard or you need some defense etc.
So if you are winning hard without any problems you might want to go for your but in most cases this wont be suitable.
You do want to get most times a defensive item. In most cases this will be a . The MR + Health and especially the Spellblock is very helpful and will keep you much longer alive in teamfights.
Another option is . It grants you good Armor and Magic Resist but in most coses once you die.. you know? It won't be too helpful to be revived. They will just kill you again. There are only very few situations in which this item helps.
So if you haven't got your yet you might want to do it now. It's the shredding item which makes you kill them all with 3 hits.

This is a advanced tip: Get versus Zed. You can cleanse his ultimate with this item and it still gives you damage.

Now you have got your fullbuild and go kill'em all! :)

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Skill Sequence

Skill Priority is: > > >

1) is your highest DMG spell. It applys with every bullet hit one stack of your W which is kinda amazing and makes her one of the strongest ADC at the moment!
2) Your is insanely strong! If you manage to let your bullet bounce on the enemy AD it will deal tons of DMG. This is your most important tool if you want to win the lane. Promise!
3) Since the rework of skill MF is back in the beta. It now scales with AD and applies with each hit even more DMG up to 5 times.
4) Your isn't very imporant. It's just an either escaping or chasing tool. Use it when you are getting ganked to escape. Use it when you want to engage a fight on your lane.

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Laning Phase

As you play you might realize that her early game is very strong. Your Second Bounce of is even stronger. Make use of it and hit a minion and just let the ball bounce on the enemy AD. The bullet does even stack with

With your lvl 6 you are one of the strongest AD Carrys out there. Since got reworked as well. It now applies with each bullet hit 1 stack of impure shot which makes it even stronger. If you just and do some AA with and then the enemys they will usually die to that DMG.

As an AD Carry you should be able to farm at least 70 CS in 10 minutes! If you can't reach that goal you should really try to increase your play since CSing is the most important thing in the Game.
20 CS equals 1 Kill. So you might always transform your kills made into CS and well.. then you see if you need to catch up etc. ;)

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Midgame is really where shines. Once you got your and you should be easiely be able to take down every enemy you want to. In teamfights you might want to hit as many people as possible with your . So use it in the beginning of the fight.

Always run with your team and try to take as many objectives as possible.
Stay in the behind and always attack the nearest enemy.

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So here you better prove yourself.
You have to have the mechanics. Nothing is more important than the ADC mechanics such as kiting and positioning. If you take it real precise your task is to deal as much as DMG as possible in a teamfight.

So how can you reach this goal? Yeah, exactly. By staying alive as long as possible. So you just won't run into the core of the fight.
Just hide behind your Tanks/Frontline and attack the nearest enemy whoever it is. (Exception: It's mundo with his ultimate active and you won't get him down.)

Some rules to sum this up:
#1 Stay behind your frontline
#2 ALWAYS attack the nearest enemy
#3 Stay as long alive as possible
#4 Excel at the mechanics and positioning

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Lane Match-Ups

: Very Easy
You can outburst Ashe very easiely without eating too much DMG. The only thing annoying might be her volley which slows you down. But with enough movement and your passive you should be able to get fast enough behind your minions

: Difficult
Well, which ADC stands a chance again Caitlyn in the early game? Just try to farm as much as possible until you have your BF and make use of your Q bounce so that you can poke her down a bit. When the time has come you can kill her with lvl 6 easiely since her ultimate needs to be channeled.

: Medium
Against Lucian you might struggle in the early and in the midgame because of his passive which allows him to double AA and his high burst and well scaling abilities.
He's kinda squishy tho. And usually if he hasn't finished his Trinity Force you should be able to beat him in a 1v1

: Medium
Versus Sivir your Passive will be kinda ALWAYS inactive because of her W or her Q. In addition to that you won't be able to Q her as much as you would like to. If she isn't too bad she will use her E and block the bounce. She will gain much mana. Once she did that you have no other option then using your Q asap on her again. Else you will lose your trades.

: Easy
Ezreal isn't much of a problem. You can easiely dodge his Qs and his ultimate. Furthermore he's low range and if he is trying to CS you can just go behind minions AA him and Q.
This will grant you a sure win! So just go ahead and win this thing

Since Corkis Q got nerfed hard you can easiely pretend and dodge it! But be careful he has tons of DMG tho! If he succeeds in shredding your armor with his E and then hits you several time you're kinda done. Just try to poke with Q as much as possible and try to fight before he gets his Trinity Force. He has mana problems. You don't. Remember that

Graves might be difficult to beat at some points. His passive grants him so much armor + his Q is doing much DMG. He can harass you very hard without taking too much DMG. Furthermore he can burst a lot with his Q and his R like 1/2 of your HP. So always be careful. This doesn't mean that you don't burst. You just depend more on your support in this matchup.

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Considering all facts mentioned above it has to be said that Miss Fortune is at the moment one of the strongest AD Carry!
Just go for her and climb the ladder! There isn't a real con when playing Miss Fortune ;) Just dont get caught buddy :)